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European Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - May 29, 1968, Darmstadt, HessePage 4 the stars and stripes wednesday May 29, too Bush Hunting i message for Captain capt. Mike Peck who Calls his troops his hoodlums gets a Call on a Field Telephone while on patrol with his company in South Vietnam s Mekong transportation s tops Tore by George Mcarthur Cai Lay Vietnam a the Day peace talks started in Paris capt. Mike Peck led 100americans on a Day Long trek through the Mucky Paddy Fieldsend steaming Nipa Palms of the Mekong Delta. It was a frustrating search along the sluggish Baoba River for an enemy hideout that was never found. The Sun was blistering and the company ran out of fresh water drinking stinking canal water made worse tasting by bitter purification tablets. There was no time to eat. The men were beat when hey came Back to their Bun keyed Camp at Sundown. The gulped Down a hot meal and dropped Oft to sleep on dirty blankets still Grimy from the Delta s mud. It was just another Day atypical the husky 27-year-old company commander recalled. Nobody even mentioned the peace talks. I Don think my hoodlums gave it a what s ailing airlines they growed9 too fast by Robert f. Buckhorn Washington up the airline Industry is suffering from the Topsy the Little girl in Uncle Tom s Cabin it just grower and the rapid growth has Given it big airports Are too Small. Its airways Are too crowded. Its new planes Are too expensive. The biggest complain from passengers still seems to be where s my suitcase according to the civil aeronautics Board two major airlines Las year paid $2.5 million in bag Gage claims. There Are however More serious problems. At such major terminals anew York s Kennedy International or Chicago s o Hare passenger May Board a 600 Miles per hour jetliner an travel in great Comfort and luxury perhaps sipping a drink eating a Steak and watching a first run before the passenger can savor such fringe benefits he May have to wait a half hour or More while an air traffic con troller sorts out the Tail to nose line of planes awaiting their turn to take off. The same delay May reap Pear at the passenger s Destina Tion As he plane makes time wasting circles in the sky wait ing for a Landing clearance. The . Airline fleets number2,000 planes. By 1976 there will be 3,000. Added to this Are More than 100,000 private and Busi Ness planes. Their total will reach 180,000 by 1976. Just the number of people buying tickets is staggering. In 1967 the total was 133,620,000, jump of 22 per cent Over the year before. Helicopters carried More than 1,250,000 additional persons into the air. Air taxis flew another three . Industry employs 280,000 persons including 32,000 number of stewardesses 26,000, has tripled since 1957. As the Industry has grown shave its problems. Safety is one. With the rapid expansion of commercial flying casualty lists have increased. Last Yea there were eight fatal accidents in the United states which killed 226 people. Of All aviation safety prob lems the threat of a collision is the most dramatic. An average of 544 near miss reports were filed with the Federal aviation administration Faa every year since 1961. Critics mainly the pilots and the air traffic controllers claim the toll was much higher but went unreported because the pilots feared Faa retaliation. In answer to this the Faa i january granted pilots a one year immunity from possible loss of License if they reported near misses. In the first two months of the new study the Faa got 554 near miss reports four times the old rate. Reports alone can t Stop tragedy so this year the Faa ordered a 1,739-Man increase inthe number of air traffic con trollers Congress also has Bee asked for More funds for radar and navigational of the most wanted safety aids goes by the initials Cas collision avoidance system. This is a computer device which would be installed in air liners to warn the Pilot whence is on a collision course. The device which is expected to be in use by the Early 1970s,would determine when an on coming plane could be a would pinpoint the plane s Altitude distance and it would signal the Pilot As to which direction he should take to avoid a collision. Collisions Are by no mean common. In the eight year period ending december 1967,there was an average of 21 collisions. Commercial airline were involved in four. Pollution is another prob Lem. The signature of the Jet age a Trail of smoke Isone of the most conspicuous signs of pollution though it accounts for Only one per cent of the total. Still unsolved is the problem of noise. At the Core of the airline Industry s growth problem How Ever according to most Industry experts is the Airport. It has not kept Pace with the growth of aviation even though the government allocated $74million this year to build and improve 397 Public airports. The Airport of the near future May be mainly underground. Passengers would use subterranean facilities for parking ticketing and waiting. Special buses and trains operating underground would carry the beneath planes which would be boarded via escalators. One of the main benefits of the underground scheme is it would help solve a key Airport problem Lack of space. Other ideas close to fruition Range from helicopter sky lounges which would pick up pods filled with passengers and whisk them from downtown areas to airports to High Speed monorails running direct fro City centers to the Airport. Talks Peck s hoodlums he some times also Calls them my merry mob Are almost All draftees Many of them teen agers. A sergeant of 24 considers him self a father figure. For them the diplomatic convolutions of Paris Are Remote and unreal As most of the world becomes unreal to an infantryman whose life depend son his Rifle and immediate Bud Dies. Since the americans an North vietnamese began talking in Paris the company has Beeton the March daily seeking guerrillas who slip along canal Sand through villages they have known since childhood. At nigh the americans put out ambushes and roaming six Man killer patrol with constant movement apart of his life an infantryman in Vietnam has few Benchoa Armsto judge time. Ask him what Hie has done since the peace talk started May 13 and he will re ply How Long ago was that?4 everything sort of blends input Here says Peck who is from Milford Ohio speak French and English served an Exchange tour with the French army s paratroops and is on his second tour in Vietnam. He spoke from beside a Lodike separating a Paddy from an adjoining stand of banana and Coconut Trees his battered boots dunked in a canal to Coolis feet. Waving his arms at the Coco nuts in the nearby Nipa Patch he yelled at a platoon Leader hey. Snoopy. Send some of your hoodlums in there in mob Siberia a improving Moscow up siberian factory managers have been strictly punished for spending the state s Money on Vodka and ban Quets for themselves l Vestia said soviet government newspaper said that at two banquets this year at the factories 2,725 rubles $3,025 were eaten and drunk up. The factory manager claimed that they were just making business contacts but officials vetoed their expense accounts accused them of illegal spending of stat funds and ordered them to pay Back All the Money. Jsfflsaild8nakcoiiliflme� with a pile of Coconut collected Peck s men s lunch opening a ration can splitting the coconuts Winil army knives Ami Savouring som fresh pineapples the South is namese interpreter had found you know said pfc. Dieh Shuey a 20-year-old from port laude Clale fla., we re not Abad As we sound. We do try to follow things. We talk about the peace talks sometimes but the War still goes on. It s the Ware think about a slender Young Soldier Shuey had killed three Viet Cong guerrillas Only the week before picking them off one to one with his m18 As they advanced unknowingly on his night ambush. I do believe in the cause ," Shiuey said. I think we should be Here. A lot ofttimes i Don t agree with How it is being fought but i think we should be Here. His platoon sergeant Wil Liam Gulden of Pennington n.j., a husky 24-year-old who plans Togo Home to study psychology agreed with reservations most of the Guys could care less what happens in Par is he shrugged. They know it won t affect anybody Here for a Long Long that morning the company had picked up about 30 detainees about half of who turned out to be guerrillas and the other half innocent civilians. They had All been picked Upin an area dotted with Viet Cong flags and hidden in simple peasant shirts they All looked out such groups improbably the greatest frustration of the Delta Souter who Twar is unlike hat in the North Ern part of the country where the enemy is less fleeting it. Col. Tom Leggett a soft spoken career officer from Rocky mount n.c., command the 2nd battalion 39th infantry of the 9th division which includes Peck s k company. He worries a Little about what effect the peace talks will have his troops but says that so far there has t been a Ripple of of faculty. In the korean War the Nan of peace talks brought Waves unwarranted optimism Ang the gis. Nothing Compa Whas taken place in Vietnam. The frustrations of the were already Many Uffit said and nobody got his Hope sup for any Quick peace now. Col. Keropian coition of an unofficial newspaper of and for the . Armed command Emit chief u.�. Crepean command and a ""."unitionilgermany. Military and Dreeli the tar and it let Apo 09175 rim the stare and Stripe potty an 1w4, 1.darmttadt, germ a .1 prefix 04185 �7t m Darmstadt Alre trip prefix 2376 741. Telex i York office my Washington new York 10014, Tel area second elate Pottage paid at new York . The appearance menu in that newspaper concerning commercial publication endorsement by the department of defence or any be a United states is an open society in which the a. To know w cherished and president Lyndon

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