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European Stars And Stripes Newspaper Archives May 20 1983, Page 5

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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - May 20, 1983, Darmstadt, HesseFriday May 20, 1983 the stars and stripes Page 5 to counter soviets in Arctic Navy to seek new super submarine by Fred s. Hoffman Washington a the Navy will ask next year for a new submarine designed to Hunt and fight soviet strategic missile firing submarines below the Arctic ice where the soviet Navy is operating increasingly the top . Admiral said wednesday. We re putting More emphasis on under ice operations adm. James d. Watkins told reporters at a breakfast meeting. Watkins is chief of naval operations. Watkins said that Only a limited num Ber of the most advanced present . Submarines the los Angeles class Are hardened enough to operate extensively in Waters where the heavy ice cover constricts mane vering room. The soviets Are demonstrating a Strong interest in operating under the ice Watkins said. We better be Able to know How to fight them in that referring to the strategic problem As a whole new ballgame Watkins indicated that the soviets deploy missile firing sub marines in Northern Waters under the thick ice with attack submarines Riding Shotgun to protect the missile boats. As Watkins described the proposed new . Submarine it would be quieter fas Ter deeper diving and twice As heavily armed As the los Angeles class. Among other things the Navy would design Spe Cial advanced sonar for sailing safely in what he called the very difficult Environ ment below thick ice. The new sub would displace somewhere Between 7,000 and 10,000 tons making it heavier than the 6,900-ton los Angeles class boats. Although he did t say so the new sub would be nuclear powered. The Navy s uniformed chief indicated that the . Navy has already done extensive oceanographic research charting the floor of the Arctic Ocean. He said scientists have accompanied some . Submarines on patrols in that Region. Even if Congress approves a new sub Marine along the lines sought by the Navy it will take Many years for a Fleet of them to go to sea. Watkins spoke of the a mighty big balloon a photo new subs fitting into Navy strategic plans Well beyond the end of the on another strategic Issue Watkins made it Clear that he differs with the View expressed repeatedly by Navy Secretary John Lehman that aircraft Carrier Battle groups should be sent against such soviet naval strongholds As the Kola Peninsula in the far North in the event of an outbreak of War Between the two superpowers. Watkins said that he Felt that aircraft carriers More properly could be used to protect . And Allied interests and sea lanes in the Atlantic the Mediterranean the Indian Ocean and the far East rather than charging off into the Teeth of soviet Homeland defences. There the carriers would have to face land based air Power including the swing Wing backfire bomber. Instead Watkins indicated he would use submarines to try to close the choke Points in the far North the Baltic sea and the sea of Japan through which the soviet Navy would sortie. While praising Lehman and asserting that he and the Navy Secretary Are very close Watkins stressed that the Navy Secretary does not set the operational strategy for the forces. This task he said is carried out by the joint chiefs of staff the Secretary of de sense and other senior officials at the National command authority level. Mount St. Helens declared a National Monument on eruption s 3rd anniversary a giant helium filled balloon built to carry scientific equipment rises from its launching site in Palestine Texas. Scientists Hope to measure the Ozone and other chemical compounds in the stratosphere with the equipment carried by the balloon. They Are investigating the causes and extent of damage to the Ozone. Chehalis Wash. Up officials declared the slopes and surroundings of mount St. Helens a National Monument wednesday the third anniversary of the violent eruption that reshaped the Peak and claimed 59 lives. The 110,000-acre rectangular area includes the inside of the shattered Peak that rumbled while a High school band played and dignitaries spoke at the simple dedication ceremony attended by about 400 people. People say that time heals and i know one thing it s not three years it must take longer than that said Tom Johnston whose son David perished while observing the Peak for the . Geo logical Survey. This is it we still miss David terribly Johnston said of his son who sent a last radio Mes Sage to colleagues Vancouver Van Couver this is it As the Mountain blew its top. A . Geological Survey Observatory in Vancouver has been named in his Honor. Burlington Northern inc. Formally donated the Summit of the Volcano a Gap ing Crater since the big blast that devastated 150 Square Miles to the Federal government during the dedication Ceredo Bressler chairman and chief executive officer of the company symbolically completed the donation process by presenting Forest service chief Max Peterson with a chunk of lava from the vol Cano s Crater. Creation of the National Monument to be managed by the Forest service was approved by Congress and signed into Law by president Reagan last August. Slightly elevated seismic activity at the Volcano has been at slightly elevated Levels for the past Sev eral weeks. A 71-Story Mound of hard ened Gray lava on the Crater floor still was expanding when . Geological Survey Crews visited the Volcano tuesday. No such visits were held on wednesday s an 690-acre plot of land includes one Square mile atop the Mountain and in the Crater created by the eruption which Tore 1,300 feet off the top of the formerly 9,600-foot Peak. The donated land also includes a 50 acre tract on nearby spirit Lake that was the Home of Harry Truman the crusty and colourful 83-year-old Lodge operator who refused to leave his Home and is presumed buried there under tons of Ash and debris. Although the Volcano s activity has generally subsided with Only occasional non explosive or dome building eruptions disputes involving the 1980 eruption Are far from settled. Seven More families of people killed in the eruption joined an Ini tial group of eight in suing the state of Washington. Defendants added the lawsuit also was amended tuesday to add the Weyerhaeuser co. As a defendant As Well As former gov. Dixy Lee Ray who issued the order establishing restricted zones around the Mountain. The suit contends the state failed to keep people out of the area and that Weyerhaeuser was reckless and negligent in a manner that gave its employees a false sense of Security. Of time in the stars and stripes years ago foe a May 20, 1943 highly placed Allied sources said troops will occupy Germany lock Stock and barrel after the unconditional surrender of the German armies. There will be no armistice As there was in 1918, they said. 30 years ago foday May 20, 1953 Jacqueline Cochran. 43, became the first woman Ever to break the sound Barrier As she flew a Canadian built f-86 Sabre 750 Miles an hour above Edwards fab Calif. 20 years ago foday May 20, 1963 Twenty seven people drowned in a farm bus that plunged into a canal after a collision near Palickee flu. 10 years ago foday May 20, 1973 soviet Leader Leonid Brezhnev and German Chancellor Willy Brandt signed a pact designed to usher in a new Era of East West economic cooperation

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