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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - May 29, 1957, Darmstadt, Hesse Stak and sol types 3 top vek1ce of Italy it Elma Mois Tesi trial col Tep swi tuesday with the acquittal of tace throw top the formal verdict fitting two to than soc invites and the former j City of police of complicity in the of Wilma monies to taxied off Atteree months of test Peony that uncovered almost every fact How did die Mario head of the hear ing Italy totalled trial of the handed Down the verdict tuesday morning after 7 hours of deliberation behind locked and guarded but it was a Mere the Ante three defendants of cow Thorsr Long ordeal j their moment state j prowl for told j court wearily that t Here rot the Prsir that any Ahcin even knew much had a in her Parr Iuteri told the court thut the trial had Only two truths that do indeed the result o a and most of the witnesses were lying like to prevent the truth from being the three men freed Qian Piero 34yearojd Juzi pianist son of former foreign minister Attilo who re signed at the height of the uproar prior to cawed of manslaughter by on Beach her vgo self styled far and Home was charged with Saverio police a hire resign after it Minary inquiry 1nkrd o pie Conj and was charged with and abetting Piccioni by cover ing up the also aked that his own Star whom the whole Case was indicted for false he up for Farmer Stone forced a Preli this the Raven Cut s Emrid Story of drug of up her that in n Rome who of longed to a ring hip was Given a re for sir Salatine a b save a left t court and with the other defendant strike Peiling missile of declares Patrick air Force up the air Force said tuesday that unless a we Klong teamsters Union strike at the top secret guided missile test Center Here is called off the missile program will be sharply Survey of our testing schedules clearly indicate that a further loss of construction Man hours will seriously hamper our future testing col Al acting commander of the fest said in a special announce corps of engineers has in formed us that their construction schedules Here Are of a dash and do not provide for Cushion of any elder five Hundred teamsters walked eat a week ago after civilian Eon to actors on the base refused to extend them Union in other civilian employees refused to Cross picket bringing to a standstill All construction work at the base Here and the nearby Cape can averal missile launching the halted projects include a giant missile control Center and administration delays in testing could affect the program to launch the first manmade Earth scheduled for some time in the next As Well As the testing of the snark and other High priority Long Range 2 soldiers burned by rail Yard wire Germany two 3d army div soldiers were one by a High voltage in the Numberg rail Road sp3 David and sp3 Bruce both of co 709th tank were standing near their which was being trans ported on a Railroad car from their Horae station at Kirch Goens to the Vii Eck training when they accidentally struck an overhead Taylor received second and third degree Burns Over half of his Warath suffered minor both men were taken to the 98th Gen eral Hospital at where Taylor was ordered flown to the thurs tej for further treat ment 5day week suggested for German schools Frankfurt up West German Metal workers Union has called for a five Day school week so the whole family can enjoy a Long the unions Magazine said the present six Day customary in German was cresting a family problem since fathers generally Bow had saturdays and sundays arms fund plight irks Ike Conti Wrd front paper 3 item Knowland of California said the administrations Hope that if the House restores about the Senate when it acts on the Bill will put bark substantially Knowland that in the Senate there Are some prac tical problems facing and St remains to be seen what will Hap pen who has called for trimming the administrations Overall s7l8 billion budget by alluded to the Strong Economy tide running in asked whether he is for Restor ing the billion the president Knowland said he is on record As favouring restoration of any part of the billion that relates to the muscle and strength of the armed he added i dont want to see our defense weakened in the Field of military Knowland referred to what he called delicate disarmament House Senate unit oks million for us1a Washington a House Senate conference commit the agreed on a Compromise Mil lion appropriation for the in formation Agency and recommended that it be returned 1o state department the funds were included in a Compromise Money Bill to run the state and Justice departments and the Federal courts in the new fiscal year beginning july the Overall total was 000 less than voted by either the Usia total was million More than voted by the Senate but almost million below the House in approving the Bill Mon the conferees included Lan Guage instructing the propaganda Agency not to compete with private news Media policy guidance the Usia now is a Semi inde pendent Agency subject to general policy guidance from the state it part enl the committee restored about is j million of the million which the j House had slashed from the state j departments requests the Senate j had voted to restore the Compromise which was below president Eisen original budget now goes Back to the House and Senate for approval the House had voted for the functions involved while the Senate approved the chief executive originally requested million for the in formation Agency but the House slashed it to the sen ignoring Strong pleas by Eisenhower and his whacked the figure Down to the House conferees were will ing to restore Only million of a million slash in funds for the Brussels Trade instead of the put Back by the Senj As a result the Compromise carried million for the the president wanted Ike Petac Tanty signs slashed postal Bill Washington a ident Eisenhower has signed a Bill carrying for the Post office but said this was not enough to maintain regu Lar he he will be Back shortly with a request that Congress supplement the which is for the fiscal year be ginning july he said he wants the people to continue to receive the postal serv ice to which they Are postmaster general Arthur Summerfield said the request will be for another Sijo con Gress Cut summer Fields previous request by the appropriation Bill providing for the Post office department also carried for the Treasury department and 000 for the tax now going or with soviet is not time to indicate weakness in the face of the so Viet Deputy Secretary of defense Donald sat in with the president and the congressional Eisenhower argument for restoration of at i East 51 2 billion of the Cut is that thus much of slash would Cut directly into de he has do scribed the other billion but from his request As chiefly a bookkeeping presumably Basing his statements on his discussions with the president and said that if the billion committee Cut it mean cutting the army by about the Navy by about a id the Marine corps by about he also talked of the poc Sibie loss Tif two destroyers apparently scheduled to be fitted out with guided mis defense in this Martin if we Are going to have peace it essential to maintain our National Martin Sud the Success of gop efforts will depend on the demo Martin said indications were that the republicans could count on some support from the other he he thought would line up solidly for restoring girl Slayer suspect flees Lens Taipei to i entire Cost riot damage w a5h in ten 1 a foreign Van noun no unrest the n t has for 0 Erwn in off the an by rep cart Rani chairman of far Eastern and Pacific which met in closed to the comp Jeff in the Chunc Wax further t by Hollington k Tong full by iffy far the incident a a d will of Muld Zicai the discounted the riots turn Nuti spared and attributed to Poji of lit that reparation would not Money sent by the As Formosa Ami Der ured we i going to due out of or own pockets to for the piping goads forum to eject americans Hon Kong t a Camm uasi China opt Ruy called Wuffli Formosa to and Tel american out of til Island for the Sake of a Rachl unification of our great i radio peering a ing statement from the of Uiol erf red chinese n its by Lula casts to am and Anvil it apparent l Vii do signed it a Call to for spa to fight arms plan Bonn up West g opposition socialists Isit notice tuesday Chancellor Konrad Adenauer Atonic arms for new Wehr in the fat Kuoming election in so will blow up Troverso into weep it out the but press vice Tuti Juv full turned vol not the ats any help ill Trie spa in its history has Tull trnian confronted with a o for the Organ in fuse t Opportunity t decide its own the mirrored belie f of i Orth v Auer and other socialist the rare raiment ill prune Best Arnott Sjon weapon again Ronald track Star Aad from Polce in a mad Maofa to avoid the camera m to taste a he was Cha arrid la it a i Booi Star skipper whittles up a it ind for Mayflower London skipper of the Mayflower who spent several Days whistling for a radioed it had paid making 6 knots and All australian skipper Alan Villers lie added that the replica i of the ship that carried the tints to America had tailed 123 Miles in the previous 34 Aad was about 800 Miles from wart

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