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European Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - November 7, 1967, Darmstadt, HesseDirector roman Polanski shows Mia Farrow How he wants a scene played. Runaway director by Harold Heffernan Nana staff writer Ryphe Only place in the world to Al make a motion picture and do the Job right is author of this statement is not a loyalty addicted Fence building hol Lywood director but Europe s roman Polanski considered one of the hottest of the new Young filmmakers. O n by 34, he is currently making his . Picture Rosemary s baby and ironically he sounds the glories of hol Lywood movie making technique from a major studio which is right now shooting 11 of its 12 features in Europe. This is Paramount which has signed the Brilliant Young pole to a nonexclusive contract while at the sometime every major company in Holly Wood is bidding to share his , who Speaks eight languages and has made films practically All Over the world says his arrangement Here is just Fine because he finds facilities of All kinds in Hollywood so Superior there can be no anywhere have i seen such efficiency inspiration and Complete co operation As among your Hollywood Crews he stated. If i want some thing anything it s there and sometimes within seconds. Sometimes it s there before i ask for it. The Crews Here seem to be pulling for me. They seem to be As devoted As i Amto making my picture a Good one. It s incredible their loyalty and what s wrong with foreign meth ods they have a sneaky slowdown Way of dragging their heels when they con Sider the schedule too demanding he said. They come to work late take beverage Breaks even in the Middle Ofa scene and i have seen them turn off the lights during a take if things Don please them. Most of the Crew members Are unfeeling and even hostile in their attitude toward directors. Worst of All they absolutely refuse to work Over time even though they get paid handsomely for in Rosemary s baby Polanski i working with a cast headlined by Mia Farrow John Cassavetes Ruth Gordon and Sidney Blackmer and he gets All kinds of cooperation from them he says. But it is the attitude of the Crews cameramen grips makeup Art for whom he goes overboard with Praise. Ann Landers dear Ann Landers 1 am asocial worker in the welfare department of a medium sized City in California. Everywhere i go when someone learns i min the welfare department i get the same tiresome goes like this Why Don t you get those Chi Selers off the Relief Rolls i know of a Case where the Guy is working an collecting unemployment com Here s another one we Are encouraging women to have illegitimate babies by giving them Aid Money for every kid they bring into the no Good tramps keep having a baby every year Sothey can collect the Aid Mon i d like to say something to everyone who knows a welfare agencies Don t want to hand out Money to Chi Selers. Please give us some real in formation like the names and addresses of the people instead of vague talk. We employ investigators whose Job it is 10cheek out Akery and fraud. If you will help us Nail the fakers we d appreciate it but no More vague talk please . Page 14 dear . I be heard the same chatter and i am not a welfare worker. Thank you foretelling me what to say to these people. Dear Ann Landers 1 am girl 17, one of five children and thoroughly disgusted Withy parents. Mom and dad have been married 21 years Andall they have Ever done since i remember is fight fight fight. They throw things yell curse and lock each other out of the House. What s More they Don t care who sees or hear them. The Day after one of these disgusting Knock Down drag out brawls they act like a couple of lovebirds As if nothing happened. How can people be so changeable i be told my Mother a dozen times that if she had an ounce of self respect she would throw dad out of the House. He is the one who starts most of the fights she says you Are right but she never does any thing about it. What can 1 do to get motto throw dad out so we can have some peace and quiet around our place War zone dear zone nothing. So give up already. If your parents have been battling for As Longas you can remember they will probably continue to Battleford the rest of their lives. Some people get their kick from fighting and making up. It s unfortunate that these kooks Don t do their fighting where they could scream their childish Heads off and no one would hear them but the seem to enjoy performing for an audience. Just remember these ugly fights and vow that your Chil Dren will never have to put up with such stuff. Confidential to relaxed by liquor i be heard your theory before bub and it s a poor excuse for get Ting plastered. Perhaps your relaxed state prevented you from breaking some Bones when you fell but it is More than Likely that if you had been sober you would not have fallen Down the stairs in the firs place. 11 07. Furoli slur Wiull Syndicate the fatal Impact by Alan Moorehead Dell for South sea islanders Western civilization was to prove unsafe at any Speed thus the fatal Impact engross singly described Here by Alan traces the Impact of Europe on the tropical natives of Tahiti and the aborigines of Australia As Wellas the animal life of the Antarctic following the great voyage of discovery in the South Pacific. It is not a pretty Maneu vers us Over the bounding main with English Captain James Cook on his historic 18th Century explorations to the South Pacific. The easy going Pagan natives sociological and philosophical collision with the energetic Christian europeans we Are told turned the formers enchanted existence if they survived infanticide human sacrifices and War into somewhat of a White Man s typical rat , the French were raging against the wilful intrusion into Pagan simplicity and happiness asking what possible goo could be brought to these people by Christian civilization with its overload of guilt its hypocrisy its cold climate strictures its physical sickness and its ambition the author notes that All these european visitors perhaps intruders is a better word were going to make their separate contribution to the transformation of Tahiti where Cook landed in 1764, whether by firearms disease or alcohol or by imposing an alien code of Laws and morals that had nothing to do with the slow natural rhythm of life on the Island As it had Bee lived up till Moorehead concedes that the europeans were also to import the antidotes to their poisons and diseases the doctors the priests the administrators and the policemen but the tahitians had no need for these people before if they had been left undisturbed they might have gone on forever without them. And at the time of Cook s arrival they were probably happier than they were to Ever be expresses astonishment at the Success of the missionaries despite their narrowness absurd and often harmful rigidities and the sheer incongruity of their Ever being on Tahiti at were some remarkable men among them and they meant the tahitians nothing but hammered away at the native Way of life until it crumbled before 1820 the men and women All had their Heads shaved Long hair being sinful and unsanitary wore european clothes shunned dancing and drinking lived in enclosed houses instead of huts slept on Beds instead of on the ground went to Church on Sun Day read the Bible ate with knives and Forks and worked. Morality police roamed the Countryside. Free lovers sacrifices were banned. This Patch of the Pacific had been turned into a respect Able English but the imported system of taboos put an impossible Strain on the tahitians Moorehead comments and if the Island was going to achieve a synthesis with the West it was not in this uncompromising artificial a russian explorer wrote in 1823 of the effect of the English evangelism a religion like this which forbids every innocent pleasure and cramps or annihilates every mental Power is a libel on the divine founder of christianity. It has restrained the vices of theft and incontinence but it has Given birth to ignorance hypocrisy and a hatred of All other modes of Faith which was once foreign to the open and benevolent character of the the mid-19th Century Moorehead writes the Effort to adjust themselves to the outside world had proved too much forthe tahitians further racked by unscrupulous whalers and Early French , he credits the French through Wise government with successfully completing the Island s fusion with modern civilization and coaxing the Island s population Back to the pre Cook figure of 40,000.of the australian aborigines Cook noted they appear to some to be the most wretch people Onearth but in reality they Are far happier than we europeans being wholly unacquainted not Only with the superfluous Outwith the necessary conveniences so much sought after in Europe they Are Happy in not knowing the use of them. They live Ina Tranquility that is not disturbed by the inequality of Moorehead Calls this the Art of living for the to the English settlers the natives were in the Way obstacles to Progress and they had to be that weren t eliminated by european diseases fell Back before a violent manhunt of Krueger the stars and stripes London is the world s first building designed to provide recreational amenities of a Seaside resort under Ideal atmospheric conditions is now under construction on the Isle of Man. The ?4 million Structure will include a swimming area Beach Trees All within a solarium a nightclub discotheque restau rant artificial ski slope an aquarium a Nursery and Sun bathing areas. Tuesday november 7, 1967

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