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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - May 19, 1957, Darmstadt, Hesse The Stais and suites m White House ghosts get airing Tif jam1es Var tire Washington is the White haunted Secretary Hagerty hinted or did he that possibly a ghost or two in the eld mansion despite its recent a reporter Hagerty on to whether an of coarse he had Ever heard or seen anything of ghosts in the White i Hagerty Bat the president has told me More than once that the presence that he Fels More than anyone is Abraham Lincoln when he is in the White Hagerty h o w c v that president Eisenhower has not heard and there have of Hagerty May have Bren talking with an Eye to playing it Safe with any possible ghost vote but he also was talking As an a people of Long experience with leprechauns similar phenom whats so hard to be Lieve about ghosts in the while in some an old House int considered respectable unless it has at haunt Bobbing about the reporter who is knt the question noted he has read thai Whylmina the nether met Lincoln fee to face in the White or said he has read that mrs Roosevelt saw Lincoln herself was reported to have insisted that often at night she heard the of Andrew Jackson swearing and Thomas Jefferson playing Bis Vio and that not All she also said Sot to Voce she heard old John Tyler wooing his 20yearold second Consul faked Rome flight to lure out son Chicago ins Coant Ludo vet italian Consul Gen eral in revealed that he faked a trip to Rome in a Des Perate plan to induce his missing to return the youth vanished april 16 after he left Home to attend Loyola Academy where he was a soph a nationwide search for the boy Tut failed to produce any clue to his Barattieri said that his trip was planned at the suggestion of police As a Means of encouraging Vittorio to return Home officiate told officers believed that if the youth was a he might feat punishment and would be More Likely to return if his father was not Barattieri reported that he first obtained permission of italian diplomatic officials in Rome Tor he then announced publicly May 5 that he was going to Rome for eight Days on diplomatic the consulate reported later the same Day that the count had left Chicago for new York where he was said to have boarded a plane for Ransom demand italian news sources next were notified of his arrival in the lasted until last Mon when Barattieri appeared Sud Denly after a Ransom demand was received by Telephone at the con police trapped a skid Row Habitude who admitted the extortion but denied knowing the whereabouts of the Barattieri then disclosed that he actually never left Chicago and had hidden in the the count said 1 followed the police suggestion because i wanted to bring my son Back in sorry it didst there is no necessity for fear on Vittoriso inst 1 will not punish i Only Hui to worlds most dangerous rubbish Itoi Iii trashcan likes work Boston up George c Perry is the Only rubbish collector in America who carries a Geiger his Job is dumping radio Active waste Perry operates a 65foot converted mine tender called the Irene the cargo it carries makes it hotter than the 50yearold former Dee sea diver dumps the worlds most dangerous material in Waters known Only to military officials and the atomic Energy commis bus company the Crossroads Marine disposal is the Only one licensed by the dec to do the its atomic Indus trial plants and Are scattered across the Perry was making a Good living in the Salvage business in 1946 when a government representative asked him to do a special i didst know it Perry but that was the first time radioactive material was Ever dumped at 1 didst ask any questions but the next time i wanted to know what we were Perry was told and then asked if he v anted to keep the Job de spite the hazards i thought it he and decided the atomic Energy business was Here to from then i concentrated on learning every thing i could about business has been so Good that Perry is having a hard time keep ing up with he has ordered More ships and men trained in handling radioactive hazardous As it the stuff it int As Perry comes Here from Points far Distant As Seattle and Houston under strict the dumping is done under precisely controlled conditions and the contaminated material is encased in steel barrels with u thick Cement Kidnap Gap Marie bares her talents As cabaret Singer Reno a Marie Mcdonald the Kidnap headlined her first nightclub show Here with some pretty songs and n display of what she called elegant sex the girl who Doest like to be called the body showed much of it in gown a Clow which she stocking sheer described As pot Ell bids negroes join to beat Bias Washington Adam Clayton Powell called on the nations negroes unite behind a Church Jed third to fight discrimination with passive one of three House negroes had no alternative but to join the new movement because of the Basic dishonesty and increasing hypo of both parties on ctr Urigh he mid the third would fight discrimination by work and other forms of passive Powell spoke from the of the Lincoln memorial to a crowd estimated by police it about negroes from nil parts of a Here to attend a Prajer up Grin were for of the lenders of the plug Rivage estimated the turnout at the rally took on a revivalist atmosphere As try Many wearing clerical collars and Aca Demic punctuated some impassioned racial rights speeches with shouts of but the marking the third anniversary of the supreme courts school desegregation de resisted communist party attempts to exploit the pilgrimage and ignored of party members who another negro Charles cd told the group that unless democratic leaders Savet Fie civil rights Bill in the a lot of Good democrats Are going to suffer in the next election negroes switch to support of Republican Powell also accused the administration of failing in its duty to mate kills strange Richmont Calif that Harold or Daniel of a Bullet wound in the actor an infuriated and i sighted woman mistook him her b charged Mcdanlel with to said the Man had the and name her f me panel Hall ten her victims name and by checking through the apartment of motor Velete police Harold med Inlet opened door of his last Friday no in response to Knock and w surprised by after the shoot rec Iel took an overdose of sleep police she now p her Harvey a a Navy chief Petty is now on a honeymoon with i new Bride in police said his former wife of angered Over property dispute i they mid Prev Ottly Tritty 11 shoot him to Florida but the and bad attacked with a in me Tel recovered from the Knif no so it of be 01 p b cd ii h c a nude in it was difficult to say where Marie stopped and the gown but there were spangles and beads in the appropriate just like those of a her repertoire of songs included one in five languages French and King the thrice married Blond victim of a highly publicized Hollywood kidnapping this devoted much of her attention during the performance to actor Michael who flew Here for the opening act on the he said the i Lncoln memorial was chosen for be cause a getting More from a dead Republican Abraham Lincoln than from live democrats and live aide off to belgian fair new York commissioner Gen eral to the 1968 Brussels worlds has sailed Alt Oard the liner United states in route to the belgian he will participate in ceremonies theire May 31 for the laying of the Cornerstone of the exhibition tears of Joy at hungarian reunion in wife gave Hubby cure Ann a 30yearold Mother was held for investigation saturday alter she reportedly told police she Hud been putting arsenic in her husbands Beer for four years to discourage his polite said Lucy Wireman told them she had been putting rat Poison in her husbands Beer since to cure him of the drinking the Poison was discovered after the was hospitalized april he is reported in Good the of three children was quoted As i still love i didst want to Hurt 1 just wanted to senators Tri housing Bill Washington 1ns 1 Senate banking committee proved an omnibus housing after rejecting proposals for stepped up Public housing Pregil and lower Down payments on really insured by a series of 96 emf group handed John spark Milf a stiff Rebuff by rejecting a far More Liberal measure mat housing subcommittee had two Days knocked out of the spark mint Bill was a proposal for building Public housing units Ovirta the next two the committee also eliminated provision for drastically Down payments on sure Loans for Homes in medium and Low Price other f Rev Mohi other proposals in the Bill watered Down in Vimr with the administrate on housing f the which now goes to would 1raise by million the in Hority of the Federal mortgage of Mai to but up Home 2 authorize another real lion for the Purchase by Fonsia of for special Assiut a including Homes hatred and increase Federal Loans for Lum clearance Over Trie next cars by 4 Kase mortgage terms on find really insured Home Loans minority old folks and team of Joy Aad Mark the arrival in new York of tace Sander from Hungary and their minion with ekr Stein is in the Anna of Vitae while Hart an greeted by Toni new Sidney at left is Lynke a recent Escapee 4 in private plane die in crash up plane piloted by a construction executive on a fishing crashed in Hatteras killing its four the All of identified As James owner of the Trippeer plane and president of the consolidated Ockl Striction of Norfolk Arthur Russell Wommack and Henry said the plane shortly after taking off from Sandy stretch of Beach near it apparently developed j

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