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European Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - November 26, 1967, Darmstadt, HessePage 6 the stars and stripes sunday november 26, 1967 co by Dick West Washington up i never thought it would happen to a Nice fellow like Mike Mansfield but apparently it did. Ear wit Nesses claim the heard the Senate democratic Leader say it after the recent visit Here by Premier Eisaku Sato of commenting on the Possi ble return of some of the Pacific islands to japanese control Mansfield is reported Mohave used the term re being a better than even bet that he did t learn to talk that Way Back Home in Montana this can Only mean one thing Mansfield has been de vernacular Zed. things happen All the time of course congressmen and bureaucrats come to Washington and lose their ability to speak in the vernacular or native american idiom. In extreme cases they become afflicted with geology which is the coinage of new words. Suchias geology a highly contagious malady has Long been epidemic in this area. Neologisms tend to multiply by dividing like cancer cells. Take the Case in Point. It is not improbable that some future administration May change the policy toward return of the Pacific islands to japanese control. In that event we will have re re Japa Ifica As i said outbreaks of geology Are common occurrences. But when it strike someone like Mansfield we Are taken by Surprise and filled with dismay. The Montana senator is sort of the old shoe Type. Comfortable and unpretentious. If it can happen to Jim then nobody is Safe. I feel certain that Mansfield will recover. It could be Only a Light Case that he picked up from somebody in the state department. Nevertheless the fact that hews stricken at All Means we can no longer afford to ignore the problem. When bureaucrats return to private life and congressmen retire or Are Defeated they in �.c. Sometimes move away fro Washington. Even if they Are not geologists themselves they May be carriers. The danger is that they will spread it to other parts of the country i am therefore proposing that we establish a National geological foundation with Thelong term View of developing an anti geologic vaccine. Meanwhile As a precautionary measure Allex bureaucrats and former lawgiver leaving Washington should be required to undergo re vernacular nation. Faa urged to consider closing of Airport runway in Cincinnati Columbus Ohio up gov. James a. Rhodes asked the Federal aviation authority Friday to consider closing a greater Cincinnati Airport run Way involved in two major air disasters in two sought the closing of the North South runway until expert investigation determined the safety of the approach to that runway under bad weather conditions which hinder seven persons were killed As a result of a trans world airline Jet crash monday night while the Jet was approach ing the North South persons were killed in november 1965, when an american airlines Jet crashed into the same Hill while approaching the same Crabtree Ohio Divi Sion of aviation chief said head been told by several professional pilots that the Hill Countryside in relationship to the North end of the runway creates what might be called Aii optical illusion. Some of these pilots report they fight a downdrafts off the Hill at the end of the runway and again question the safety involved Crabtree said. Some Europe 68 autos face ban in Calif. Sacramento a Testate of California said Friday that 1968 models of some of Europe s fanciest cars will be excluded from the highways after dec. 1, unless their owners in stall adequate anti smog devices. State anti smog Laws enacted in 1965 gave foreign car manufacturers two years to comply with rules requiring exhaust and crankcase devices on All new Model cars. The state motor vehicles department said Friday that 11 models still do not have accept Able anti smog devices. They Are the Alfa Romeo Aston Martin Ferrari Fiat except Model 850glas Lamborghini Lancia Maserati Nus Shelby Gt-350 and Gt-500 and Sunbeam. Owners of these cars will be denied registration papers and License plates unless they obtain exhaust control certification from the new state air re sources Board. A spokesman said that exemptions May be made for the cars if no anti smog devices Are available for them but the Law permits Only one per cent of Testate s vehicles to be exempted. Since 1965, All new models of american made cars have been required to carry anti smog de vices when registered in Cali fornia. The same Law applies housed cars made after 1962, when ownership is transferred. . Blood donors Aid mexican hero Kansas City to. Up Primitivio Garcia 23, who very nearly gave his life i protecting a teacher from Street ruffians was on the men Friday in a Hospital where Laboratory staffs were unable to keep up with the number of Volunteer blood donors trying to help the Young pouring into a special fund for Garcia passed the$7,000 Mark. His employer announced that his salary willbe continued while hospitalized. Garcia who had been in this country Only eight months was leaving a night class a Westport High school nov. 15 when he saw mrs. Margaretin Clerman being attacked by a group of youths who had snatched her purse. Near death Garcia ran to her Aid and was felled by a Bullet that struck him in the stomach. For some time he hovered near death while his Mother who Speaks no English his brother Alfredo 21, and a sister Irene 15, haunted Hospital corridors. After surgery he another crisis came Early last week when uncontrolled bleeding again threatened his life. Physicians at general Hospi Tal said More than 20 pints of blood have been donated thus far and we re still receiving donors and taking them As pastas we the physician said the amount of blood being contributed for Garcia a native of Chihuahua Mexico is limited Only by the amount of time the Hospital has to process the donors who Are volunteering faster than they can be accommodated. Garcia was listed in fail condition Friday. He and his brother Are the sole support of their Mother and sister. Mrs. Kindermann who washes teacher in a night class taking him toward a High school diploma escaped injury. Police arrested five person sin connection with the incident. Snow Light in Vermont Cecile constant tries to talk a ski Erin out of the cold to the heated Pool As the Winter fun and frolic begin at a Bolton vt., resort. A photo parents proud and Happy youth s heroism won t Cost his life Wichita Kan up or. An mrs. Buster George were proud of what their 13-year-old son nor Man had done but shaken at the thought he would die for his Brav Ery. Friday they were proud and Happy. Norman might be hospitalize for months but at least he s alive. We re just so very thankful our son is living said mrs. Man was struck by a hit and run Driver nine Days ago during an act of heroism that witnesses say saved his Sweet hearts life without Lay in critical condition for two Days at St. Francis Hospital where doctors said Friday he s progressing satisfactorily and will seems like he s in real Good spirits but he May be months in the Hospital. We just Don t know for sure said mrs. George. Norman pushed the girl Leot Matlock from the path of an oncoming car nov. 14 because he just did t want to see her get to Chicago up a bottling Plant executive charged with placing a bomb aboard the air liner on which his wife was a passenger was freed on Bon Dhere despite the objections of . District judge Richard b. Austin ruled that Karle Theo Dore Cook 37, could be freed if his attorney posted $10,000 incas one tenth of Cook s $100 000 Bond. Assistant . Atty. Kit hard a. Shulta filed a motion asking that Austin reconsider his decision but 30 minutes before the scheduled 2 . Reconsideration hearing Cook s attorney Jack Stein posted the $10,000 and Cook was Friday upheld his order despite Schult to Cook s arrest he told an Fhi agent that it would be impossible Cor anyone to Fol Low his plane and that he could leave the continent Schult argued. Cook a licensed Pilot owns a Light plane. Austin replied the defendant could leave the country with out his own however he agreed to forbid Cook to travel in either his own or Commer Cial planes while free on Bond. A grand jury had recommended that Cook s Bond be set at $300, 000. Cook the $15,900-a-year Man Ager of a soft drink bottling Plant in suburban St. Charles 111., discharged with placing a bomb aboard an american airline Boeing 727 Jet nov. 19. The bomb exploded while the plane was High in the air in route from Chicago to san Diego Calif. However the blast failed to penetrate the plane s Luggage compartment and the plane landed safely at san Diego without injury to anyone Bureau of investigation agents charged in an affidavit filed in Federal court they found wire and tape in Cook shome which matched that used in the bomb that mrs. Jeanne Kli Beth Cook s baggage Check matched that of the bag which contained the bomb and that Cook had four times tried to hire Friend to kill mrs. Cook. Leota a close Friend since kindergarten was uninjured thanks to Norman. But the vehicle which police believe was stolen pinned Norman against tree. We be prayed so for his re covery mrs. George said. We re so very very the search goes on for the Driver. Rewards totalling $1,500 have been o f f e re d for information leading to the conviction of the Driver. Police have questioned More than 60 persons in connection with the Accident. Lot of leads we be had a lot of leads Inthis Case but nothing you can really pin Down said detective sergeant William Cornwell. At least $325 has been contributed to a Norman George fund administered by the fourth National Bank Here and a Chanute kan., radio station has a Money tree for persons wishing to do Nate funds to help Norman family pay medical expenses. A Carrier for the Wichita Eagle and Beacon newspaper nor Man s old Job is waiting for him if he wants it when lie fully recovers

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