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European Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - May 25, 1968, Darmstadt, HesseOf 3mt confessions of Nat Styron author William Styron caught it from Black and White. By Miles Smith a staff writer author James Baldwin predicted last fall that Bill s going to catch it from Black and he was referring to his Long time Friend William Styron whose historical novel the confessions of Nat Turner published last october and still a Best seller this month won the pulitzer prize for did catch it from some readers mostly from Contro Ersy May be renewed when the Book is made into a actor Ossie Davis suggested recently that Black actors should refuse to accept roles in the film and that Hollywood should choose one of its out standing White matinee idols and have him play Nat Turner in blackface. If they do it that Way everybody s off the americans have always wanted Complete control of the Blac image Styron s Book follows that line what Styron has Given us is Styron in Black face.9 and with a White actor playing Nat inthe film everybody will know exactly what s going on said Davis. Supporting the actor s positions negro writer Leroi Jones commented the real drag is that we Black people do not have a film Industry of our own to project our own Strong images of the novel is based on a slave insurrection in 1831. It also examines the whole institution of slavery the master slave psychology the Wellsprings of Racia hatred and the degrading effects on Tith Blacks and whiles of a de Clining agrarian Economy. Data Calls the Book a flagrant libel against one of our greatest heroes claims it is false historically and a insult to Black women. Nat Turner had a Black wife you know and she s no where in the another criticism particularly in the negro press has been that in portray ing Turner As secretly lusting for White adolescent girl Styron has repeated an Arch stereotype manuf acs tured by White men about Black men. One Reader wrote a letter to the editor of a National publication Declar ing what Styron has Given us is Styron in Black Styron has reminded his critics that in his preface to the novel he made it Clear he was writing fiction not his tory and says i at no tune pretend that my narrative was an exact transcription of historical he declares the Book is neither racist nor a tract Bat a novel an essay of the imagination where the necessities of always questionable fact often be come subsumed into a larger the author say he believes he the Central truth of his own View of history in a situation where historical facts about the Turner rebellion Are hard to establish. The Only source material for either novelist or a historian on what turn or did and said is a 5,000-word Confes Sion purportedly taken Down by a White attorney in Turner s jail cell shortly before the slave was executed. Because of its Pedantic impossibly elevated and formal tone it May not be a True record of Turner s account Styron says. As for whether Turner had a wife theauthor says there is not a shred of contemporary evidence that he did and in any Case marriage during slavery was of course a n. Page 14 of All the negro comment on the novel was in the shape of a . John Hope Franklin a negro who is chairman of the department of his tory at the University of Chicago called the novel a great Book with a profound understanding of the institution of Styron b Friend Baldwin who read Chebook in Galley proofs before it was is sued said it s a very courageous boo that attempts to fuse the two Points of View the master s and the slave s7. In that sense the Book is hopeful. It s important for the Black Reader Tosee what Bill is trying to do and to recognize its the stars and stripes Alleq Corner by c. J. Peterson England has come up with another philatelic inn which is Likely to please some collectors and under in Oil will publicize great Britain which is one of the of units to postal issues and will also be a source of additional Rov the British Post office. Al re vim Ete the innovation is the use of illustrated covers on Stamn h lets. Up to now postal administrations have Given Little flan to the outside of booklets. Their concern has been w to Stamps inside. The new British booklets will show ag5t Britain s life and history with three series of illustrations British explorers will be shown on the covers of the 10booklets. The first issued on March 25, showed african David Livingston. Designs will change every six month ii present design will be followed by pictures of Antarctic a poorer Robert Falcon Scott author traveler Mary Kingsley an Polar explorers Ernest Henry Shackleton and Frederick Alton Cook. N the 6 shilling Booklet is Orange and portrays British Birdi the first Issue will be on june 4, showing a Kingfisher the design changes every two months with later topics to include Opo Stamps 18nt4d o Stamps ,Oniiw-248t4d the Peregrine Falcon pied Woodpecker great crested Grebe Bam owl and Jay. Finally the 4 shilling 6 Pence Booklet coloured Blue will de pict British ships. This series will also change every two months. The first will be the famed Clipper ship Cutty Sark to appear on july 1. Later designs Are the 16th Century Clipper Golden Hind Henry Hudson s discovery and the news Perliner Queen Elizabeth the booklets will appear first at the London chief Post office and the philatelic Bureau Edinburgh. They will be on general Sale at Post offices somewhat later. France has scheduled a series of stamp releases for 25 centimes single will be issued on june 10, which shows the Pont de Marrou at Rochefort. One week later a 40 centum commemorative will appear on the 300th anniversary of the treaty of Aix la Chapelle and the unification of France with Flanders. Topical collectors will be interested in this Sun its representation of French and Flanders Coats i a 24 is the release Date for another 1 franc stamp met paintings series this one reproducing the Danee u the famous frenchmen set will be issued july two Stamps both of which will be 30 centimes plus to us Semi postal show poet and playwright 1 Jaul , ,0ligious figure Saint pol Riloux. The surtax on tins Sot win i the French red Cross. Sweden has two issues scheduled for june -1, one a res set and the other a commemorative Issue. The University of Lund which was founded in he honoured with a 10 Ore and 35 Ore pair. J .sl"1 ,. Will being issued in Booklet form which Means that iltll.,Vil Only one variety of perforations. The two kT11" of. N have not be broken up for Sale of single Stamps. Coli Echois to Purchase the entire Booklet. R values the regular series consists of five Stamps Al a we showing wild Flowers this series is also produce � so form Only and Only Complete 4.51 Krona booklets a u the designs Are ragged Robin Flower Wood Anoum Rose Bird Cherry and Lily of the Valley. Saturday May 25,

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