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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - November 19, 1960, Darmstadt, HesseFog 6 switch in Illinois 1 other big state would do it 4vnt? Vic a i diehard Nixon him cufom1n s 32 electoral votes sen. My inf. Kon Nody still we be sect fld president it Wotila take b reversal of already to flu muted votes in Hunott and at Pfaul one Olter or it St to " Smi drop to would d y01 m and gave the or a Nihon the of i. In a i Lute i he of r3bs4.-, itefe1, Aii lilies statement they overcharge on tax Washington a tax cd part hat the a Fulton nor inv if overt Khurgi d the Public nor two in fird Iraq taxes in the Post fyr wits a Tefr Laim it Mac in win i by Wauna h. Fonts first Vuk o not is Dent of the irtttrt�1toflal 3otjty of i x Oan Iii Tonu . Sta the 30 or Cint transport Kiuon mrs on of full Faff for . Chief accused of impropriety St Uhlis Flar a Rumor thai Volt h�4 bpm Vii info wow his quip Tion of wit Tel air the of a Louarther. By the. I entirely proper and in it or of ethic 3tv Curt to tie a lie copy t f Hil a by Ozark in annoy cd a would Kew Shower to order an Curti mid the Eti a improper a to of the ,4 Tould be filth on to to to h to pm o to it jn5brv of bpm Oli fed by the tue so Curtis Ald if he could no tit he Houd be Uttof a i fitter to dayl4 bin Verity wins Grant. Storks Conn up University a s3-Kj Hal Ion Grant from Aid in us decal at into the the Tux could on Jho arid eth milk Ataa a flirt the Lehr to Wys not " and was Inisi Lutfig is to jul purity of Iho Ulm Jinks in a so aliment Ataa first in file lines m All other forms of Iru the unpaid it liw to on far if Floral not on1 Many of the to tax a Jna a in the the cant of my thl Tiwi to the itunes into hundreds of of Dolhi i. My apr in the " the 3tat�rtient n i a coils Thi Tux on the of by ant Fol cd with the civil acro Una Tel in Washington the the tittles fell of by of i Fri a Tjai trip allow or t her or pit r m Al Kef % a he Bellile letter 31 times Romul Kart i of got or hat i first letter Currid by Mth it irn fled around the Earth 31 Sims and Dlf Lanc of Abom u million us written Thomas a if of Struff. It cultf., posit Nifer with it regular cent flir uni it nip. The if he a 1t Ovett d to the Pofit Flagon noted it had these at Din one aun a d in Iho to test Norfle from Vanyl Nufi g Al o3lft and Wos is in Tiff mid put hic. A .ej.,-_-Ijf a mpg a i of t offs a Ftp my a a rout pooped idiot in 1� them new a to City biiudoe1havtt-comts to the Cna of hip in two to Hirron be i Irby dog1 liw who Wolf they pro Lump 01 4thjpilot" " a ii pal5 m to regu Tvr in accounting or ".48 ii of of or tji Jor cry tit Edwards Raih Force Bas a Fth Forcer Dover the desert in the x15 Roze in Fotiu Hatif Arf the fourth " Pilot Rendy to Pustej the a timed Zorh 33 r6space Toneri no Samotin of a guv my iim�ivwifi.w�/"�"�5t a � y�-th0 Wing of a bail Homb a and Yrne Delft Sedi pc feet a or this Fly Fht tent in Fri Al ref stir Kiln Tufts of to a inn Dong. V Rush Worth s f Mph run Ort Jinta Fol get rat acted him to Waltl turtles of around 50,00 Fet and a Kjof is than 1,400 Mph i a it was Llo p rond xl5 flight this wet a. Another x15 equipped with the a Raul engine thut Wuhu m Srp Era Jcj used for no out of Sipf tuft Ai Tufti a t flight tested for tvs std Taftt iwo _ the first time Here Bik Doir apparently. Walked into am Rynn aviation Pilot Scott roast the x15 u8 a by equipped with two Umil rocket in Law that do up a total of Only lli.000 pounds of to Trutt comport a with a live Rcd by the single big Dobbing air base Ned made engine. Crune Ope ruler injured in fall Dow i dam Niagara fal,,up a erring Opp Niter in the in Atli in Pulwer project1 was sir Lousy Hurt Whon has machine lipped Over Natl hmm ced. 90 feta of a col a Dum Clarles put Tim her nil injuries in Al Larul t Riidu Louii it Hospital. ,.reported picked up for to lifts Sanabi hug Al Fornof two Fob news is fir in c Pope 42, who to that mis r Filart pint of ptts Iff inf Msj of o Msj rot of Ali Bank but also posed Wom Frt Finlo rfcs in kid for photo or pm a corp a left Thomits c. Bishop special in Etta Rise of the Fiji to san Antonio it Dii his m a or rested in Al Nom Nevai ih1 tue i ivs a of ammo Tiiu in in e Hou t rpt ii a covered nod a Tor Eijin to Ihn who a . Cram of w h in Hallis an h Liui be of robbing Thornton in a Wmk of $1,714 on nov. 0, h to is fish urged we throbbing the Schul Churg bunk Oil nov. 13 of $4,8f#� in in Bond a 5 Ruid i Bond i Etc ice hip blink High Lnu had Tho West is in for two by bought wot Kiwi ind in Dallow. Jujj jul Toj the of ten k to in pct of Dinv of Bank jul with two Rocke theirld not a rocket motor from a dangerous weft Poni the put imme Dffutt n. Sadi for la. Stolen we fun could hero ule porn Mill for firing into the Nib apr / an Tarj Force spokes nmn said Theon we vol Torwirt two Biilly surrounded by it he Rah were there a no trim Edfast Plit Nallon of Jiow the children gained Etc Ess to Thea Irle e to und Stirt Cal away the. The air forces said the Harht rest up ded with the pounds of Tomt weighed 5,4 pounds each and the of blurt Jenum firmed a it tic f,6 pounds " / to Tufit athe few to. That nifty Chril up Oft a doct the army or the Farmy seer tar tinker Jolt Tring h by rejected most o Ings. He id the Tan the of or co Voli Nnttttll-im-s., and to that of � Stylc Lrroy used dn"jf8 Jet fifth Tori stationed it debt uni or Ali v "-1. Uund v a of he it run f fat Ito in i a l to failure Vety 27 rot tie Erik tfs3 wot a or thatt Vlf Lasc Elfi m43 needed of tips a r a cease Tilv Prog Man. To to a n k w car sits Baal in entirety in the e on a psf Iii. Q to la r in is so mate nos of Khz troops Dott to Louse " Ilkiw a j height. Ticu or to Teveni the Byirt Nilep Piv a body Huml

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