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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - May 21, 1968, Darmstadt, HessePage 20 the stars and stripes Waken lords and ladies Gay on he Mountain dawns the Day All the Jolly Chase is Here with Hawk and horse and Hunting Spear sir Walter Scott 1771-1832 the Saga of a murder Dueh although the Roebuck season in Germany opened may16, no forester guide in his right mind would permit his guest Hunter to bag anything but an a Schuss Buck until after the july August Blat Zeit or rutting season. An a Schuss Buck Means he s undesirable. Not undesirable from the Hunter s viewpoint or the Cooks but from the standpoint of conservation. An a Schuss Buck is one that in t developing properly and which is not suitable for Breeding in that he will pass his shortcomings on to his progeny. An a Schuss Buck could be an oldster which can no longer repro Duce but still forages and does t his rent so to speak. I collected an undesirable Buck a few seasons ago i would t Trade it or the experience for any other trophy Avail Able in goes for the brawling Royal Stag and the vain elusive Auerhahn. Those two highly prize critters Are Pushover compared to the Moerder Bock or murder Buck whose Skull and Antlers adorn a plaque on the Wall in my a Schuss trophy was a murder Buck to end All murder Bucks. He won for me gasps of Awe and a Gold medal. He was seven years old and his Crevasse timeless Antlers Needle Sharp were encrusted with bits of caked Gore and dried blood. Heinrich Olf my forester Friend and guide said he had known his state Revier Harbor Edthe animal but had never Laid eyes on it. When he nudged me the Buck had stepped into the Middle of the Trail silhouetted Bya shimmer of rising Moon. With out even glassing him Heinrich whispered Schiesser the murder Buck gets that Way probably from inbreeding in areas of West Germany that Are overstocked with that species of Deer or from seasonal Short Ages of certain chemicals in soil and browse other a Schuss or abnormally developed game Ani Mals this Type should be harvested by the Hunter before it can perpetuate the Strain. But the a Schuss beast seems to realize that something is amiss especially when he playfully Butts a companion and it drops dead from a seven Inch puncture wound. Or when he clashes Antlers with Arival Buck in ordinarily mock fury and the rival retires to die when the murderous Antler pierces an Eye socket to the brain. Normally the mature Roebuck s Antlers sprout six tines which because of the Way they develop could t deflate a mushroom. But the murder Buck is crowned with a pair of stilettos sometimes Only a single Spike up to 10 inches Long that classify him As Public enemy number one of the animal Type of Roebuck is difficult to remove from a Hunting area because he becomes nocturnal in his habits and cannot be observed in the daytime along with his kind that feed boldly at All hours in Plain View of Farmer and tourist alike. Only clue is bloated carcass generally the Only clue that such a creature inhabits an area Isth bloated carcass of another Roe Deer. By the nature of the wound the gamekeeper determines whether the animal was shot mauled Bya Fox or dog caught in a poacher s trap or had simply collapsed from Plain old age. When he suspects the death could have Bee caused Only by a murder Buck the gamekeeper is afire with two he boils with anger at the loss of Revenue from his beat. Then lie tingles with desire to possess the murderer s hide an Skull. To a Hunter the murder Buck is the trophy of a lifetime. It s one that can t be stalked in the daytime because its irregular habit make it difficult to find it in its bed. It s a trophy that can t be spotted at night unless there s Moonlight and he Steps right into the open in front of the Hunter s gun. Other Hunters May dream of collecting a Kap Taler. I la take my murder Buck and All the work it took to get him or another like him anytime. My Gold medal murder Buck. 8th div s saints Optimist on repeat Usa eur win by Bill Klozik staff writer bad Kreuz Nach Germany is optimism is the word for this year s support command saints defending Usa eur baseball Mcelduff 45, is Back As manager coach of the former 8thdiv titleholder who rolled to a 59-13 record Overall last year and25-11 in league and playoff games. This year s group presently stands 11-4 and 4-2, respect have a better defensive team Mcelduff said in com paring this year s team with the one a year ago. We re weak i hitting now but we re Gonna have a belter offensive team. We just Haven t started to the saints broke even with the current league co Leader 1st Bri Gade in a pair of weekend games. Winning a 4-0 game sat urday they looked like championship material. But their 6-2 loss sunday indicated that improvement is needed in defense As Well As clutch genial saints Boss from tigers Down senators in 2 continued from Page if Lasher came on to retire the Side and mopped Mcaulffe homered in each game for the american league leading tigers. Howard s double touched off Wie Gates first game Washingto Nab r h by Detroit Abu scr of Stroud a Valentino pm Howard it Mcmullen 3b Epstein inc Veteran if Hanson Subryan c Casanova Scoggins 2b Ortega Ballen pm Sjones Higgins p Knowles Bowens pm r h bl010 a Aulffo 2b 4 1 1 Northrup of 3110 1 000 0004110 4121 30101111 4122 2000 10004 0 2 0 10000000 0000 00001000 Gallno of Fruehan o Whorton i Cash in Trow ski Swort 3b Oyler a Mathews pm 0 Stanley in 0wilson p Warden plaster p Obrown Hitler p 0210 0 1 2 010100 110 oil000 000 010000 000oil 000 32 5 11 5 4 0 4total 38 4 10 4 total Washington 000 000 0 Detroit 100 111 0 1 a 6ebryan, Mcauliffe. Cog glib. Do Washington 2. Detroit 1. Lob Washington 7, Detroit 8. 2bp.Howard, Cash. Or Mcauliffe 4hanson 3 so Kallner Northrup. Soyler. 8f Mcaulife. In 6 l.0-211-3,t 1-3 1-3 Ortega 8. Jones Higgins Knowles Wilson Warden Lasher Hlll crop Ortega. W.2-0 71-30 2-31 r Erbb so4311 10 02 20 0 pm Trechan. T2 48. Cain is Able second game Washingto Nab r h by Unser of 6000bowuna if 4000 Howard in 3 0 1 0mcmulln 3b 3020 a Petersen re 3000hansen a 4010 Casanova c 4000ballen 2b 3010 Pascual p 2010knowlea p 0000 co gels pm 1000 Sjonost p 0000epatcln pm 1000 Higg Lna p 0000 Detroit a Maul life 2b 3stanley of 4 Northrup of 4mathows in 2 Oyler us Brown if Gallno of Matchlock a Wert 3bprlco o Cain plaster p r h bl221 1201 1 1 213000 0001 1 2 000000 000000 000 total 33 0 0 0 total 31 7 7 7 Washington 000000 0000 Detroit 000 402 1 0 x 7e_wert. Do Detroit 1. Lob Washington 12, Detroit 2. 3bb.allen.hrr Mathews 5. 1kallner 3j. Macau lotto Pascual Knowles 3. Jones Higgins l.3-3 in. 4. 1. 21 h 4 0 r Erbb so Cain w.l-0 62-3 Lusher 21-3wpcain 2. T2 30. A10,401. The senators tying four run aussie girl net Champ Rome up top seeded Lesley Turner b o w r e y of Australia beat her country woman and second seeded mar Garet Smith court 2-6, 6-2, 6-3,sunday to win the women s singles title at the 25th italia Tennis championships for the second straight year. Burst in the eighth inning of the opener. Norm Cash then doubled inthe tigers eighth and Pinch runner Dick Tracewski. Too third on an infield out before scoring the winning run Obrown s single. Ken Mcmullen singled How Ard across in the top of the in Ning took second of the throw to the plate and scored on Cap Peterson s Pinch single. Ron Hansen then slammed a two run Homer tying it 4-4.Mcauliffe drove in two de troit runs with a Lead off Homerin the first inning and a Sacri fice Fly in the sixth. 4-sport coach Jacobs Dies in Vermont at 67 Burlington it. Up George Doc Jacobs athletic director of St Michael s Collegen Winooski since 1947, died at his Home sunday of a hear attack. Jacobs 67, built championship teams in four sports Basket Ball baseball football and Golf at St. Michael s. He stepped Down As basketball coach fou years ago but continued to coach Golf. His record was 276-131 in his College coaching career which began at Villanova in 1929 a freshman football Pilot. Jacobs was a member of the intercollegiate baseball coaches Hall of Fame and the Helm foundation Hall of Fame in basketball. Sisti to manage co pilots Buffalo a Sibby Sisti a former coach of the International baseball league Bis Onswill manage the new Newark n.y., co pilots in the new York Pennsylvania league. Manana ark., has six from the Chams squad including three ?5s?Jack right hand pitchers be Perrin 22-2 in 67, k Fetson 6-0 this Vetari inn n us Taylor 3-0 v8 or to nucleus of a Fine pitch no s anybody s league. All the cos Taylor 20-year-old from Cincinnati Ohio also handles Sond base when not on the Mound and swings a Good Bat in the .300 class. He s the team Cap again this year. First baseman Roger whiin6-1, 206-Pound 24-year-old to m w va., is a real Slugg and bats cleanup for the saints he s hating Well Over the 400mark and leads the team in extra base hits and Bis. Other returnees other returning starters Are Cente fielder Milton Robbie Roberson and third baseman Roy Bonds. Bonds however has see Little action of late due to a pulled muscle in his Back. Rober son can catch pm almost any where in the Park Mcelou isaid. Catcher Steve tiny Lancas Ter a 6-0, 200-Pounder from Livermore Falls me., is tabbed the team s Long Ball hitter. He s had his troubles lately and has dropped to a .286 batting aver age in league addition to the above regu Lars Mcelduff has Southpaw Jim Sitter 24-year-old from Erie pa., on the Mound staff Tomm Domingucz 21, Tampa fla., at shortstop Cliff Stokes 21, Sanjose calif., in left Field and Bob Thomas 21, Pittsburgh a in right Field. Top Reserve Stop reserves include infielders Rick Kluk Chicago 111., and Danny Haynes Carpentersville 111.Taylor expressed the team s optimism when he said i actually think this team s got More potential than last year s. We Mcdue to break Loose any Perrin we have just Asgood a Ball club As last years there s not much difference except in attitude. We have a younger team this year an they re the 68 team regulars average 21.8 years of age. White i think we have great Chance to win the title again. Our team hitting can Bethe Best in the league and you can t single out any one players top statistics show Nehas the most impressive figures including broken saints face the 2nd Bri Gade twice this weekend in dragons Are tied with 1st Bri Gade 5-1 for the league Lead and if the saints Are. Going w jell in the season s first na11 they d Best do it now. 3rd army to open baseball schedule Frankfurt special disco and the 1st brigade play Kirch Goens and the 3rd and 2nd brigades meet at Einn

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