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European Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - November 7, 1967, Darmstadt, HessePage the stars and stripes tuesday november 7, 1967 17 a. Orbits spider shaped tin bar satellite continued from Page i navigational references. If the pinball Experiment succeeds it could be used by manned and unmanned space Craft in unfamiliar places such As a Mars orbit officials said. The motor appeared to per form normally said project manager Robert Darcey shortly after the rocket was triggered at 10 38 . Est 3 38 get by radio command from an Earth station. The spacecraft third of five applications technology satellites at swill Drift eastward above the Amazon River about 4 de Grees a Day and should reach it final stationary Orbital parking place above the brazilian coast in several the 22,300-mile Altitude the satellite s Orbital Speed matches Earth s rotation and thus the Craft appears to hang Over on spot on Earth. The spider shaped robot soared airborne Romance actress Cheryl Miller who stars on the air in the Dattari to series and air Force it. Charles Hutter i of Beverly Hills announce their engagement at a family party in Hollywood. Hutter a physicist is stationed at Colorado Springs. A photo called unclear justices reject Maryland oath Washington up the supreme court threw out a Maryland state loyalty oath requirement for Public employees monday on grounds it is too imprecise and unclear. The vote was 6 to 3 in the court s firs major opinion of the session. For the majority Justice Wil Liam Douglas said the wording of the oath challenged by Maryland College professor was such that a person could no honestly know whether he was per Juring himself when Betook it. Justices John Harland Potter Stewart and Byron White were the three dissenters. In another action the court denied a hearing to three army privates who were jailed for re fusing to go to Vietnam to fight. In a Brief unsigned opinion however Douglas and Stewart argued unsuccessfully that the court should have accepted the Case to see whether the Vietnam French train six russian paratroopers from a and up dispatches Paris the French de sense ministry confirmed Mon Day that six russian paratroop ers have been training with French forces. The ministry commented on report in the sunday Telegraph of London. A spokesman said the six entrained near Pau and that after they left several other Sovie paratroop instructors came for a certain period. He declined Todd any details. Exchange visits during recent visit to France by marshal Matvei Zakharov soviet Deputy defense minister a program of Exchange visits by soviet and French military personnel was set up. The West German governments trying to get details on the training of the russian Para troopers with the French forces government spokesman Conrad Ahlers said in Bonn. Ahlers said the French govern ment did not inform Bonn in and Vance that the paratroops hereto accompany Zakharov on his recent visit. West Germany an France have a treaty of Consul tation which also covers defens questions but each frequently accuses the other of failure to Hon or it. Guard keeps Eye on Gary election Gary ind. A National guardsmen were moving into position monday 10 Miles South of Here As a step toward prevent ing any possible violence during tuesday s election a National guard source said. The democratic candidate for mayor Richard g. Hatcher a negro and the Justice depart ment have filed suits seeking in junctions to prevent denial of the vote to qualified negroes. A three judge Federal panel convened monday at nearby Ham mond and consolidated the two suits. The guard source said a least 500 guardsmen from Cen trial and Southern Indian moved on armoured personnel carriers into the Lake county Fairgrounds at Crown Point. Judge Noble k. Littell of mor Gan Superior court at Martins Ville had issued a restraining or Der saturday prohibiting gov. Roger d. Branigin from sending guard troops to the Gary area. But the Indiana supreme court monday threw out the lower court injunction. The Chicago Tribune had quoted Indiana atty. Gen. John Dillon As saying troops would Goto Gary despite the injunction. Dillon said at Indianapolis that he would ask the state supreme court to dissolve the court order. Branigin said thursday he would Send the guardsmen and extra state police to Gary invent of disorder but not to police the polls. Judge Littell cited an 1895state Law barring mustering of the National guard within five Days of an election except in Case of Hatcher 34, who is oppose for mayor by White Republican Joseph Radigan 46, charged in his suit that Lake county demo cratic chairman John Krup Ahad stricken More than 5,200 names of Gary negro voter from the registration list. Krupa also is county clerk and control the county election Board. Hatcher asked that the court order the names restored or halt the election. Krupa who has vigorously opposed his party s nominee had the names re stored after the suit was filed. The Justice department suit the first of its kind filed in the North charged Krupa and other election officials with purging voter registration lists to de crease the negro vote but not the White has said he opposes Hatcher on grounds Hatcher has leftist and extremist supporters which Hatcher s stand has brought a demand from democratic stat chairman Gordon St. Angelo that he resign As county chair Man or face ouster proceedings. I have no intention what Soever of relinquishing my Posi Tion Krupa said. Dragnet snags Little fish Wiesbaden up the big Gest manhunt in West German history a three Day dragnet by110,000 police appeared to have flopped 110,000 known criminals suspects and missing persons sought by police since Midnight thursday Only c82 have been arrested according to a preliminary report from the 10 West German states and West officials also conceded the dragnet bag was almost entirely Little none of the200 murderers or other major criminals on the list was of the arrested wore Petty swindlers husbands who deserted families and Small time thieves police said. Conflict constitutes War in the constitutional sense. The three soldiers who brought the Appeal Are Dennis Mora 26, and James Johnson 21, both of new York and David Samas 21, of Modesto Calif. They Are serv ing sentences at fort leaven Worth Kan. Douglas said there Are Pas court decisions that indicate what is happening in Vietnam is none of our the court s business but he said the three soldiers should be told Why. Illegality claimed the servicemen told the court that the United states is Violat ing treaty obligations by its Viet Nam action and that their or Ders to go to Vietnam were illegal. They were court Martiale and Johnson and Samas got five year prison sentences and Mora three years. Later a military review Board reduced the John son and Samas sentences to three years. The court also rejected Railroad trainmen s complaints they did not get a fair Deal before special compulsory arbitration boards set up under a1964 Law to prevent a strike. The court in a Brief order let stand decisions against the Union the brotherhood of rail Road trainmen by the . Circuit court of appeals for the District of Columbia. The statute the first compulsory arbitration Law in peace time was enacted to Avert nation wide Railroad strike. It established a Board to Settle Union disputes with railroads Over the number of employees inroad and Yard service and retention of firemen on diesel engines. Job delegated the Board headed by Ralph. Seward of Washington rejected the proposal of a nation wide formula for the Crew Issue and delegated the Job of settling the problem on a Case by Case basis to special subordinate boards. An attorney for the Union said about 7,700 jobs have been eliminated on numerous rail roads As a result of hearings before special boards. The trainmen contended that the Seward Board had no right to Delegate its function and further the special boards did not conduct their proceedings in conformity with the railway labor act. Educators and urges Vietnam withdrawal Des Moines Iowa a More than 600 University of Iowa faculty and staff members took a full Page advertisement in the state s largest newspaper sunday to urge an end to . Involvement in the Vietnam conflict. The and in the Des Moines Sun Day Register carrying 610 names called on the government to take immediate Steps to Dis engage our country Isom the War a Vietnam and proceed to Ward a peaceful into space atop an Atlas Agen rocket sunday night after two frustrating launch to follow it into space during the next four daycare a Moon Landing Surveyor Craft a weather satellite and a unmanned Apollo Moo ship rid ing atop America s first 363-foot-tall Saturn 5 super rocket. Advance satellite communications gear aboard ats 3 was to test new concepts for using radios on orbiting spacecraft to help locate objects on Earth improve satellite communications Between ground traffic control towers and air planes and Dis tribute weather information from Remote data collecting Sites to a Central forecasting station. Surveyor 6, meanwhile was scheduled to blast off tuesday at 2 22 . To begin a three Day journey toward a soft Landing on the Moon s surface. The Craft isto photograph a potential Apollo Landing site and Analyse the soil with a Small chemistry set. A camera carrying weather satellite was to rocket into Earth orbit from Vandenberg air Force base Calif., on wednes Day followed by the Cap Kennedy launching thursday of America s first unmanned Saturn 5 super rocket. Preparations for the Maiden flight of Saturn 5, the Type rocket which is to one Day propel american astronauts to the Moon were reported by the space Agency to be on sched ule for a 7 . Liftoff thurs Day. Cabbie finds and returns $10 million new York a a dazed but relieved Mexico City Busi Nessman had the nameless Driver of an unlicensed cab to thank sunday night for the Safe return of negotiable promissory notes with a top value of $60 million. Paul Bouffier vice president of Longoria enterprises of Mexico City told police he Felt very badly about the less than six hour loss. He was very relieved the notes were found in tact. Police said the notes had face value of $10 million but a credit rating of $60 million an were to be delivered to a Bank Here monday. They would not disclose the Driver s name but said he was driving an unauthorized limousine a car or cab for hire not licensed by the police. They said he would not be summoned because they did not see the violation take place. Detectives Harold Kennedy and Harry Brady gave this account Bouffier arrived from Phoenix,ariz., and was picked up by the cab outside the Airport and was whisked into Manhattan. But he left t h e Black Brief Case with the promissory notes and his passport on the backseat. When he discovered the loss he notified police. Police and Fri agents began questioning Airport employees and quickly got a description of Theca and Driver. In the meantime the drive found the Case and returned to the Airport where it was taken to police Headquarters. Bouffier and the ease were happily reunited and he left dazed but smiling

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