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European Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - November 13, 1967, Darmstadt, HessePct 4 the stars and stripes monday november 13, 1967 water pistols itching powder Sticky blobs varied nonlethal weapons urged for police Washington a the nation s police arc being urged to consider a wide Range of supplemental weapons including a super water pistol itching pow Der and Sticky blobs to glue riot ers together. The suggestions Are in a re port by the Institute for defense analyses which conducted it study of nonlethal weapons for the president s commission on Law enforcement and administration of Justice. Although the commission finished its work last june the Institute report has just been weapons Are not Likely to replace firearms but they would fill a need in those situations in which the police cannot now effectively use fire arms and have no other Means of physical apprehension the report said. Among the recommendation Sand findings the Tingle most effective weapon now in the hands of police is the Nightstick yet few officers receive any More than initial training in its use. A de tailed study should be made of Nightstick use and training pro Grams should be initiated. Chemical agents provide the single most promising ave nue for the development of new and useful police weapons though they Are not Likely to be a substitute for firearms the can be a useful supplement and is urgently needed for several newly developed hand held chemical agents and various Spray Mist and Droplet projectors employing tear Gas or other of dyes markers and associated devices should be de . Monitors9 estimate secret red propaganda stations put at 12 by Lewis Gulick Washington a .radio monitors believe that communist governments rerunning about a dozen Clandes Tine broadcasting stations which beam propaganda at foreign arc in addition to radio peace and Progress an increasingly Busy broadcaster using radio Moscow facilities and frequencies though the soviet government disclaims official sponsorship. Some of the More cover stations operate from Una bounced locations and have been beaming Sharp lounged political commentary Over the airwaves for years. The National voice of Iran is an example. . Sources said this radio has been broadcasting attacks against the Shah of Iran since april 1959, from a sit somewhere in the neighbouring soviet voice of truth is an other. Its greek language pro Grams Are said to carry among other things resolutions of the Central committee of the exiled greek communist radio reportedly hits at the turkish government and at its ties with the United states and the North Atlantic treaty organization. German Freedom station904" was reported to have aimed broadcasts at West Ger Many from somewhere in the communist East since the Bon government outlawed the communist party in 1956. Veteran radio Espana inde pen Diente which spews Forth violently anti Franco material at Spain was described As the Only Clandestine station Broad casting to Western Europe be fore the East West propaganda War swung into a High pitch after world War ii. Rei began in1941. Oggi in italia today i Italy was recently put off the air by agreement Between the Czechoslovakia and italian governments after a controversial anti italian career. The ital ians at one Point accused the czechs of broadcasting from a sneak transmitter in the czech legation in Rome. Moscow s radio peace an Progress a relative newcomer born in 1964, is less Clandestine in that it does not try to hide its location. But it claims to be Rugby groups like the no Vosti news Agency and soviet women Sand youth peace organizations rather than by the Kremlin. Radio peace and Progress i therefore More Akin to radio free Europe the Western Sta Tion openly broadcasting to Iron curtain lands. Radio free Europe gets Public contributions. Radio peace and Progress was said to have cranked up its output from 25 hours to More than 90 hours a week since the Start of the year. New Delhi has complained of its attacks on the Indian government and the Rul ing Congress party. But most of the peace an Progress step up is clearly aimed at peking. The .sources said the radio added 591/2 hours a week to its Broad casts in mandarin. 1-Maii. 1-vote Law pal to test Tot Tot Ioji a Minlu Gourd lather currying his child in Asling on his hip Waits to receive his military pay in he Phu Tuc ramp in South Vietnam s of Trul Highlands. A Washington supreme court focuses its at Tention this week on an Oil Rich county in the Prairies of Western Texas with the very Structure of the nation s local governments hanging in the s plenty of sky but not Many people outside Midland City. According to the 1960 Cen sus 66,225 people lived in the City and Only 1,492 elsewhere in Midland county. And yet the City elects Only one of the four voting commissioners on the county governing body called the commissioners court. For this reason Midland and its mayor Hank Avery May make history. Back in june 1964 the supreme court ignited a revolution in state government. Seat sin both houses of a two House legislature it held must be apportioned substantially on a population about grass Root govern ment the City and county councils school districts and town ship boards that derive their Powers from state Legislatures must they be based too none Man one vote the court pondered the questions last term in cases from Al Obama Michigan new Orkand Virginia. But it never gave a definitive suit begun in december 1962 by Avery onetime inde pendent Oil operator and architect May bring the Constitution Al answer. If he wins and the Justice department is on his Side Many local governments will have to be radically changed. Discrimination said the Justice department in u Brief is neither greater nor lesser whether Mal apportionment exists at the state or at the and the department said., Soong As the Midland county commissioners court perform important governmental functions which significantly affect the City residents and has a by Barry Schweid a the general taxing authority overt hic m to h e equal population principle applies and require that distracting for seats on that body be based on of the argument before the High court this week could turn on that Point the kind of Powers the commissioners court really has. According to the Avery Camp the commissioners perform both legislative and administrative functions they can Levy taxes own and operate hospitals an airports and adopt budgets for All county expenditures. The commissioners court argument will be that its legislative functions Are negligible that it essentially is a judicial and administrative body. Besides this argument goes the important county affairs administered by the court Suchias construction of roads and Bridges Are of concern mostly to the Rural residents. Would it be fair then to base representation purely or even primarily on population even the Justice department concedes that in Midland county s Rural areas the result could be harsh. Eloped As a method of locating and identifying individuals. A Central research Agency to develop new techniques device and methods for police weaponry is recommended. The report says the Over Al reason for considering use of nonlethal weapons is that the Law enforcement officer is Nei ther permitted nor encourage to use More Force than is Neces sary to achieve his lawful problem situations Range from dealing with an aggressive drunk to quelling rioting Institute recommends establishment of a Federal riot investigating team similar to the civil aeronautics Board s Acci Dent investigation unit. Such a group would move quickly into riot area to give on the spot advice to police and would examine the effectiveness of riot work by Law enforcement offi cers. Although the report makes no specific recommendation As to the use of new weapons i lists some possibilities for con trolling mobs explosively or mechanically spread Sticky strings bands or adhesives that might slow the movement of the crowd by linking people together or adhesives in either globule Pellet or Stream form played on individuals might cause them to stick to themselves. A net which could be moved by hand to sweep out a portion of a crowd or a net that could be dropped by helicopter. Plastic confetti spread on the ground to make walking difficult. A foam Generator to bloc streets or Spray the crowd. Manufacturers of one such de vice claim people immersed in foam Are psychologically distressed by the loss of Contact with the environment. There is also the feeling of being other weapons suggested for further study include the super water pistol. One Model has a35-foot Range and squirts a Pep per based solution. The Institute suggest further research into the use of tranquil izing darts which have been used successfully in Deal ing with wild animals. The report says itching pow Der could be useful in Clearing an area during a sit in Demon stration. The report says the emphasis on Institute research has been to find weapons which minimize the likelihood of death or per manent injury and which Are not Likely to be grossly Damag ing permanently crippling or leave unsightly Marks scars or frightful stripes european edition col. James w. Campbell usa., editor in chef it. Col. F. 8. Michael jr., u8af.,. Deputy editor in chief Elmer d. Frank production manager Henry 8. Epstein circulation manager an unofficial newspaper of and for the . Armed Force published by the con Imandi in chief . European command and printed daily at Darmstadt Germany. Military addicts the Star and Stripe Apo 09175. International mail the Star and stripes poc teach 1034, 61-Darm�Tadt, Germany. Tel a Liesheim 1c prefix 06155 2071 m Darmstadt air strip prefix 2376 741. Telex 04189-332. New York office 641 Washington st., new York 10014, Tel area code 212 620-57/1.second clans postage paid at new York . The appearance of display advertise ments in this newspaper concerning commercial publications does not constitute an endorsement Liy the department of defense or any of its components. ". Tie United mates la an open society in which uni Ihm to n r ugh to know in the right d unit a Sci id it Lyndon a i Olur

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