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European Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - May 19, 1968, Darmstadt, HessePage 4 the stars and stripes crude so. Bomb threats danish Calls pester americans by John Gale Copenhagen a american diplomats i Denmark arc being pestered by crude abuse and bomb threats from Vietnam protesters mostly conveyed in late night nuisance Telephone Calls to their Homes and s getting so an american wife or embassy offi Cial hardly dares answer the Telephone after mid night. Banshee screams oaths or Antiwar slogans often come ringing across the line. Sometimes there is just silence or heavy breathing. This ugly form of protest has hit a High pitch since the names Home addresses and Telephone num Bers of 10 leading . Diplomats were published last month in Politiski Revy political review an Organ of extreme left Wing opinion which is strongly anti nato and anti american. Heading the list was mrs. Katharine Elkus White,. Ambassador to Denmark who has been Home in the states since publication occurred. The Calls meanwhile have inundated the Homes of other pm Bassy officials along with . Companies operating in Denmark. The Magazine carefully avoided suggesting an action program against the diplomats or american interests but the Mere act of publication left intentions manifestly Clear. The list is accompanied by a map showing where embassy Homes . Businesses and Many danish or nato installations arc publication bomb threats have been received at an embassy Home and also at the american school attended by children up to 12 years of age. An embassy wife is getting a Stream of abusive Calls although her husband is hospitalized with a heart attack. She cannot plug out her phone because relatives in the states Are also ill and a Call can arrive at any moment with news. Other diplomats have got Calls As late As 3 a.m.,both of the abusive and silent sort. Embassy officials feel increasingly isolated. Som have put up heavier and More concealing curtains at their Homes. They lock up Early. longer left on the Street outside Moohn a arc this is a free country and everyone s got the said one . Official privately lit is is going too Jar. Its really dirty when they of your wife and kids y Sci at so far the embassy has declined to comment hut it is known that a note was passed to the danish col eminent voicing concern about the incidents this note is now receiving sympathetic attention from the Danes. One Well placed danish source do that the incidents were not broadly Public opinion but it was difficult both to Check or penalize them in a free society. Americans Jirec privately concerned that violence May follow the abuse. They Are mindful of an Aurli 27 Vietnam protest in Copenhagen which brought Nta record 18,000 demonstrators and resulted in Uelva clashes with the police. . Diplomats particular those on the target list arc asking what happens parents flown to wounded gis in asian hospitals Clark fab Philippines up severely wounded american military men from Vietnam the ones who May not make it Are reunited with their loved ones at military hospitals. In Asia under a Little known pro Gram of the . Defense department. Most of the War wounded Are flown to the United states but. Some Are too sick to travel or their immediate survival is i doubt. Military doctors then May recommend that a patient next of Kin be Given government transportation to join him. According to some medical men the presence of parents or a wife sometimes has Given the patient that extra incentive to live. But not always. It probably does the parents More Good than the patients said col. John r. Archdeacon the executive officer of the mod Ern 600-bed . Air Force hos Pital at Clark fab. I think that the parents Are impressed with the honest and sincere efforts we make to save their sons the colonel said. In Many cases the next of Kin remain at Clark North of Mani la until their sons Are ready to travel or have lost their Strug More than half the cases at Clark relieved parents have taken their medically improved sons Back to the Stales for further treatment. In a typical Case pfc. Eras mus Gotay 20, was shot in the Groin feb. 7, in Vietnam. Hews flown the same Day to Clark and placed on the seriously ill list. On feb. 12, worried doctor asked his m o t h e a mrs. Ida Gotay of new York City to come to the Philippines. Aided by the red Cross got her passport Philip Pine visa and shots. She was then provided with military transportation to Clark. A week later Gotay was removed from the serious list and later hand his Mother were sent Home another instance up 4 Gary l. Bartlett 21, of Dighton kan.,stepped on a land mine feb. 12. The explosion Cost him Bot legs and he nearly lost his life. A message on feb. 16 invited his parents to his bedside. Gary meant a lot to the peo ple of Dighton. Or. And mrs. Floyd e. Bartlett arrived at Lark a few Days later with some warm words for All the help they got from their friends in preparing for their presence apparently helped. Gary gradually improved and was Well enough to be flown with his parents at his Side to Letterman general hos Pital in san Francisco on feb.29. The number of relatives who came to the Hospital at Clark is not Large fewer than 12 Dur ing the first three months of 1968. But More Are expected Ashe Tempo of War continues unabated. Hatchet men when Richard Nixon arrived in Medford ore., a delegation of Oregon Cavemen from Grants pass presented the candidate with the Jawbone of a Mastodon and made him an honorary chief. Chief Jack Seymore with horns did the honors. Up plans for inf div May be scrapped by Fred s. Hoffman Washington a Pentagon planners and Lead ers Are locked in behind the scenes debate Over a civilian proposal to scrap a partially formed infantry move if approved would save an estimated $300 million year and help president John son meet congressional de mands for $6 billion in budget cuts in return for a tax in crease. The Issue is still very Muchin doubt. There was one report that Gen. Harold k. Johnson chief of staff is prepared to carry the fight to the president. However the general is to re tire in about six weeks. Top civilian analysts contend that dropping the 6th infantry division would leave the unite states with a Home based Force Large enough to meet any foreseeable crisis overseas. They also argue that As on of them put it we can get a higher degree of readiness witha concentration of skilled personnel in fewer the 6th division would leave the United state with the equivalent of nearly six and Marine divisions units Central Force. Army leaders fighting for seven division Force claim the Central Reserve of troops for Cri Sis deployment has been dangerously depleted to meet Viet Nam War demands. They Long have urged a Siz Able Call up of National guard and Reserve troops but John son has chosen to limit the re cent Muster to some 20,000 Citi zen soldiers. Robert s. Mcnamara the Secretary of defense announced plans to Start forming the 6thinfantry division last septem a bar. About 8,000 of the division contemplated 16,000 men Are at it Campbell by and organization of the division has proceeded Only part Way. Since Mcnamara s announce ment there have been several significant developments which ear on the Fate of the new Divi Sion Johnson has ordered a boost of nearly 25,000 men in. The .commitment to the Vietnam War because of intensified ene my offensives. The president called up More than 23,000 Navy and air Force reservists an guardsmen about 10,000 of them to serve in Vietnam an the remainder to bolster the Central . unanticipated boost in . Troop Levels triggered bythe enemy s Winter offensive will add nearly $1 billion to War costs already exceeding $25 Bil lion a has demanded Sharp administration spending cuts at a time when War costs Are rising. One Pentagon budget exper said if Congress Means Una it says something has to go. Pentagon officials noted to their six division plan does specifically include two wades of the s 24th Infra try division which Are Nei redeployed from Germany these brigades a tank a ment and other units Otanm about 28,000 men Are still com milled to nato and remain uder the command of the w commander in Clinef in Europe. Col. Jamrat w. Campp8ll, a Alt Coc. F. �. Michael jr., a of Mart Proctor Embr a Frank. Time Korvell twin. Circulation �0 t an unofficial Rewt paper of and for . Arm fore comma Dohn Chlof . Iuro Poan command and Pron d Germany. Military add to i the Tor and str Poa Apo 0917s. N Tho Star and to rpm Poat Fach 10 4, Ai parm Tadt Gaj a profile m1h w71 j m parm Tadt air trip

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