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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - November 7, 1960, Darmstadt, HesseRoge w by part Spiers Sif 3 . Bureau Washington is defense department strongly de fended jts overseas dependent school system and rapped critics Krno have downgraded opera Tion Edward a. Sompayrac. Of de sense department said we i admit everything in t perfect but when we find Annc thing not jus right we try in Correct it he was replying to complaints rated Here by John Westbay president of or efe Educa Tion Asso. And i assistant Princi pal at Darmstadt. Germany army dependent school worldwide armed Force educational system provides school ing for about 140.000 elementary and High school pupils and employs about a Sqq professional school per Obnel \ " i " w. Referring to thie charge published in a. Local paper Likhat some depend Cut schoolteachers overseas were inexperienced or came poorly recommended Sompayrac declare that defense department standards Are very he added teachers we Nile from . Must have at least a Bachelor s Degrohe with appropriate requirements plus two years of classroom experience. In addition they must be ret Otto intended by Ihler a employer a Iii by at least one other person Well acquainted wit their work occasionally he said a teach er1 is employed overseas who May not have required two years he Al Smy stats to Skaj i a of Classa by it they of nmn rt1hlolj. Tar Dot of aft or "1 Ful it Flat la in i available position. ,. About steachers1 Ifa. I f teachers a , enacted by t Congress last year def is department fixes Saiar fes of Eck ers in Pelotio n to rates of similar positions in after ref Corisue Havion with Lonai education Assiut and overseas education a devised for of bang salaries of teachers on basis of salaries paid in school pm it is _ populations of mar a thai 100t0007�/ this7systemfkbsv Keenr win Ftp a &h&&sutf1organizations/ said so soefffiayta1it Deal Edithm sap lie Jeffi it a r pm is i ,rifl485 theschoois1 Kir � Nir i la be i or Var dirt a. Str one month or two. The acting Basi envy opt c. The operation demons framed that i1 flow have Jess Tiff their up a Sid of nudds tie 300more us marines Brotis min Harrison imtr1, told tin Tot. Tr�intij2 relws showed t s Ito a Jpn no n i was a Cam that Ald to prove just commission told about it in its annual financial report for do year a did Ottine 30, 1960. 1j its Active lots dec a arid wills s2,496,648rojxj in 1959.� tue it Post showed that beginning St american program in secretly of world re a. A Roor they Art first of j5o from Gunt a to conk Here pro a Ted by a. Government. 11 mailing Days before Christmas site wis Nipon pret a to Ottto them a Sion a Jho Csc suites Thor co a of source and Spe dial Naziear Unin Lym Plu in weapons or used in Overall Cost of be for Joth Mustard and Tajc comm imn so 3d, is st31 Mit Ira in -i960, compared with $713 million far previous or Althom Jyh Tot Jil Coit in Erc aused Jug fid r s re me unit Cost of production Coji tinted so4et reds a i9fij on develop Nifon to to tuck a for both military and us Fec adj said it com Fig i wired with s35& million Jin a or to Down offs so Iowa Lac in w Julijs pm civilian Ilij Saa inst re were too for a billion less $750 Mobile. Aja or bar Bra billion rup Stipd i it a 8750 in us and i com her Gaught i genre Alejandro 23, of puerto Bico f b pushed allf0 a Roebuc phone Turfler Jusi after his capture a he approach d sen. John of Kennedy s open convertible la go Liq a Carrjr Fuff ? a is i Al Mattuc officer Vine Llor Eitl who fir to a to Zalejr Tudor holds ump youth allegedly carried,1 Alejandro is booked for weapon and released on $200 Bond " tip Ramon Navarro also ailing i a a web w71btill 111 Liz 7 London ap5-Judy reported still Fecjo to at her London Home sunday after coming Down with an attack of food to onion singing Star and her Hus to /4-" std gift Rieken Satur Day nerf Twiss Garland had la can cel a saturday night show in Man Chester. Two ii otters exam med Luff no american screenwriter Freddietin Neihof a who is staying witty hem and also became i. A Mali Cal bulletin issued later they As Well As fan be expected another of London s progressing Ness Java Juds 61-year-old Ramon of University. Fie is. Hospital j at treated for suspected and a third Fen Ter Tain Menti t Ign ret. Was t r tedi showing some in after weeks tempest attire is slowly. Said 0r, Carl Goldman but he added exact nature prolonged illness Nas nor been disco y v miss. Taiylor tsp confined j join her hotel Penthouse after Spetter a several Days in a London Narsing Home for tests and treatment. Jwj a mail your packages today do not delay it i r to " x i. I " i a f hoods believed in Canada of meet Niagara Falls of crime Kingpins simile to to in famous fian Giler Confer Eitore at appalachian n y., Loiret Yari ago was believed in making with Ontario As Tjade setting. Six carloads of . Hoodlums reported Loha a Josi re into province at Niagara Faluyi then Border officials said so cars looked like Fhay had just driven out of a expensive three bore Ohio License a at a. Tiff others were from new Maryland and l Penn Sylvania. A province wide alarm washout for ears and men. / authorities said it was possible men headed for gambling and narcotics conferences in Canad with leaders of Ontario in official t underworld,.case said one j _ be want to know who theft Are and what they re doing Here " t a to ls.1 63 Knob Kossegi assembled at appalachian " j-1 to a in of support Catholic Fth against women f shuffled Sio Wiyu thro Agi narrow streets Uhden a h Dotsun a specie flags at ancient so Juan re tithe dral they carried t and respect for our Bishops puerto Rico s three roman Oloc by Slot is have issued to Whf Cesslee Pastora Tietter ,ferbi6u vote. Form ten Mahn pants his Papular Democrat party uner Paihof-a-sfnofti1 obedience. The Church says pot Len a to inf to or in Man it files with cd " i1 f est Pribut demonstration in favo of . Mun � feast i died Hep ?j5 spokesman for l . -n.talned, t ii if organized a procession in Dependently of th., Patty and Church. In two pastoral letters a have converted f an thet Mise routine Campai git \ Inta a t turbulent pushing altt4iotherls sues frito Tettle tetters also i against intense Pec to i � � a. I x " Ion Fri Popula Ity 1of, koernov.%9 " has reman a in office since 3s-on. Program Tot eco Tonuci or r a tie song Battle a t Orleans popular was killed n 4 8, head Piv collision on a Hafl Toad Ove Rosss. I " " " a str l1 j %. " t j1 j. A j s i three persons. Two of i theft a Veng tsp i id car 4 Horton was t-. first flight of Al a. To to i

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