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European Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - November 23, 1967, Darmstadt, HesseThursday november 23, 1967 the stars and stripes g b of ? ,s.?e. Connors of Portsmouth n.h., uses a ski lift at kill ton vt., to bring his kill off the Mountain. Connor shot the Deer near the top of the Mountain and figured the ski lift chair beat packing it out. Up photo Senate panel approves meat inspection Bill Washington a the Senate agriculture committee tuesday approved unanimously Abill that would greatly extend Federal inspection of the nation meat Supply. The Bill is the result of a com Promise reached Over the week end by Sens. Joseph m. Montoya d-n.m., and Walter f. Mon Dale d-minn., who previously sponsored differing versions. This is a remarkable Victor for the american consumer Mondale told newsmen. It re presents the end of a Long hard Road he said in guaranteeing wholesome meat Supply. Our desire is to Complete the report and file it As quickly As possible and hopefully bring i before the Senate wednesday real gunmen take tip from reel gunmen Des Moines Iowa up the audience sat watch fully Ashe c r i m e of Bonnie and Clyde and the Young dil linger flickered on the screen. Meanwhile two gunmen wer Busy looting the Pioneer drive in theater Box office of $500. For final action Montoya approved it would be sent to a Senate House conference. The House has passed a Bill that would provide Federal financing of up to 50 per cent of the total Cost to those states wishing to improve their inspection pro Grams but would not provide for Federal inspections. Federal Law now applies Only to meat packing processing and slaughtering plants that Are engaged in interstate Commerce. The agriculture department estimates 15 per cent of the nation meat Supply or about nine million pounds is left to state or local inspection. The Senate committee version would empower the agriculture department to take immediate action against any non federally inspected Plant that endangers Public health. It also would require states wishing to maintain their own inspection programs to establish standards at least equal to those of the Federal government. The agriculture department and Betty Furness president Johnson adviser on consume affairs have endorsed the Bill. Washington a presi Dent Johnson signing a Bill tues Day designed to reduce air pollution said America Only Choice is to Stop poisoning our air or become a nation in Gas masks groping our Way through dying cities and a wilderness of the Bill Calls for a three Yea program that would Cost $428.3 million. The Senate had voted for a $700 million program but the House held out for $428.3 million and the House Senate conferees agreed on the lesser amount. Actual funds must be provided in a separate Bill. The Bill stresses the need fora regional attack on air pollution and would authorize Federal emergency action if necessary to shut Down pollution source that endanger health. A two year study of Federal standards to restrict the emis Sion of various pollutants into shouldering arms can be dangerous Indianapolis ind. A Charles j. Kinney is Lucky his head did t itch. Kinney33, was shooting rats off his garage when his left shoulder began itching and he scratched it with the barrel of his .22-caliber pistol. Kinney is hospitalized in goo condition with a left shoulder wound. The air is part of the program. The Bill also authorizes Cali fornia to continue to set stricter rules against Auto emissions than provided under Federal Law. This is part of California Campaign to Clear up smog problems. Johnson hailed the new la but he said its final effective Ness rests with the people honour seeing the damnation that awaits us if we do not act responsibly to avoid that old feline Costin Chicago up William Fields who would rather have his h a 11 h y Flat nose than $15,000, had some advice tues Day for those who prefer cats to Cash. Fields recommended organization for whoever is hired to take care of the 60 cats and dog left $300,000 by mrs. Dora t Rollins of fort Worth Tex. And Fields talks from experience. Flat nose who will Cele brate his 20th birthday next month is the last surviving heir to a $25,000 legacy left to five cats by mrs. Margaret Mont Gomery who died in 1960.Fields took care of All five cats but when the Grey cat who looks like a Tiger Dies $15,000 goes to 78-year-old Fields who helped mrs. Montgomery run an apartment House in Chicago. Fields who says he d Rathe have Flat nose than the Money suggested an organized rout into the person who is hired to take care of mrs. Rollins said mrs. Rollins had few close friends but care for just about every stray cat or clog keeping spotless pens forthe animals. It Best to feed them All at one time and let them All out at the same time Fields advised. There won t be any problem about the clogs and cats fight ing he said because after animals live with each other fora while they protect and care for each other rather than Fields attributes Flat nose longevity to Good care and fre quent medical checkups. Pampered Flat nose has never eaten anything but the Best of foods Fields said and pretty Well dictates his own activities. He refuses to eat anything out of a can and usually will Only eat the same things i eat Fields said. Court flip to karate school Chicago a a political organization and restaurant have won their Battle to ton Down he activities of a neigh Boring karate school. Judge John j. Lupe of circuit court issued a temporal1 re straining order monday against the korean karate Institute. The order banned the Institute instructors and patrons from jumping March n a pounding stomping or kicking if such acts disturb persons below its second floor quarters. Operators of the Sayat nov restaurant and the 49th Ward democratic organization had complained that the karate tac tics caused plaster to fall arid chandeliers to shake. The judge suggested that floor Mats might reduce sounds. Hilly Graham honoured by Catholic College Belmont . A evangelist Billy Graham received an honorary doctor of humane let ters degree from Catholic Bel Mont Abbey College wednesday. The Baptist evangelist who makes his Home at Montreal,., spoke at the convocation part of an Edumenic Institute for protestant Catholic and jewish clergymen which opened at the ollege monday. Hilf wins . Court c Trenton . Up the new Jersey supreme court tues Day reversed a december 1904,county Superior court ruling bar ring the Sale or distribution of the 18th Century novel Fanny the publisher of the novel appealed the new Jersey ban on the Book to the state High court. G. P. Putnam sons contended that the 1906 United states supreme court decision overruling a Massachusetts ban on Sale of the Book automatically did the same for the new Jersey ban ordered by Superior court judge Morris Pashman. The Bergen county prosecutor office contended the . Supreme court had not Over turned the Massachusetts ban because the Book was constitutionally protected but rather be cause the High court of Massachusetts had misinterpreted the three obscenity tests. The new Jersey supreme court majority opinion said that under those standards i must be concluded thai publish ing Selling or distributing the Book in question is protected from governmental suppression by the first and 14th Amend ments of the . italian dish Hita aim us who As miss Italy of Kix is quit. A specially shows off her italian Dusi us bathing suit from alow u table during u Luu in ii fashion show in now photo

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