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European Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - May 22, 1968, Darmstadt, HesseThe stars and stripes Page 23 rises shares dip the Stock closed higher tuesday in shares enc Oun some Selling and were lower. The rest of the Well into plus territory. Caution reigned Overall Street analysts said that w list had technical reasons or advancing after a series of felines the business Back found was generally Good they Decd even though there was no is impulse in the Way of iced Gei National or world fact the turmoil in France and the continued Rise in the Price of Gold Bullion were disconcerting influences. But forthe moment the Street was learning to live with was 13.16 million shares compared with 11.19 Mil lion monday. The associated press average of 60 stocks Rose 1.7 to 329.6, with industrials up 1.0, rails up2.0 to a new High and utilities up 1.7. 2nd Cav regt Paris awol will give self up closing . Stock Market prices Admiral Alcan Allie Cham All am a Nam Cyan am m of dam Mot am exam photo am to Tam Tob Anaconda Armour Avo Baxt lab Beth steel Boeing Brit my Brun Wilck Jur Rought Camp up Cater trac celanese Cento in Chei i 0 Chrysler coca cola cold pal Comsat Cunt Aid Corn or Dow chem Dupont East air East Kod fair Cam for Stone Ford fac up Fruehauf Gen on Gen elec Gen ads May 20 20% 22/ 59 /. 52% 63% 63%149j/j 46u 57% 77% 155437i/ 151 /273% s4 /254/ 839% 38 /2 to. Gen Mot Gen Tel Oen tire Oil line Goodrich Goodyear it Aap Gulf on Honeywell ism int Harv int Nick int paper int Tat Jones a l. Kennicott lung Tern Utton ind lock arc Lorillard Mac Donn Magna Vox Martin m Merck Mem Minn Mam Monsanto Mont Ward Motorola Nat bite no am a Northrop new All out mar pan am Parke do Penn Cen Peutl a flyer Phil pet Polaroid proct in g Ria May 21 80 /4 391/4 28h 56hoh 54?i2794 73% 124/a 660 32�4 10834 31 /4 Raythelon re Publ St Revlon Rexall Rey met Rey Tob Rich Mer Ron con Roy out Safeway Scherno Sam up Scott Pap Seabra Sears r so Pac Sperry r St o cat St o ind St o no Studebaker Swift Texaco Tex g sul Tex ins thl Okol Twa try up 20ui cent in carb in Pac Ltd air Ltd fruit us rub us steel warn Lamb West in West Al Wynn Oil Wool with Xerox Yng to sat Zenith May 21 94 a 41% 86 31% 40 May 20 94 a 85/2 24 a 46 a 277 a69 44 321/8 69 /2 33 53 61% 52"/4 68 62 27 7 1237/a 99%1952% 62% 52 Paris a a member of the Paris Colony of awol . Servicemen and draft resisters left Here tuesday to take a plane from Brussels for Newyork where he expects to turn himself in to . Clarence Montford jr., 20, of Joliet iii., left his unit i Germany feb 24. He has been working As a dishwasher on French residence and work per Mit which had to be renewed every two weeks. Montford and 30 to 60 other awol servicemen and draft re Sisters Are being helped by French group that opposes the War in Vietnam. A Susareu spokesman said 25 soldiers from units in Europe Are known or suspected to be in France asked Why he was turning him self in Montford told the associated press i m not accomplishing a thing Here not Montford is said to have re ported saturday to the military liquidation Section of the . in Paris which wrote orders for his return after be ing awol from the 2nd Cav regt in Bamberg Germany. Waiting for an airline bus that would take him from strike bound Paris to Brussels and his new York bound flight Mont Ford managed to keep a smile despite insults from two Mem Bers of the resisters in the resisters i answer was always said to make his Rita group who Cameto see him off. They accused him of being secret agent and betraying the Confidence of other awol servicemen and draft Paris. Montfords it s like you be everyone is Freetown the Rita organization prints Small news Sheet called act which tells servicemen and draft candidates who to Contact if they wish to resist the War in Viet Nam. The Sheet maintains that the matter of deserting a military unit is an individual Choice which must be carefully considered. 6127 / 47534 122/4 100/4 19/2 40% 104 34/8 43 49% 41% 52 49/4 39 47/4 46/2 73/a 32/s 25 2737/a 38% 56% accused . Mutual funds prices new York Upu National association of securities dealers Abed Nav cd Affell fall am am Busam div am Orth am inv am Mut Anchor Asso cd bid asked3.14 8.708.74 1.243.50 3.43 9.51 9.40 1.36 3.78 11.17 12.538.02 8.72 37.81 37.84 10.02 10,96 9.81 10.76 1.60 1.75axe Houghton axe a 8.81 u.5s b 11.11 12.08 St 8.34 9.11 Sci 7.80 8.48 8.02 8.u. 13.52 14.7� 7,21 7.88 8.76 9.66 14.84 16.0415.00 8.76 u.87 17.27 18.99 8.70 0.00 7.23 9.u8 10.26 do old Sli Jow the a excl Dreyfus Atn Balban St Ebert Ernp Orp Energy but id and fund fid trend financial programs Dyn 7.04 ind 6.68 Blue rid Bud blk boat pm Broad St Bullock can Gencil to Cap no Cap life cent shr Channin funds Balanco St Fla Orth x7.m 8.08fnd i 4.82 t.27 and Mut 8.71 9.52 \ Iraq f 14.35 15.08 Franklin custodian 3.40 6.74 Inco spec Chase p Cheni pm Juu Delcol est col of col a run Pel Ammon with 4 by d comp a comp Bla 6.50 6.08 Hartzol 17.4610.08 hedge Horace 14.80 16.17 16.12 18.70hub and 13.8313.83 181 crimp Cap Imp Qirino cd inc boating and ind trn dind am Ina & Bank inc amino 8os invest Mut Stock select Var pay inv resisted Ivett b.22 5.70 10.72 11 65 8.72 8.48 13.40 14.75 7.83 8.56 12.41 13.56 15.09 17.1 7.97 8.7 6.27 5.7e 14.66 16.0 13.04 14.9 group 11.43 12.4 22.21 24.1 9.45 10.1 0.10 8.99 18.99 20.fl 26.59 26.3 17.81 19.4 bid asked by cd 23.fi3 23.53 Hnatin 21.65 21.65 Rovoldt Ultan Putnam equity Geo Gran in inv top tech severe Scudder int inv special comice div Sec Kin f Ambo Boa Sigma m1f oth 6.31 9.8220.22 20. Us 2.75 2.8mutmut to Aba Mut 12.04 12.29 nut Nat Nat wind inv Nat Sec Alan Bond ply Lipf St income Stock or win new eng new Hor new old Neast it Omega 100 undone win Opp Penn by Pella cd Pilot 10.96 11.8713.20 13.2 8.08 8.7 ser 11.62 12.71 6.88 6.48 6.16 6.6? 7.87 8.6c 0.04 6.0 8.95 9.7 11.33 12.38 10.96 11.85 28.32 28 3 14.21 16.5 17.29 17.2 10.00 10.1 15.51 10.9c 16.78 16.7 8.23 8.9 8.83 8.83 15.08 16 6 11.05 12.06 8.04 8.7 Sec Sel set so bid asked 12.32 12.32 14.18 15.60 13.07 14.94 24.s1 24.91 6.95 6.50 11.49 12.42 funds 13.39 14.63 15.71 17.17 13.30 14.54 9.32 10.19 8.11 8.86 6.99 7.64 17.07 18.66 funds 15.33 15.5842.39 42.39 17.13 17.13 12.15 12.15 14.98 16.20 18.18 19.87 8.46 9.25 11.61 12.56 14.63 15.81 13.37 14.61 10.59 11.57 9.45 10.22 15.72 17.21 51.u2 52.00 Russia says . Diplomat was Cia spy Moscow up the soviet government s official newspaper charged monday that an Ameri can Diplomat in Moscow was a spy trying to recruit agents for America s Central intelligence Diplomat embassy Sec Ond Secretary Jon Lodeesen,34, said these charges Are Al Complete by the american embassy issued formal state ment that is not and never has been a Cia pm the rus Siahs were not expected to order the expulsion of Lodeesen who was scheduled for Normal trans Fer May 26 to government newspaper Izvestia said Lodeesen of Mem Phis tenn., had blurted out to one russian in Confidence that the Cia noted Down his acquaint ances As potential agents. Lodeesen and his wife Peggy came to Moscow in May 1966 Lodeesen swat inv sour in state St Steadman funds am ind 13.81 15.09 Flucy 8.87 9.89scl or 7.72 8.44 St Einstein Stein Stein Sterl sting sup inv tellers Roch cd tip Ltd Roe r 21.08 21.68 in 16.2016.26 14.89 14.89 13.03 14.09 7.28 7.89 13.61 14.18 10.13 11.03 18.34 20.01 Tex cd 12.23 13.37twn c o 6.05 6.61 two o i c.58 6.10 United funds acc 8.43 0.21incora 14.76 10.13 scion 9.68 10.58 value line ads Val lne 9.1910.07 Val Inoval up a Ungrad varied inviting or Wall 8 in wish Milt West Indahl till Black lights make go cos tender9 St. Louis to. Up go go girls who perform under Black lights radiate a Little something , says e. Lynn Schall a new Jersey health department official who went went into the told the american Industrial Hygiene conference go go dancer recently complained to him of skin Burns an the . Public health service found the lights radiate what could be enough ultraviolet Waves to damage tender tissues. Blaiberg Slio irs off9 for Rugby players Cape town South Africa a patient Philip Blaiberg 58, went out to Here monday and passed a football about British Lions Rugby players. He apologized for not being Able to shake members of the team because his doctors he could pick up some kind of retired dentist took a couple of passes and to kick the Ball when his wife reproached him Phil that s enough you re Only showing heart transplant Rugby ground with the visiting hands with Thestill Are afraid was about now then i i i i i i Luebke gets dousing from demonstrator Wiesbaden a West German president Heinrich Luebke was splashed with watery a demonstrator tuesday As he was about to receive a Goldmedal of Honor from German elderly Man reported to be a journalist mounted a podium where Luebke had addressed participants in the 71st Congress of German physicians and took a water filled plastic bag out Ofa briefcase. He tried to pour the contents Over Luebke who was protected by prof Ernst Fromm president of the medical group. Down with Luebke Dow with state of emergency Laws the intruder shouted in reference to a controversial Bill under de Bate by West Germany s bundestag. Assistants pulled the Demon Strator off the stage and handed him Over to police. Franz Jonas Tours .s.r. Moscow a Austria president Franz Jonas arrived in Moscow monday for a six Day official Goodwill visit to the so Viet Union. He was accompanied by foreign minister Kurt Wald Heim. German Pilot Dies in crash of Star fighter Kiel Germany a a West German Navy Pilot was killed tuesday in the crash of anf104g Star fighter Jet near Here. It was the 81st american de signed Star fighter lost by the West German armed forces an the fifth to crash this year. A spokesman for the Kiel Mili tary District said the plane was on a training flight and crashed shortly after Takeoff from the Egge Bek Airport. It came Downin an open Field from an Altitude of about 1,200 feet he said. Sgt. Dies after it Frankfurt is a sup ply sergeant attached to Btry a 6th in 9th arty died monday afternoon of a heart attack suffered in the morning while Tak ing it with his unit in Giessen. Sgt. Daniel Holmes 31, had reported for exercises at 8 a.m., but collapsed after the third exer Cise complaining of tightness in his Chest according to a v corps was rushed to the River dispensary and then transferred to the Pendelton dispensary in Giessen. Moved later tothe 97th Hospital in Frank Furt he was pronounced dead at5 45 . Just spool says producer Worth 6.54 7.17 9.16 10.04 5.12 6.60 5.80 6.30 7.54 8.2012.1613.28 13.06 14.278.93 9.76 15.40 16.6514.14 15 46 7.94 8.685.91 6.45 sex dividend. Indians miffed at to commercial Chicago up a spokes Man for an insurance company insisted monday that a television commercial showing Amer ican indians looting and Burn ing in a suburban setting was not s just a spoof of the Clas sic Western movie and it s no derogatory said Ray e ving. You just Don t see indians rid ing through a suburb two Minneapolis indians har old Goodsky and James Sayers did t find the commercial funny however. They filed a com plaint with the Minneapolis civil rights department contend ing the advertisement was racially insulting. The commercial which pro motes Home insurance shows indians Riding horses through suburb shooting a flaming Arrow at a House throwing Tomahawk through a window and stealing garments off clothesline Goodsky said the commercial continues the stereotype that causes the Indian economic problems people Don t want to hire him As Well As a loss of self esteem. I Don t want to see indians used As symbols of

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