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European Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - May 29, 1968, Darmstadt, Hesse, Moy 29, 1961 the stars and stripes a Cit 5 in Freeman assails to show asks equal time Washington up Agri Jure Secretary Orlue free san monday demanded equal me to reply to a to Levi on documentary on hunger who Che said threatened to destroy food programs that do the most for the lbs hunger in America a travesty on objective reporting Freeman re leased copies of a letter rewrote locks president Frank Stanton asking for a Chance to refute some of the claims made on the May 21 acknowledged that much remained to be done i efforts to feed the poor in the nation. But to say As lbs did last tuesday that All the nation s efforts to feed the hungry have failed does nothing but undermine and May ultimately destroy Public Confidence in the food program that have done More to meet the problem of hunger i America than any other Effort upon which this nation Freeman called the program biased one sided dishonest presentation of a serious National problem in claiming that it made no Effort to present a balanced Story and even suppressed known new York Richard s. Salant president of lbs news said the network had not yet received the letter but it will obviously receive careful consideration when it have every Confidence in the accuracy and responsibility of the lbs news personnel who worked Over Many months on hunger in America of which we Are All very proud Salant a separate letter to rep. Carl Perkins d-ky., chairman of the House education and labor committee who directed Freeman to comment on the lbs program the Secretary challenged the documentary s claim that the surplus Foo distribution program has not changed since its beginnings inthe 1930s. Freeman said that 16 Sepa rate foods Worth $7.98 per person Are Given out every month now compared with five foods Worth $2.20 when the program reported Only 5 million poor people Are being helped by Federal food programs free Man said whereas the True figure is 5.9 million. He said lbs reported 1,000 counties have no food programs and stated the number is Only 600. Inflation s epidemic Johnson adviser says Call but no answer the registrar of Canterbury Australia thought that Wally 20, was one of the Jess boys and inquired whether ire had registered for National service. Of course stories like this Are old hat but what s under the hat looked Good enough to put in the paper. Besides Wally is going to set things straight. I will Tell the registrar i am a female she said. A photo Washington a presi Dent Johnson s chief economic adviser told him monday that the nation is experiencing an inflationary epidemic that could no readily be ended even by higher income White House made Public a memorandum in which arthurm. Okun chairman of the coun cil of economic advisers said that until a tax increase is enacted there will be growing strains on prices costs imports and financial markets at Homeland More pessimistic even More pessimistic Waskun s final paragraph even with tax action the route Back to Price stability will be Long and difficult requiring concerted Public efforts and the cooperation of private decision makers. But it is crucial that we begin that journey told Johnson that latest labor department figures on Price and wage developments made unpleasant Reading a outgrowing inflationary tendencies on All said hard facts make Clear the need for prompt fiscal restraint to Cool off Trade surplus meanwhile the Commerce department reported that the United states recorded a Trade surplus of $248 million during april As exports and import reached record Levels. The surplus compared with a$158 million deficit for March the first time in five years that imports had exceeded exports. William h. Chartener assist ant Secretary of Commerce for economic affairs blamed the March deficit on the new York Dock strike. Most of the april improvement could be attributed to a catching up process he said. The department said exports adm. Viii who freed 300 pow seamen Dies Newbury England a Admiral of the Fleet s i r Philip Vian 73, who rescued 300 British seamen from a German prison ship in a norwegian fjord i world War ii died monday it was announced tuesday. Vian was naval commander of British assault forces in the Normandy invasion. In april jumped 17.7 per cent to$2,888,500,000 while imports Rose 1.1 per cent to $2,640,500,000.chartener predicted the Trade surplus will improve Over the remainder of 1968 but he said there is still Only a Glimmer of Hope that the administration improvement Over last year will be achieved. Horizontal 46. Order of1. Man s name 5. Finale8. Dissolve 12. Equipment13. Meadow 14. Medicinal plant15. Speed 17. Russia River 18. Expunge19. Pushes roughly 21. Was indent 24. 25. Whirl28. To caution 30. Label 33. Son of Noah 34. Worth35. Money of account36. Slender finial 37. The Rainbow 38. To seize39. Make lace 41. Close43. Gazes intently architecture 50. French author 51. Weaken54. To the sheltered side55. Caress 56. Equal57. Cushions 58. Golf Mound 59. Spanish Painter vertical 1. Monster2. Rip 3. Backcloth 4. Prayer 5. Hebrew priest6. Seine 7. Periods of time 8. Lord estate 9. In England a lift answer to yesterday s Puzzle. Average time of Elution 26 minutes 10. Deep affection 11. Afternoon parties 16. Moisture20. Intimation 22. Pitcher23. Popular singer25. Pronoun 26. Invalid food 27. Mimicked29. Ascend 31. Macaw32. Prate 34. Arachnid38. Druid. Lodges40. Sign of the zodiac42. Ventilate 43. Hit wit the hand 44. Weigh of India 45. Iris tribal division 47. Wheel hub48. Roman Road 49. Penny52. Born 53. Summer in France 25 53 43 so 57 26 i 40 l i 28 51 41 a 59 7 6 Russ marshal visits French he in German Baden Baden Germany marshal Pyotr k. Kosh com so commander a chief of Viet forces in East Germany tuesday visited the Baden a Aen Headquarters of the Frenchi a 8t army in West Germany i Covi renin military spokesman said Koshevoy was paying a Cour � y cd on Gen Jacques Massu Ench commander and French Uniti at w e e p a l s love is transferable i Oliver you look very Nice today wello girls mow Nice you look today

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