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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - November 8, 1967, Darmstadt, HesseArmy research officer demonstrates a gun which projects a laser Ray. A continued from Page 11 Forth Between the silvered ends with photons becoming More numerous and the beam accordingly growing More intense until it has sufficient strength to break through the partially silvered end of the Ruby. This ultimate outburst features Light beams that Are almost parallel the fac Tor making possible the projection of narrow Ray Over vast distances and with spectacular Energy. The laser beam gains its special efficiency from what Are called fre Quency coherence and spatial Coher ence. The laser s spatial coherence Means simply that the wavelets of Light travel together in step being likened in this instance to a Well trained racing Shell Crew As compared to a gang of castaways aboard a raft each paddling his own Way without coordination. While the weaker lasers such As theone that was on display at the recent photographic exhibit at the . Trade enter in Frankfurt Are capable of Burn ing flesh after prolonged exposure Gamma Ray laser if the problems of developing one could be surmounted would qualify As a full fledged death Ray. First off Radiant Energy which take the form not Only of visible Light but also of radio Waves ultraviolet and infrared Light x rays Gamma rays and cosmic rays May be thought of ast Raveling in Waves electromagnetic forms of Radiant Energy Are conveniently arranged according to their wave lengths a designation defined As the distance Between one Crest and the next or one Valley and the next. From Crest to Valley and Back to Crest constitutes a Cycle and the number of cycles per second which a wave under goes determines the frequency. The higher the frequency the greater the Power to penetrate. So if a Gamma Ray with its extremely High frequency could be controlled you could readily wipe out All the people in your , that application is Likely to take a Back seat to More humanitarian goals in the immediate future at least everywhere but Hollywood where the multipurpose laser seems to be re placing fun Manchu As the celluloid world s Foremost villain. Ann Landers dear Ann Landers i a chairman of the Indian tribal Council. My people and i read your column daily and we like it very much. 1 am writing in response to " the letter from just asking who thought parents Mustbe crazy to give their children Odd names Suchias july Bonus and tin cans. _ the name the Reader fell waste craziest of All was the son of or. And mrs. Around the christened the boy stick. It so happens that our Sonis also named stick his full name is William walking the Indian language this name has great Means hereditary chief if just asking will com out Here i will be Happy to introduce him to horse face calf looking door Nail and sky eyes to name a few. The american indians have Many interesting customs 1 Hope the appalled gentleman will read up on our history and then perhaps he will not callus Cray. A Illif Wah no i Ota dear chief thank you for enlightening All of us. And please give my Best regards to your son stick. Dear aim Landers 1 Touhl like to direct my letter to Heyoung Man who wrote to Tell you about his first and last experience with Ltd. He May have saved my life. He May also have saved hundreds per haps thousands of other live around the country. In my Book he s a hero. I am an 18-year-old who had been toying with the idea of taking Ltd As an Experiment. I had heard Many conflicting reports from kids who had tried it. Some reported groovy trips. Others said twas pure hell and warned me not to fool around with it be cause it s impossible to predict in Advance what the effects might be. The letter you published gave me a very Good picture of what Ltd can do. It can scramble your brains an wreck your nervous system. It can take you out of this world and leave you there. The description of that kid s struggle to get Back to reality was enough to kill my curiosity. I consider myself Lucky to have seen his letter because i Reali a now that my curiosity could have killed me. I know you can t Tell me the name of the Guy who wrote it but please print my letter an Tell him he did a wonderful thing for All the youth of Amer Ica. Ood bless him Pakki dear spared Here s your letter am i Hope lie sees it. I have received hundreds of letters from teen agers who expressed the same senti ment. You said it Best. Dear Ann Landers your avid comment Alimony is the High Cost of leaving has a Nice ring to it but it indicates that you have no sympathy what Ever for the victims of cruel and punishing sex wives. My husband is one of those unfortunate people who is impaled on the Alimony him at least the Price of leaving was a great Deal higher than it should have been. Because my husband is Afine person he did not respond to his wife s vicious could have blackened her name and taken the children but he chose to remain silent and pay through the you have a shred of decency you will print this letter and admit there is another Side to the picture but then you could not possibly say a Good word for a divorced Manor you d be thrown out of the Catholic Church. Mrs d. Dear mrs throwing me out of the Catholic Church would be the neatest trick of an week since i am not in it. Here is your letter How Ever and it s a Good one. There is indeed something to be said on the other Side Andi m Happy to give you equal time. Him Jav j it i., Hill Syndicate the stars and stripes americans marrying overseas j am a civilian employed by the department of army an stationed in Germany. 1 am planning to marry a . Citizen also employed by the department of army. 1 wish information regarding the necessary Steps to have this marriage performed to avoid any question of legality upon return to the . Also 1 wish to know the advantage if any of having the marriage performed in Switzerland rather than in Germany name withheld by request editor s note he Usa eur replies generally the Validity of a marriage performed outside . Is determined under the Law of the place where the marriage was performed. Thus the Validity of such a marriage de pends upon compliance with the pertinent foreign Law. In Germany the performance of marriages is a function of the civil authorities. German Law requires that a marriage be celebrated by the registrar stands Beamter of the District i which one of the parties to the marriage has residence for this purpose. If the marriage is to be celebrated by a than the one of the usual residence a written Declara Tion must be obtained from the competent stands Beamter certifying that the Public bans have been either met or waived and that no obstacles to the marriage Are known to him. After the civil ceremony a religious ceremony May be held. The necessary documents which must be translated into Ger Man by an official translator include the birth certificate marriage certificates of any previous marriages death certificates of any former spouses divorce decrees if any parents consent if either party is under age and such additional documents assay be required under the circumstances of a particular Case. The performance of marriages in Switzerland too is a function of the Swiss civil authorities a religious ceremony May be held after the civil marriage. Marriages Are performed by the various civil registrar offices. Each american citizen must exe cute an affidavit before a . Consular officer stating that heis free to marry if the marriage is to be performed in Bern Switzerland the affidavit must be executed before a consular officer at the american embassy in Bern. The same Basic Docu ments As required in a German marriage Are also is no Legal advantage to marriage in Switzerland As opposed to marriage in Germany assuming that a marriage neither country would otherwise be fully valid. Under the circumstances of a particular Case the administrative processing of the documents applications and the like might be accomplished More rapidly in Switzerland than in Germany but that would not necessarily be True in every situation. Civilian personnel contemplating marriage in Europe Are strongly urged to consult a Legal assistance officer for detailed advice tailored to the particular facts and circumstances of their individual situation. Legal assistance is available to a civilian personnel without charge at any armed forces Legal assistance office. Bot deals. Vulnerable. South North ak965 v k j 10 3 2 of aj5 West v7654 oq65 q1098 South 4k a q j 10 East 832

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