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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - November 7, 1960, Darmstadt, HesseTall by the Are Odaus it Tai 4 4x, it Imp wet it ll1l i i. ,.5sti. We i i a Tartt it Mexico throttles Young 27-15 me at Hall pushed a Cluny ver Bri Ham a Stuj 1nnd per � the Sok Tewo conference who Al we Victory 4 ver Pursh lose William. It Mary a fore 9/xx a turd Olgat. It i the fourth conference to single ton Tor the Oil Tal 37, Orth 9 Hwy Job it. Btu Antni 4, Miuwa � 37, 10 �. Bind 7 Oble stat Man a me him Twitt 17, mib Ril �. Mar Dutoi 3 my met i. A f k44w it it Antika f he re tip to ii Wmilne it thaw a i. My Buu aim pm not i Lite �. New Cru cd the Hlynn a Tat. Or h. Cart Chi 7 20, 1 North we i 4k my s if emf tilt no 7 i a Itu a 7 t 0�t v i. Hon Lith t a thu i Ujj. To Mew t 7 Al Dull two 14 Imti i. La 1,1 1&, Mii Hull a it. ,41my text. Imp Fiji it to to. Detzu Sam him i. Forth to 4mi�4 a let it a 7 0. Imti. J. We Roll c1 1 St fat it i jew f t Kim i 1ut act us b turn it a to Tutt Fyk u it. pm a i sol to nor hot 1� � the stars and stripes a Jack Nev a Gre a sentiment see sawed last week under the weight election Campaign strop cases and divergent Vlco the economic Outlook. The Stock Market apparently Felt h had Flat std enough Pomaib Lilly Sof the election outcome i mounted a moderate rally. It found encouragement noun cent private and government spending plans but nos took notion Sony other dim views what is ahead. Go Neil motors chairmen Fred Eric g. Donner disclosed plans to spend $l250.qoo,000 the us. And abroad for new plants machinery equipment and Lollina 1b61, this would. To s50 ill lion above thu Mitt u. T Tum u 74 t. It h toll 14 ��ttil4m a Uhn t to to to for i a Loki 141 to inv i imy hair whim ii us atm Btu ii 14 Oft Tel aaihim4 aah my f 3 to ail to ii. Cr�4� cd Ruffi a to. Unn f Atli 14 a Etc a Tofu West to for a a emf Urcla Etc i to Mutt St for Abtil to tit a. Catt nov � to u i Mot 40, exit we 6ui c a iks my the t3. It limit suit admit i. Selff Rikhy cd i s who Fly pc to two the Fol 1 14 Kwin Al 13 is to int to Fufil i �1 m. Sin f Lehr the if Lwi a cart 14, a a Dimin s3, dlr u. 0 m h4 13 Pacint a it ii tip Fri .w?-.- i b.i.1 j Tinai i a 41 it til i r la Jim it it a draft fun this your St outlay about tvs billion would by seem to the to a Donne predicted a Cengeri Taft sales to urdu climb v idea sales this year Woen 6.6-and . The government Dafid 5?�/trtufhon to the amount this fiscal year b70makes the program Botwe now and june 30. T " c a " Tyr corporate the first nine months this yer exceeded last year by about pm cent profit to the e period a syn Wasyi showed for a minority the icons fat car a Rinji. S to v Jujj Itrat Icelon and nuts Kettner atut to f my m i inf. I Vii i a Kim t Puu a lev a t7 mud recession for steel and f Tippia a jello put it Coppei to Sumate a 51.7 per Dan fro Ftp a for from last Ecer 54sqtne 4a&- Ftp Tiv a Riih lib Thev arct Iudin f Seft a a so 1 / a 1. A Terr the first i off for , n to Thel jul Rev to let i a a is Nereus a torte nation Ted div Aston Oge Nereim a ref can ing cconbml3u"resporiulnbtoiin rep Ted Lea we higher inquiry1 from f.-Dodgacdrpz october Hnit b .yarlalp,1 i. " r f t f 3 i i ". I " birth a rec a veil by the Start to 4 i Vav v j v \ % t t if a � Taminie ninth. Limit Lent and Rij Froni posts. . Army Hosp Frankfurt u Foj. My. Cab .v-4l it fat to a. Fin to i b73. " . . Of Der 34, i Tortor sir 6� a a f t pwt j4 a E t a Sis. Unit i. A term 1c. 0jew wave St my p. Jav a b. M Fin. La a to att hmm he to. To. A t j4. Ilott c4v a a thl la off Al a. To. I a a 0, i i. 4�t to. j t. 4�ia Ord c.,a 0., a. Is. T k. Cd jew Lull tvs St 1 1eai4t us Shohow a. 7j4 Rit m a Zwic r5 i u. 7 off. My Al. B i out kit it let 2 i jut m. F.,. Liu fun. Ewar Tuo admin cd to Patty son sri a Stour 8., a trim a ,.n, Matt till it. S��1 37. Tawn i for u de a she , t ii to a if f by a Stupl ?7, Walsh " up Illif a., fit Rel bit i Uhi a out a 77, ten. A a 77. Me r Mic t Stu. Daf to a ten r so vhf. Wll set taut to 0., o M7th eng by is a Ltd a unify a. So. Tiech a Ltd 1 might us 04 47 73 40 Utilish ii 47 Cholm Cut Dan do Nora troll Duluth it Worth 43at 44 31at 47 Konut Cluj � 41 jul 4 30 40 us Varoni at mum i by Rte is b7 ii 41 41 71ohtn. City 7 44 Tan Ohio a7 b. It Trucco $0a Gnu City i 4ft Stitten Low Paul saw j7, wit. A old a. To Wii not a Jitt �9. F a it a. Pm Foj. Est ill ak8. � pah 2u. Al1d 2 i l = v,1 . Lew a h r. Stelni. How Elc s�4 1 Jinol is but a it s i if str o., s9t�t unti 8.p Fleet -28,- dry a sit next f by rvs a a Hamilt St do Llort up i a � Cut. Fri8. 49." t a r bows tips Wail a 8pl a kit Abb. L army Hosp i i win Al i Mlton a my filard 4on, 14ott-.,t2,\f Fifie Uncur Antl 01. 40. to Apo ii. � no ois Yii a Towt l0. Urn ctn Tsu 61? ref nut co.0 to Jil a by Louin Lilii Sci Plum tt., it Sec we so Iii a t to us a 79m i a it l. a to win a0t 3. We a�riwii07w 0715 and tort Markitto i Wiluth x 0300 it Mua tuck iia Nhim a i 11 Jort unt a few l. F Muir malt " pm we Tom the bin my r?ofr91 Cotilus a i i a to a 1 Nih. Felt to y., ssi Prog Man stat cult i too Isle car toe Cal �l1 Phi Iakow iuj4 help Lisiy a Lrol -., a floor j70d car the with 00 heft. I. 6b�rut. R late Indi Alryon undo 23-10 to ih30 front sri t Altti pts by Maion 2200 Urry Monre to �290 Niue Kain tfkftttrjjlointwi1. Tho a i T it i a

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