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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - November 8, 1967, Darmstadt, HesseThe Light fantastic pro i brr am a in laser photography no lenses Are required and projection of the beam produces a three dimensional picture. Zap Buck Rogers wipes out another celestial enemy of Man with one Crisp Wavy blur of his Ray a fiery Ray knifes through steel liken army of ants going through a picnic Basket. It is headed straight toward James Bond strapped to the table but Goldfinger mercifully and foolishly halts the deadly beam before it can sub Divide 007.zam Dean Martin in the silencers ducks behind a Rock to avoid being Fried by a Ray Only to see the Rock melt under the searing blast. By George Eberl staff writer such is the stuff that beams Are made of and while the foregoing examples Are imaginary they share a common factual Model the laser. Laser is not the name of a mad scientist rather it is a name having prosaic origins. The Moniker for the mod Ern beam with the astonishing applications is derived from the following l Light a amplification s stimulated by e emission of r radiation. Although the laser ranks High in the mind boggling department among modern science s latest contributions to Public terror its death Ray possibilities with All the morbidly titillating a peal to the Layman s fancy unfairly overshadow the laser s capabilities and potential in Medicine and Industry As Well As its military uses. For example it has been used to Weld Retinas Back in place on the human Eye preventing blindness its tremendous pinpoint controlled Energy might be employed to Burn out tutors dentists have found through experimentation that laser drills Are Swift effective and painless. Industrially the laser is used for Cleli Cate machining and welding operations and High Speed and three dimensional photography and its potential in the Field of communications is fantastic be cause its beam can carry an infinite amount of information Over television and Telephone circuits. Militarily a super laser could knockout intercontinental ballistic missiles according to some speculation and Ifa Gamma Ray laser Gascar can be developed it would be devastating As a antipersonnel weapon. What is a laser and How does it work a laser beam is concentrated Light a thin orderly arrangement of Radiant Energy produced by a device developed in 1960 by or. Theodore h. Maiman and a team of scientists in the Hughes air Craft co. Laboratories at Culver City Calif. At that time Maiman predicted the laser could eventually be used in Micro Scopes and telescopes for illuminating Small areas of the Moon for space communications As Light radar Andas a germ killer. Although there Are now Many differ ent types of lasers that original Gad get whose principle is relatively fundamental worked like this somewhat simplified a cubical synthetic Ruby containing a crucial bit of chromium is entered Ina Coil of a xenon Flash tube such As that in a camera s Flash unit. When the Flash tube is fired the Energy triggers the atoms within the Ruby which has been silvered at both ends one end heavily and the other lightly. J. He excitation of the atoms sets up a Complex Energy interplay within thereby which results initially in a traffic Jam of chromium ions an Ion is Anatomy which has lost one or More of its electrons. This jamming up likened tothe Cocking of a Spring is finally undone when a Light Wavelet photon of the proper wave length is emitted. This causes ions to Bounce Back and continued on Page a t today s scientist elicits from the general Public some of the Awe fear and resentment that is normally accorded Witch doctors and wizards in More primitive societies. But John Fahnestock an Engineer whose moderate nature and particular training place him somewhere betwee the Layman and the theoretical scientist argues that much of the current Public distrust of scientists and technology May be blamed on a variety of things. Fahnestock a tall Crew Cut boating enthusiast family Man and a chief Engineer for an american optics firm Wasin Frankfurt recently As demonstrator of his company s new electronic Tele scope during a photographic exhibit at the . Trade an age when science directly and indirectly commanders an of newspaper headlines Fahnestock is amazed by the Public ignorance and indifference to technological trends. Wiiilie admitting that he has trouble keeping up with new developments in his own Field Fahnestock feels that much of the Public ignorance and indifference is Schoolboy he said has Learned for example that Light travel sat 186,000 Miles per second but he fails to apply the fundamental scientific fact she s Learned to what he reads every also feels that the modern press shares the blame in its failure to explain or to be Able to explain much of what it reports in the Field of Sci ence. This reporting is particularly critical he said in the realm of space advances. He cited the apathy he sensed the modern wizards is John Fahnestock describes electronic Telescope at . Trade Center Frankfurt. Among americans during the several Man into space missions from which a surprisingly Large number of people in his estimation dissociated themselves on the Flimsy grounds that the space program was beyond their scope of in computer has become another Hobgoblin of the Public mind. The aver Aye citizen of n expresses a fear that he is being reduced to a digit or a do not fold mutilate or spindle punch card in computerized civilization. But Fahnestock pointed out hat instill requires men to Supply machines with information Ami it still requires men to make decisions and exercise judgments. Computers May be symptomatic of a change in society s character but they Aren t about to take Over so piety. One speculation about the public1. Apathy focused on the fiction is. Fact aspect As Long As rocket ships and death rays and journeys to the Moo were part of fanciful fiction the human imagination could be titillated without fear entering in. But with Buck Rogers and Jules Verne gradually being left in the dust by modern scientific reality the Little Guy is suddenly threatened by what he had always thought of As the unknown and unknowable. Fahnestock suggested that it was Asad Day when Public enthral ment runs higher Over unidentified flying object than it does Over astronauts activities. a scientist is Fahnestock reproached by non scientific acquaintances or contacts for tampering with nature s forces or charged by suspicious souls As a purveyor of Hanky Panky it s a funny thing Fahnestock re marked in his deliberate thoughtful Way but i find indifference. I m Al most never asked what 1 do. I go to work come Home and that s it. No Oneis really very curious about what i implicit was the feeling that it was More than just a question of people politely minding their own business. For his part Fahnestock enjoys get Ting together with people outside the world of science keeping in touch wit the thinking and attitudes of those workaday lives Aren t circumscribed by formulae equations and the technical jargon of the professional scientists. Hut lie said it s me liable 1think, that people within the Field tend to Gra state toward one another Ith their common areas of interest this too perhaps plays a part in tins Public Altitude we re talking i a wednesday november 8, 1967 the stars and stripes 1 1

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