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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - November 9, 1967, Darmstadt, HesseThe Bugle that sounded the Call into the jaws of by Sid Whipple staff writer russian guns were massed at the Crest of a Ridge known As fed Yuk Hin Heights. Other russians Manning heavy guns captured from the Turk were in Force on a parallel Ridge known As Vorontsov Heights the Between the two Lay a deep Valley Valley which in a tragic 10 minutes of oct. 25, 1854, was to become the Valley of death for three fourths of the Gallant cavalrymen of the British Light Bri Gade galloping to almost certain annihilation through a mistake in orders. It was Sublime soldierly courage an discipline in the face of disaster and Alfred lord Tennyson immortalized the action in the charge of the Light Bri the charge was an incident in the crimean War of 1853-56, which found Russia pitted against the Allied armies of great Britain France and Turkey on the Black sea Peninsula which Points a threatening hand towards the Turkis bosporus. The crimean War from first to last has been described by historians in superlatives. It was the most senseless the most it was in the hands of the most inept but out of one of its most tragic blunders came the episode on which Tennyson s epic ode to courage was based. Lord Raglan the British commander in chief had been observing the Day s action from still another Hill and had been heartened by the repulse of two russian cavalry charges one by James Scarlett s heavy brigade the other by the disciplined fire of sir Coli Campbell s 93rd Highland regiment. Suddenly Raglan saw movement on the Vorontsov Heights. The russians were beginning to retire taking with the the captured turkish guns. This was in tolerable. The guns must be retaken it Ai tsp a. An artist i re creation of the brigade s charge into a Valley where there were Cannon to the right. To the left. In front of whatever it might Cost he called his aide a Young Cap Tain named Nolan and dispatched him to the Earl of Cardigan who commanded the 670 cavalrymen of the Light brigade which had not yet been committed. His orders were to charge the russians on the Vorontsov Hill. Cardigan was a Brave and distinguished officer. He would never dispute an order. But somebody indeed had instead of charging the Heights the Light brigade stormed into the Valley into the jaws of death into the jaws of hell while Cannon to right of them Cannon to left of them Cannon in front of them volleyed Gen. Pierre Bosquet a French general he s emotions stirred by the courage of the cavalrymen in the face of almost certain death exploded his memorable phrase a est Magn Fique mais be n est Pas la Guerre it is magnificent but it snot War of the 670 men who charged into the Valley 474some say More failed to return. In a search this year for a historical situation reflecting the ultimate in hero ism British movie producer Tony Rich Ardson turned to Tennyson s poem Fortis theme and set out to film the charge of the Light brigade in All it magnificent and awesome details. Because Russia today rules Over the Crimea where the action occurred it was impossible to film the Story at it original site. But Turkey against whom the russian drive of 1853 had been directed was More than willing to go along with the project and offered not Only a comparable setting for the movie but also hundreds of cavalry men As extras. The engagement written and produced by Richardson was filmed at a Roycik 30 Miles West of Ankara. Suntan lotion for the modern six Hundred Page 12 British film producer Tony Richardson s reenactment of the charge staged with the help of hundreds of turkish cavalrymen As extras. The stars and stripes thursday november 9, 1967 by Nick Ludington a staff writer Lynne Courtemanche came to Turkey As a peace corps nurse to treat the turkish poor and sick and ended up rubbing suntan Oil on sir John Gielgud s nose. Not that the 23-year-old from Hunting ton n.y., did t Complete her peace corps tour. She did and with Honor. Ynne was eat says Donovan Mcclure a native of Parkersburg, and a former newsman who run the 400-Volunteer peace corps program in Turkey. From May 1965 to last february Lynn worked As a nurse in an understaffed Ankara Hospital helping to develop nursing program. At first she lived with another peace corps nurse in what she described As a fancy apartment in the modern part of town. But we decided this was not what we came for she said. Lynne and her Roommate moved into one of the spread ing slums on Ankara s outskirts and in her off hours tried to help the slum dwellers. After her peace corps tour Lime went from slums to stars. British director Tony Richardson came to Turkey with a 250-Man cast and Crew to film the charge of the Light brigade near Ankara. He brought with him such stars As sir John Gielgud Trevor Howard and David Hemmings. Lynne heard the film company was looking for a nurse. She applied and was accepted. Since May she has Beeton duty at the movie s Remote Valley locution about 30 Miles from Ankara looking after the ailments of the British Crew hundreds of turkish workmen anymore than 3,000 turkish soldiers being used to recreate the famous Crimea War charge. The broiling Anatolian Sun was prime Hazard. Lynne was kept Busy with the suntan Oil and treating More serious injuries. When 1 started this Job i though these movie people would never talk to you unless you were somebody too said Lynne. But they re wonderful. They have a terrific sense of Sisusl Oaks turkish and he Turk ish soldiers idea of a perfect souvenir of their Ludovie dual tiny experience is a photograph posing with the blonde nurse. They lined up to pose with Lynne while a buddy snapped away. I Felt like i was the favorite pinup of the entire turkish said Lynne. Last March Lynne was Riding with a . Air Force dentist when his car collided with an Oil tank truck. He was pinned in the car with the Tanker threatening to explode. Lynne had a broken Elbow but quickly ordered Turk ish bystanders into action to get the dentist out of the wreck. Lynne received a letter of commendation from peace corps director Jack Hood Vaughn. Lynne supplies suntan Oil to Tuioi Muik Burns Noie. The stars and stripes Page 13

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