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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - May 28, 1968, Darmstadt, HesseEditor of continued from Pinic 13 comfortable Breeze travelling at close to10 knots snapped the greenish White chutes open. They blossomed in the Clear morning air Over Green pastures near a Small Airstrip which serves the a stiff northeasterly wind whistled along the ground shaking Trees an whipping the downed chutes into Tower ing ovals. Because of the lateral Force of his Chute it was difficult for a Man to de Tach himself so that the billowing Tex tile fluttered to Earth. Often a parachutist would run in a Circle around the big sail so that he could get the wind in Back of it. Sturdy c47 from Sembach air base took the jumpers aloft circling lazily Over Snow capped mountains near by to gain Altitude for the discharge . Air Force capt. Robert b. Curran piloted the plane sighting along a course marked by ground panels. As the wind changed a ground Crew kept moving the panels farther to the left. The jumpers had begun falling int Small Fields bounded by barbed wire. The first three jumpers on each run were seasoned men who checked out the wind and who referred to themselves a turbulence testers. We sometimes Call them wind Dum Mies said maj. P. C. Jones who came along with the 7th air commando squad Ron Crew. The Only hard part of any jump incoming out that plane door and then it becomes enjoyable said 2nd it. An Thony Thompson. The Best feeling in the world is when you feel that Little Jar and your Chute collapsing your Chute on the grounds the real task said spec. 5 Terry Quedens. We try to take the Chute ays jumper loaded with gear begins hike Back to Camp. Strands in hand and run to the men with radios were posted around the pasture to watch the ground action. Sometimes they had to lend a hand to tame an unruly Chute. Keep your feet together and look up they yelled to descending j u m p c r s. Don t watch that ground come Man hit the ground at a bad Angle and his Knees went Down with merciless whop. He did t get Back up. An ambulance soon pulled alongside Anda corpsman began splinting his left leg. You re Gonna be All Day getting Over that one of the radio men shouted. Landing to pick up another Load of jumpers the c47 from Sembach suddenly hit a Bird which smashed the wind shield on the Pilot s Side. It did t bother me on the Landing butt startled me and the adrenaline was flowing pretty fast said Curran who got slivers of Glass in his hair. The Bird was not in the authorized flight staff sgt. Jimmie d. White searched the plane Interior and brought out two feathers. That proves it was a Pigeon he soon a helicopter lifted from the Airstrip with another Load of jumpers while the plane Crew put in a Call for another Windshield. Four years ago my Cousin and her husband were killed Inan automobile Accident. My husband was driving and i was seated beside him. We walked away from the totally demolished car without a scratch. Twas one of those Freak Acci dents no one could explain. A Lovely Little girl 2 Yea sold at the time was orphaned As a result of that Accident so my husband and i adopted following year we had our first child a son. It is apparent to everyone who comes into this House that my husband i extremely partial to the Little girl. Our own boy gets no affection just yelled at. His father has infinite patience with the girl. Everything our boy does irritates him. Does t it seem strange thata father would favor an adopted child Over his own i need som help Ann because i see signs of serious trouble ahead i something in t done. Boston dear Boston it May Well be that your husband has some guilt feelings in connection with the death of this child s Parent Sand is trying to compensate by being Overly attentive to her. Page 14 your natural resentment against your husband for mis treating his own son is producing additional trouble and heis bound to feel it. I Hope you will both discuss this problem with a help could be very useful. I am a career girl who swore off serious entanglements when gentleman with whom i went for four years literally stood me up at the Church. I met a very attractive manat a respectable swimming club several weeks ago and we hit Toff together immediately. He was divorced and Friendly an attentive. The problem he can consume a staggering Quantity of liquor without showing it and then All of a sudden he passes out cold. The first time this occurred was certain he had had a heart attack. What worries Meto death is that he insists on driving drunk or sober and it is impossible to Tell whence has made the transition. 1 Don t want to insult him and in Sist on driving yet i m afraid one Day he will drive us both into the Hudson River what do you suggest Chic endear Chick since the Guy obviously drinks like a fish Tel him you la swim with him but you won t drive with him. And make it stick. Better he should be insulted than you should be dead. We Are expecting our firs baby in three months. As my Sisters have done before me my Mother who lives in another state expects me to ask her to spend a week with me when i bring the baby Home from the Hospital. I have never been close Tomy Mother. I be always Felt she favored my Sisters. I am sure she would spend the entire time criticizing me and making me nervous. The thought of it causes me to shake even As write this letter. My husband s Mother and get along beautifully. Do i dare ask her to spend the week withe at the risk of hurting my own Mother s feelings what do you say wit s end dear wit hire help for that one week even if u Means doing without something is the Best solution. Copyright 1968, pull her Hall Syndicate the stars and stripes i love you All i would like to put in my 2 cents Worth about full Amerberg shopping Center. I am sure As with most i ties they get their share of complaints. I for one wont offer them my sincere appreciation for the wonderful they offered me on my overseas tour. I have found tin. Courteous and helpful and the counters Well Stekor items that Are available to them. I do not expect to ii item i want every time i walk into their store i Don find what i want in Large cities in the . So l a i yes stores to be Able to satisfy my every whim Eitner r to what i want just when i want it. Kwh i am thankful that i was Able to accompany my hush Pithis overseas tour and even if my government did t is with any american facilities i would still be thankful your family is together and to me that is More minor hot it finding time to complain about not being Able to find shoes s1zc o aaa. So i give a Heartfelt thanks to allees stores commis i base and Post hospitals and other facilities that Cater to dependents. I love you All. Wary a. Gordon j. He Wiesbaden Germany Cor registration fees after Reading your May 21 warning on the failure of . Forces personnel to include their $1 fee for renewal of registrations with Usa eur i think there Are a few mints von missed. J in checking Usa eur regulation 643-30, i say that we have 15 Days beyond the expiration Date of a registration to re Register by paying the $1 fee. Your Story erroneously slated that if the renewed registration is not received before the expiration Dat of the old Drivers Are required to turn their plates in the Reg says that if the re registration is not accomplished within 15 Days after the expiration Date the whole Deal is cancelled and the registrant must pay the full $3 fee As an initial registry you also stated that Auto owners wanting to obtain a non operational registration for private cars not presently in use Are required to pay a $1 fee. The regulation says that if a car is already registered there is no further fee for a no operational registration. If however the car is put Back into use later the owner must apply for an initial registration and will have to pay a $3 fee. Editor s note you re right i know n-a11 log on the fire your new radio to movie log is a Fine idea but Why Don you print All the schedules right Side up so that a Reader Only has to tear out the Page not Cut and fold it sitting on the log i like your new weekly radio to movie guide but it is very difficult to get the paper on saturday if you live on the Economy How about printing it on Friday instead Economy wife photo journalism a few months ago the is printed a picture of a Man who had been shot by los Angeles policemen As he attempted to escape arrest. The photo showed the Man on his stomach raised jus enough to expose the agonized but uncomprehending look on his face. He had the look of an animal stunned by his first encounter with a human weapon an encounter which resulted in his was nothing besides the photograph just a Small caption saying that the Man died shortly after the photo was the is has another example of sadistic journalism. A woman in Iowa her face bloody and dirty is in mme pulled fro the debris of her Home by Rescue workers but too late she died on the Way to the you people take some kind of perverted Delight in printing the pictures of dying people i realize you Uso wire service photos but is it necessary that you show that particular kind. Do they come under the category of human interest there seems to be a trend in reporting news today nauseated the Public for profit and is is willingly engaging itself in this Stream of thought. Why Don t you break away from the trend Ana is uuhuih.ll1"1 spec. 5 Micheri the managing editor replies i think you have answer cd your own letter when you begin by saying a it months ago. � we try to run at least one picture on news Page. That Means at least 24 pictures in each edition u you can find fault with Only two in a period of months out thousands then we Are giving pictures of violence and Imp about the space they earn. T Are chosen by the editors for a variety of Teaso to illustrate a Story for inherent pictorial value or for Imp occasionally pictures Are used which carry a profound Emo Impact such As the two to which you refer. They form in i records of a moment in human history. They sum "1 picture an entire event. They Tell the Story. 1 his is our Huipo a reminder to correspondents All letters to the editor must contain full name and Acilie the writer and must be signed. All correspondence is co Luff i Bothe writer s name will be deleted upon request in Reserve the right to edit and condense letters. Tuesday May 28, 1968

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