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European Stars And Stripes Newspaper Archives Oct 4 1970, Page 4

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European Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - October 4, 1970, Darmstadt, HessePage 4 the stars and stripes sunday october 4, 1970 newsmen left cold by Security Blanket by John Kruege staff writer Naples is the secret of vill Rosebery was that you could t get in without a bus unless you were president Nixon. He arrived in a limousine so he Walsall right. But if he had gotten out and walked the final heavily patrolled 500 Yards to the Gate of the summer Seaside ret Reat of italian president Giuseppe Sara Gat he might have been i trouble too. Some of the White House staff escorting journalists during Nixon s la test european tour did just that and found out just How fallible they Are. 14 in party there were 14 in the party busing tothe suburban Villa from the presidential press Center in downtown Naples. The strategic slip up resulted from communication breakdown in this particular Italo american Young american embassy official in the Back of the bus tried to con Vince the italian representative of the bus firm that it was necessary to Transfer to a smaller bus before head ing Down the narrow Homestretch tothe former Mussolini Villa. The significance of this vital Mes Sage was lost in noise and translation and the smaller bus was bypassed Long the Way. Waiting for bus disembarking at the serpentine Street leading to the Villa the pass engers milled around the neapolitan and the guards holding them Back All the time waiting for the minibus to catch up. Police warned the americans that they could t remain at this Point with out Little Orange coloured Lapel badges that signified a highly sanitized secur Ity status. The red White and Blue White House pins made no , discouraged by the failure of the second bus to appear the part began its downhill descent with the White House staffers keeping in touch via Walkie talkies with everyone apparently but the secret service Tea mat the Villa. An italian guard opened the heavy Metal Gate for a Quick appraisal then just As quickly slammed it alarm produced a . Secret service agent who demanded whereas your bus we have instructions to admit Only a bus with White House representatives tried to Calm him with the Assurance that even though they were on foot and not in the bus they were ,still on the same Star spangled ban Ner a secret service Man is Only As Good As his scepticism or when i doubt keep them nut. However the White House Type were eventually cleared via secret service Walkie talkies. The newsmen a no nonsense agent said crisply would have to again be identified individually despite their clearance last behind a Dainty White rope the news corps marked time at thee trance to the Green shuttered Villa by counting secret service agents pop Ping up out of the surrounding Bushes. Veterans of the previous Day s visit by Nixon to the Rome Airport to Greet released . Airline hijacking Host Ages could Only Hope that there would t be a repetition of the crus there when to cameramen Rode piggyback and steadied cameras on Security super cautious secret service agents Stead outside Villa unsuspecting reporters Heads an when microphones became entangled in some writers hippie length s official greeter at the Villa helped to pass the time by explaining that Nixon certainly could have Nea Politan dishes prepared by local chefs if he desired they Are at his disposal but the whiff of grilling Steak sin the Early autumn evening Breeze confirmed that the italian Cooks would t be needed. The travelling White House Kitchen Crew had takeover. Rosebery in Naples awaiting presi Dent Nixon. Is photo by Burguss but would the honoured guest arrive on time or at All those who had sur Vived the Security scrutiny doubted suspected that those Sharp eyed italians would never let president Nixon in without a Little Orange coloured was a Nixon trip that found italian Security not Only steely but stainless from the super cautious Clamp put on the Rome s via Venet around the . Embassy to the Nea Politan rooftop guards wherever the american president moved. Soldier of Fortune Hoare denies he offered his services to Thailand Singapore up for Mer mercenary Leader Mike Hoare denied a thai report that he had offered his services to the thai government to help fight communist guerrillas. I have never at any time had any Contact with the thai government about any matter let alone the mercenary Busi Ness col. Hoare told newsmen Here Friday. The Irish born former British tank commander who Rose to Fame six years ago at the head of a White mercenary Force in the Congo said he sees Absolu Tely no role for mercenaries in this area and added certainly if i was going to recruit anyone the last place i would do it would be Hoare earlier declared that heis through with contract Soldier ing and has gone into the Oil business. Rumours Here and in Africa aroused speculation that Hoare and his unit of 20 mercenary Fol Lowers were seeking employ ment by the thai and cambo Dian governments to fight communist , i m now in the Oil Busi Ness Hoare said. That kind of thing is All in the he said he lives in Singapore which has become the base for Oft companies with offshore drilling operations in Southeast asian seas. Bonn soviet negotiations Bonn up a foreign ministry delegation will travel to Moscow in mid october for negotiations on the establishment of a West German consulate i Leningrad. Hoare declined when asked to recall his past for a news Story. I d like to let that just die and devaluation announced by South Vietnam Saigon up the South vietnamese government Satur Day night announced a devaluation of the Piaster from 118 to 275 to the Dollar and other eco nomic reforms designed to curb wartime inflation and stabilize the Economy. The devaluation goes into effect Over All Economy changes Are designed to raise interest rates and Exchange rates Liber Alize the availability of Exchange to All importers raise the wages of civil servants and the Mili tary fight corruption and Force the Rich and the Farmers to share More of the War costs. The program which has been approved by the Nixon administration has been planned for months. President Nguyen Van Thieu and other vietnamese leaders have recognized the need to bring the Economy into line but it has not been an easy task for a nation completely dependent upon the economic support of a withdrawing r. Mossier director of the . Agency for International development in Vietnam said we Are most pleased with fade away he in Bangkok the thai de sense ministry said Thailand has rejected an offer by Hoare to As Sist government forces in fight ing communist terrorists. Rear adm. Chano Pheny Aitsaid Hoare made the offer by Are not interested in the offer said Chano Secretary tothe defense minister. Mercenaries Are difficult to would not be familiar with the geography of our people Are More acquainted with the terrain Johannesburg South Africa former White mercenaries who served in the Congo refused to comment on reports that some of them were preparing to join an anti communist Merce nary Force in Thailand or Cam Bodia to be headed by evade comment sex mercenary Captain Jack Carton Barber said to not saying anything to you or any body else about he added that he did not want Tosee newsmen. Sgt. Maj. Douglas lord said he had no be nothing to Hoare first became know when As a commando Comman Der he served Moise Tshombe government during the Katanga secession. Later the Force Quel led communist backed rebels. The Johannesburg Star Sai Hoare had placed 20 of his top mercenary officers on a 24-Houralert for combat in the far East. The Star said they would spearhead about 5,000 mercenaries including Many South africans and rhodesian to fight in Thailand or Cambodia. Today i Darld Frankfurt opens Mammoth hangar Frankfurt a the world s largest aircraft hangar 900feet Long 110 feet High and 330 feet wide was inaugurated at Frankfurt Airport was built by Lufthansa at a Cost of $11.75 million to accommodate six Boeing 747 jetliners or 14 off the smaller Boeing 737s. Sardinian woman kidnapped Tuoro Sardinia a three armed bandits kidnapped the wife of a wealthy sardinian landowner from her country residence near Tuoro after her husband whom the bandits sought manage to hide himself i a cellar. Antonio Gard a former vice president of the sardinian regional Assembly was counting on the traditional respect for women when he hid in the cellar after the masked bandits knocked at his the House with Gard were his wife Assunta 52, his two daughters and his 82-year-old Mother in Law Annunziata bandits searched the House for Gard but could not find him. They then forced Assunta Gard and her Mother into the family car and drove away. But after driving for several Hundred Yards they stopped and let the old woman out. Cabinet resigns in Lebanon Beirut Lebanon a the lebanese Cabinet of Premier Rashed Karami resigned saturday it was officially announced Here. President Suleiman Franjieh accepted the resignation the state ment said. Karami in accordance with political tradition was scheduled to resign the Day Franjieh was sworn in As president sept 23 but the civil War in Jordan and the death of Egypt s president Gamal Abdel Nasser delayed the resignation. 8 killed in French Forest fires Toulon France up police found the bodies of six people four of them children saturday in the worst hit area of a 9,000 acre Forest fire that has raged for two discoveries brought to eight the number of fatalities in the fires. Two firemen were burned alive Friday when they were engulfed in flames fanned by Gale Force winds. A dozen other firemen and civilian volunteers were reported injured trying to control 14 separate blazes in the area. The fires appeared to be brought under control earlier saturday but whipped up again saturday afternoon and local officials declared that a National emergency plan had been instituted

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