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European Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - November 20, 1967, Darmstadt, Hesse24 the stars and stripes i monday november 20, 1967 a continued from Page t problems by our own exertions. We Are determined to breakout from the straitjacket which has constricted us under successive governments for 15 years a straitjacket which meant that every time we tried to solve our problems by expanding production by mobilizing the efforts and skill of our people on the basis of full employment. The immediate result was a Des Perate Trade and payment de the Premier said sunday night that this was not the time to Lay the blame for Britain s economic difficulties on the past conserva Tive he hastened to Point out that the labor government inherited a $2.24 billion balance of payments deficit when it comeback to Power in october 1984 after nearly 14 years in opposition. He said this deficit was the result of an attempt by our predecessors to fight their Way out of this dilemma by an unrestrained said that by its efforts the labor government had reduced the deficit last year to Les than $580 million. But there was never enough margin to meet the change and Chance of world events the pre Mier said. The devaluation a 1 u a International loan was accompanied by fierce measures aimed at curbing Domestic consumption and cuts in government defense spending Otaling $720 million at the new rate. The cuts were to include$240 million in defense spending. The government made no at tempt to conceal the fact that the drastic moves would mean a con Akron police evacuate Wing to nation of the voluntary wage freeze and a Rise in prices of imported goods and foodstuffs. Butt claimed these hikes would take several months to make them selves Felt. The indignation of Ordinary people Over the third devaluation by a labor government in 38years was reflected in the violent reaction of Britain s sunday press. One of the most bitter denunciations came from the Sun Day Mirror which normally sup ports the labor the prime minister s residence at number 10, Downing fumes kill 39 Sichetti 60 at Motel Akron Ohio a deadly Carbon monoxide fumes spreading through the ventilating system of a Large hotel Motel in nearby Boston Heights killed three persons Early Sun Day morning and sent More than 60 others to hospitals. Police and firemen battled against time to arouse the unsuspecting . Gus Trejbal of the sum Mit county sheriff s office said fumes from a defective Heater for the swimming Pool of the Yankee Clipper inn were car ried throughout the 210-Roomstructure by the ventilating sys tem. Unconscious everywhere people were sick every where said Walter Odom bos ton Heights policeman. We would get some to come to the door Tell them what was wrong and they d go Back to bed. We were finding them unconscious everywhere he said. Odom who arrived at the inn just before Midnight saturday was the first policeman on the scene. Thirty two ambulances sped those stricken to six hospitals in the area. Six remained hospitalized the others were treated and 200 persons were evacuated from the inn located of Ohio 8 near the Ohio Turnpike interchange. Victims identified the dead were identified bythe county Coroner s office As Mary Bishop 56, a nurse and her sister Betty 50, a dance instructor both of Elyria Ohio and Bruce Plagman 22 of Cleveland. They were found i their rooms. Plagman married saturday was on his honeymoon. His wife Joan 21, was reported recover ing at Akron s St. Thomas hos Pital where about 40 guest were treated. Trejbal said the fumes were concentrated in the hotel Section of the $4.1-million inn composed of a seven Story hotel and attached four Story Motel. The inn opened in 1965, has 140rooms in the hotel and 70 in the Motel was a question of getting oxygen to the people said Rob Ert Wright Boston Heights fire chief who along with other police and firemen directed Resus citation and evacuation. More than 100 persons were attending an annual dinner of Al Hasa masonic Temple 28 of Cleveland in the inn s ballroom. Among them were Ernest Jon Sand his wife Louise of Cleve guess it started about 11 30," Jones said. People be Gan getting sick and the manager came around and said open the doors and windows that something was wrong with the ventilating Cle Velander attend ing the dinner George Miller said i still Don t know what was going on. People were get Ting sick and having difficult breathing and were Keeling Romney offers Viet plan continued from Page 1 rial that referred to him As an armchair strategist and Char his opinions on the a bowl of As Romney replied that if anyone would take the time to look at what i said on Vietnam the would find a consistency with the exception of one Romney was apparently re Ferring to the time two years ago when he returned from Atrip to Vietnam and voiced sup port for american Aims there. In a now Well known shift fro that position Romney said in september he had been brain washed by military men and diplomats on that trip to Viet of the questions and mormon religion re his activity on sunday Nam. Most answers on the half hour television program were devoted to the Vietnam Issue. The program was taped sat urday afternoon. Romney whose strict _. 7spent the Day with his family and attending Church. The one time president of american motors pledged his efforts to build this nation intone worthy of god s Blessing saturday when he announced his presidential candidacy. Romney said sunday the Hel of the International Community is needed to take North Viet Nam and South Vietnam out of the Battle of East and countries of the world Are concerned about the War get Ting out of Bounds and leading to world War Iii Romney said. He said he did not think the Johnson administration could solve the problems Facin America in Southeast Asia be cause it is bound by past Romney called for a fresh face and a new administration. Someone not shackled wit mistakes in greek general Cyprus foil says it s Nixon Over hoctitj9 3 to 1 Princeton . Up Gallup poll released sunday showed rank and file Republican across the nation favored Richard Nixon three to one Over gov. Nel son Rockefeller for the presiden tial nomination. Dissident democrats and independents also backed Nixon. An Early november sampling of republicans showed 42 per cent favored Nixon and 15 per cent backed Rockefeller for the nomination. Fourteen per cent favored gov. George Romney of Michigan. Nixon was also the Choice in sampling of dissident democrats and independents. Twenty two per cent of the democrats questioned favored the former vice president and 20 per cent chose Rockefeller. Nixon was favored by 22 per cent of the Sample independents and Rockefeller was picked by 20 per was favored by 17 per cent of the democrats and 14 percent of the independents. Gov. Ronald Reagan of California topped Romney among independents with a 17 per cent and Romney were tied with 17 per cent among democrats. The poll said Romney failed to recover the support lie lost Fol lowing his brainwash state ment about visitors to Vietnam. Continued from Page i afternoon Over Large areas of the Island. The turkish armed forces meanwhile stood poised for pos sible intervention on Cyprus Sun Day As Turkey awaited the results of diplomatic efforts trend the crisis Over the Island. A reliable source said All leave were cancelled in Turkey s armed forces which remained on Alert. According to press reports naval vessels were headed from Turkey s Marmara and Aegean seaports to ports on the Mediterranean facing Cyprus 40 Miles away. Planes were being move tothe Large air base at Adana on the Southern coast these report said. Army doctors at Ankara s Large military Hospital have been re assigned to Field service and sen South a reliable source reported. Mobile antiaircraft units have been set up around Ankara. Turkish prime minister Suley Man de Nirel attended a meeting at the ministry of defense Sun Day. Meanwhile Turkey s Leader continued diplomatic efforts to return Cyprus to the status quo that existed before last wednes Day s fighting Between soldiers of the greek and turkish communities on the Island. According to diplomatic sources Turkey asked the follow pro fool Hull by the 1 Rupa National football league Hultti Inoru -11, Detroit 7 Iri Mii Liny it san 0 i 48, new Orleans 21 Luv flame it Minnesota to new York is i isl Jugh of Angeles u1, alinta american football league new Yorka us Dull 21 ing in a note delivered to the greek ambassador in Ankara late Friday night cessation of greek cypriot patrols in the turkish areas of Adios Theodoros and Kochi nowhere wednesday s fighting broke out Over the Issue of patrols. Return of turkish cypriots to their positions overlooking the Nicosia Limassol Highway Atko Phinou and return of their arms which were taken after greek cypriot troops occupied the two turkish from Cyprus of Washington meanwhile the state department saturday advised american citizens not to travel to Cyprus during the present tense Street a shouting hostile crowd of 400 gathered in the morning hours. When Chancellor of the exchequer James c a 11 a g h a n emerged from his Home a number 11, Downing Street in the Early afternoon he was met witha chorus of Boos. But the press and Public reaction was nothing compared with what Wilson s government could expect in the House of commons. Statement in commons Callaghan was scheduled tomake a statement in commons monday. This was to be followed by a full fledged debate probably on tuesday and Leader Edward Heath Laid the opposition attitude on the line when he said saturday night immediately after Calla Ghan announced the devaluation i utterly condemn the govern ment for devaluing the Pound. This As or. Callaghan said inthe House of commons on 24 july Means a reduction in thereal wage standards of every member of the working class of this country. Twice in 20 years disastrous socialist policies and incompetent labor ministers have brought about devaluation created hardship at Home an discredited Britain demand planned sunday night conservative leaders told reporters the opposition would demand Wilson resignation and would Call for new elections in the common debate. They said they would argue that the government s handling of the Sterling crisis leading to devaluation was so stupid an incompetent that something More than the resignation of Callaghan was required. Bank discount Bate increased by . Washington a reacting to devaluation of the British Pound the Federal re serve Board announced sunday an increase from 4 to 4f� percent in its discount rate effective monday. The discount rate is the inter est Banks pay for borrowing funds under Federal Reserve control. Great Britain announced sat urday it was devaluing its x und Sterling from $2.80 toj2.40 and increasing its official Bank discount to an almost unprecedented 8 per cent. In announcing its action the Federal Reserve Board said it s acting to insure continued or Lerly functioning of . Finan Cial markets. And it expressed Confidence in the nation s eco nomic and financial strength. Westy sees Cut within two years continued from Page u lived reports of enemy deaths Are being underestimated. He said it was difficult to estimate How Many North vietnamese military personnel were killed inthe air raids on North Vietnam or How Many die in the mountains in route to the South. He also said it was difficult to determine How Many died later from said intelligence reports indicated a reduction i strength of North vietnamese forces. He said one North vietnamese division that had been considered 100 per cent combat effective last year was rated by . Mili tary officials at Only 55 per cent combat effectiveness now. He did not identify the general said North Viet namese officials would have to Send More troops into the South because they were having Trou ble recruiting replacements from the South said because of continued american bombing Hanoi had serious trouble supplying forces in the if the bombing is stopped he could support those troops Westmoreland said. If he com mits More troops he is going to suffer dreadful casualties from our tremendous fire Power As redid in september he said. Westmoreland said any bomb ing halt increases the number of american casualties which 1am sure nobody

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