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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - May 19, 1957, Darmstadt, Hesse The stars and of off too Crim us Dps of Genghis Khan Settle in of the of Heman to Philadelphia for Waco be ancestors of University of went to Tor Fow among these tribesmen wheat As of Fer a Teotista have gone to la of the study wild of matting in Phila was under Tite Dis Persow fre Grajs had to locate them in new where it was thought they would feel at none herding horses centuries their tartar fore had wandered the bread Plains of Asia leading a pastoral nomadic he and had passed Down to today Genera their herding skills and they had been driven from to place eve their ancestors in 1630 lost a with the manchus for the control of according to in new the Pilot Groop of 100 Kalmuss walked at what they called Long Tow pay and distances Between they expressed a preference for City a Kal Muk spokesman said that new Mexico is Huff except that in Siberia you Are forced to Kal Traks had lived in Russia for three but were hated by the racially their features Range from Ameri can Indian to because they heed in Eastern Europe after the russian they were admitted to the White their resettlement in the us was jointly supervised in 1ss152 by Church world service and the Tolstoy and financed by the in International refugee described by Bettran As a determined outspoken minority wherever Jivey have the Only pronounced difficulty they encountered while Hving in Philadelphia is they speak six but English is not after Genghis roamed the sinking province of China As beaten in their bout with the they migrated to Southern in 1771 most of them attempted a is atreus return pilgrimage to Only and those who in were called the which in turkish Means again the losing Side in 1917 after unsuccessfully fighting the most russian fled to Yugoslavia and bul others were taken to Ger Many during the nazi invasion of the soviet they still have thousands of scattered across Russia Vic Are slowly filtering Back to their former another 500 Are believed to in and but the 700 in Philadelphia constitute not Only the largest group in the Western hemisphere but also the Mort cohesive of thu ancient tribe in the world Tor the first time in Uwar the Kate was Are Way according to they Are devout and t their religion and i the Kulmus Organ ised themselves into three Mutual i on the Kalmuss go to their communal farms to work their two of the societies own b five the other 30 near the a is near no highly devoted to their Buddhist religion and strongly anti comm the Kair auks told Botnan that not to Reuf Toad to the be each of farms own Buddhist a third Temple is located in a converted House in Clinton school graduates 1st negro quietly a the chum High schools first year racial in August amid violence ended quietly and without fanfare As 88 seniors and one negro were graduated not once during the 70minute commencement ceremony in the High school gymnasium was there any reference to All but one of the 88 White students and the 17yearold Bobby filed quietly past the Cen Ter of the stage to get their i there was no applause for any of the individually or col As soon As All had received their the Bene diction was said and the students filed quietly from the gym to join family no attempted to picket the Sharp contrast to violent demonstrations which Fol i Lowed admission of negroes last August when Clinton High be came Tennessee first Steerup i ported secondary school to mix the i of the 12 negroes admitted in i five dropped out and a sixth was expelled for pulling a i knife on a White boy at i Cain plans to attend Tennessee r agricultural and Industrial state t University for negroes in Nash Medaris predicts defensive missile san Francisco up Gen John chief of tin army ballistic missile said i tace army was sure to produce an antimissile missile As a defense against the intercontinental Wea speaking to the american Ord Bance Medaris acknowledged that no adequate defense now was available against the Remote controlled he i can assure you the need for the antimissile missile has not been the offence has been in the Ascendancy Medaris but just As surely As human ingenuity devised the guided just As surely will Man find Ade quate defense against he did not spell out what Prog Ress had been made on the defensive Freedom held at stake in missiles race with soviet a the air forces missile chief says the future of Freedom itself May be at stake in the fight to win and hold superiority Over soviet Russia in missiles and in space maj Gen Bernard Schriever holds what has been called the most important Job in the he is chief of the Western develop ment division he for air research and development one of its products is the most lethal missile in americas soon to be test fired 500 Miles above the earths surface at speeds up to it is hoped to be capable ultimately of plunging an bomb warhead into an enemy target Miles Schriever said in an armed forces Day address that time is decisive in the race for an operational intercontinental ballistics and that if America it will hold a vital deterrent to if the soviet Union were to gain a substantial advantage in Antiques Bryn was slightly injured when the bicycle he was Riding was brushed by an automobile As Barrie peddled to his antique Barrie is 78 years this crucial our strength to deter an fallout War May be dangerously he he declared it is technologically possible to launch a missile from Sedalia to a Point Miles above the and have it fall upon a predetermined Point Miles Dis with a destructive Load nearly equal to All the int dropped by Allied bombers Over Germany in All of world War Schriever said that although Complex technical obstacles remain to be we know thai such a weapon can be created Ami our development program is ton firming theoretical calculations and technical he emphasised that the still in the development stage Oil an operational intercontinental bal mail sorter says machine a Flop Washington presi of the National postal trans port says Post office departments new let Ter sorting machine takes twice As Long to do the Job As men sort ing by association president Paul a letter sorter told the Senate Post office committee the department spent on the he the the 14 men required to run it sorts Only 230 pieces of mail a 17 pieces per the average sorter will process twice that in the same length it he the department i n t a 11 e d Tran Sorma last with considerable at Silver Clyde director of the departments office of research and in a statement reply ing to said the machine can do roughly about double the same number of mall Sorters do by Charles Gubser said the machine May result in added Speed to postal service at reduced in Saks although our Gram has now reached flight 1 can give you Assurance that we have every of Suc he Schriever that Success requires creation of National Reservoir of trained tech we can no longer take the that the military Man and civilian Are two different kinds of he if Freedom is to or even must ail of us see clearly the total character of our Security which a bound inseparably with every segment of our the threat is total our Effort must be total zoo celebrity gets a grip on the situation television Crisafe Moore jumped out of bed to dose the win Dows when he thought he heard an Earl morning the Thunder turned out to be Only a Woodpecker hammering a a y on Moores aluminium television an Fowler of hoax Given Washington up Short by Ann a Brunet american airlines employee from has received a Check for her alertness la helping to trap a hoaxer who warned of a bomb an Warren Magnwson d and Kenneth keat ing were in attendance a Stuart president of air transport presented award for his Magnuson and Keating sponsored legislation which resulted in a Law which vikes it a Federal of to Supply such information which Delava an on May 8 miss Young a series of suspicious phone Calls culminating with an insistent de Mand that she Page a passenger because there was a bomb in his she asked him to ho4 the line und notified her police and Fri were notified and traced the Call to a Booth where they got a description of a caller who was later arrested for the photographer Sonnee cot tue Geta his own taken at frito Detota zoo Assi new arrival from Africa winds her trunk around his the elephant about 42 Inch High and the first of her at the boo Elnoa sgt loses in race to dying Mother Chicago a sgt David Hunt lost a transatlantic he arrived at the door of a Hospital room just As his Flo Moa died Ellis Learned of his mothers ill a critical kidney thursday morning when the red Cross contacted him at his Ahr base near Twenty nine hours later reached closed door of mothers Hospital at same spa Natal authorities air the Way helped to Eula Aav the urgent

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