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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - May 28, 1957, Darmstadt, Hesse 957 th5 Staw and saw rfcs scientists mapping Ocean floor echoes Bare undersea Prairies bar Thomas Henry far flt Kyff apr there find pcs the farts about the Bottom of the for instance that there vast Prairies of Ockart floor at from to feet level this has determined through Echo by the Woods oceanographic work was made possible by a Echo recording system developed by the institutions Geo for More than 5 roil Uon Square Miles of the Pacific equivalent to the combined areas of China and is very at first enthusiastic about finding new Moun now have reome if Arird the attorn thousand re of Fath tensely interested in these Gevat cams level j the Uris there an smooth floors of the Rex Ort is i very deep such is the Case i of the scattering layers dunns of the Oriente the War it was discovered South of it has a Fiat received from Bottom surrounded by extremely rugged Small from six to 50 feet High on the Bottom of the Florida Straits have been found in various Cross Section surveys of the Florida it is not yet known what they or what they signify Echo the inst has been used for More than 25 years As an Aid to navigation in shallow rut it was until after world War ii that our ships were fitted with continuously recording devices Able to re that unidentified targets at Many investigators since have studied this Early in the investigations it was found that some of the moved Down at Sunrise and toward the surface at had reverse or stayed put the Small shrimp like squid and fish All have been con und London strives to Cut bars to Peipin Trade despite Balky allies win monday of Allied on Side red As Likely by a combination of London aim foreign seckary is prying for a Swift Trade with at the same the red chinese Swan Nunt announced to approved the appointment of new British in Tript psf a quoting new Aid Archibald Wilson has now ing and Deepwater photography it now is hoped to trap the Cul court in Cairo told 2 britons Are not spies Cairo up defense lawyer Zaki Diab monday denied prosecution charges that two Charles Pittuck and John if Fagid in ant egyptian espionage As part of the alleged 2uman spy network on trial Diab said 47yearold manager of the egyptian Marconi Telegraph had taken no action against which he considered his own country since he was born Here and his parents had lived and been buried in the lawyer said 45yearold Stan former manager of the Prudential insurance in Egypt and the had received information Only concerning communist activity in and not espionage from another de former yugoslav col Milovan there was no Diab that Stanley had transmitted political and military information to the Brit so embassy As the prose cution has another British James returned to court Mon Day fueling Fine after leaving in the Middle of wednesdays session with a pain in his 1 had with a touch of liver Swinburn said the prison doctor gave me Good prescribed some pills and pain was Over in a few solid Gold autos seen in atom age Tokyo ins the solid Gold Cadillac May be More than a movie title in your atomic atom scientists May be Able to manufacture the precious Metal in the lab and make it so abundant it will be used to make the atom will also keep your bread from going heat your House on a thimble Ful of uranium and help doctors make you a healthier this is part of the atomic to Morrow is scientists spelled it out at an atoms Oreace Confer ence in Vic president Frederic do Hoff Mann of the general dynamics said the time would come when Hydrogen from Ordinary water could be used in an atomic reactor to heat and Light your radioactive Soto res will be medicines Microscope of the Princeton University Henry in Wolf Smyth said with Nidio isotopes Well be Able to look into body tissue with Radi Well know a Hundred times As much about diseases As we now know through increased uses of radioactive Clark of the atomic Energy told of the Golden age of when you go to Hon Kong or youll ride in atom liner which will give you the smooth fastest ride you Ever a few atoms in your bread will kill All the germs and make it ready to store for Long periods without been named As Sharu he will replace con o who Hiss been in China Shirr a career Diplo was trained is an Lloyds statement to the House of commons came As a a group of Allied officials met in what looked like n final Effort to break the deadlock the and european countries Over Trade Ami economics relations with red Lloyd told questioners he very much Hopes to be Able to announce soon a relaxation of controls on China the curbs were imposed when China entered the korean War in they were calculated to Stop War potential goods from the China Lloyd said Britain Sticks to the View that the chinese for trading purpose should be treated on the same basis As the the allies maintain considerably less restrictive controls on the Export of Woods and materials to the soviet taken together with the appointment of an economist Diplo mat to the British desire to expand Trade with red China shows that Britain wants to restore its traditional stake chinese in the Lush teacher links studies to wild Blue yonder Texas Santa jailed at Fine up a Chubby White bearded itinerant preacher who annually plays Santa Claus for a department store went to jail after refusing to pay a Fine in the is known to hundreds of Rio Grande Valley children As Santa he will serve two weeks in the Hidalgo county jail Gregory was fined for driving his yellow motorcycle through a school zone at 28 he said he believed his Speed was reasonable Al though be has the pay the Fine so Long As he thinks he b Ganimy judges seen pushing court video a legislation requiring that court be opened to newspaper cameramen and radio and television broadcasting has been stopped for this session of thet California As the Senate judiciary committee buried the Bill in an interim com Donald opposing the said everybody has a Little bit of Ham in judges Are very cognizant of Public i Carol 9yearold Pupil in Seattle Chelsea Park school in link a Pilot training device installed in classroom of teacher Jean Bryant beside Mhz a beginning originated the idea and the Trainer wan supplied by the a shool Pupil get to Fly Only when Treyve finished their lessons and filed a flight they Are grounded for of Ziwei miss Bryant rewards her pupils by letting them after school to photo Bonn Bose sir of Tariff Pool feared in us London map sir David president of the of Taik said monday unless Britain joint in expanded pain free Trade Germany would run the show in the six nation common he told the of the federation of Commonwealth and British Umpire Chambers of com Merce Here when the common Market of the Cornea were outside and made no Effort to join it and it and make it look out Ward instead of the Jet nuns would run it everyone knows technical skill no other country out of the six has the will the technical skill or the industrious labor they of they would run the we must say the present Ger Man government under Kon Raio Adenauer knows it and be it and does not want to do but Sceles said a free Trade v including Britain and nearly All of West would expand our Home enable us to be Richer with other countries of i o have a larger Supply of for investment outside i j j Many he emphasized that Britain would not join any Kuropcak Trade heme on terms that would in ure its relations wih the conv the danger f this been the of Many on the i project a cubs said if w can secure t flunk a great political risk Wil be because then we shall be Able to see that this Unity of which has been tried so n and prevented often by the will come about with the somewhere in the i would be a thing because it would tit any rate in Western the i Efrus f a third world War wout never publicizing Aoi Nic Reward Washington across the country Are the text of the Law which i Reward for information on entry of any foreign atomic weapons into this a past office department Man said there was no special to Post Tig of the 1955 j atomic weapons Rew Imis he said a number of government agencies also Are putting the net on Public the Law offers a Reward to anyone providing information concerning the illegal introduction into the country or illegal manufacture or acquisition of Clai nuclear material and

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