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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - May 19, 1957, Darmstadt, Hesse Off Stab and stops Pinketts charge Routs Ala of Field marshal lord Montgomery we rooted by charge m years after the Battle of Gettys it was a p i r 5 1 1 i daa Gaiter of the confederacy who the British military loader to the famed War Pickett pros Jim of the unites daughters of the con Cut Loose on Montgom Ery when he arrived Here to and to Roux wet at Maxwell air Force air War Mhz fat anti ringing from fete Cru cism of military of Robert e Pykett Smith Marse with a counter charge to use Field Naad Field wars fear rom Mel Lees cavalry tactics to mechanized and drove Montgomery into the Sun in bet told i Ardc stand i brat rom nil Jar t be Bat Here Arf wrent to when that 1 test the controversy m r t t n Eisenhower at the ctr War both Montgomery end or Hower agreed Union on Meade and 1ee Choc id hav been sacked for the his fought he but Moat angry the scutes greatest War the of two Power for his and attack of stood is by siesta a it bad a Day at a e yielded t great Call great Tor the flatted enough of Welt be Basat he was an Effria Pope re avows opposition to Poland reds Vatican Catt Appi us in saturday Dunat Icalla re affirmed roman Catholic Church opposition to communism by calling upon in especially Thow in to follow the example of polish Saint who was tortured to death by c o s 300 years the directive was contained in an encyclical 1 r t e r made Public sat soon after he had conferred the red hat upon Stefan Cardinal Poland Cath Olic in a Brief Vatican sources attached great significance to the timing of uhe pontiffs it hailed the third Centenary of the death of Andrew member of an illustrious polish the encyclical was dated May the anniversary of his some Vatican sources saw the pontiffs timing As a reply to speculation that the Vatican might indicate some approval of Poland communist which recently in Oiland flays Aid to rescue9 reds Chicago t a William Krowl axed has taken Issue with administration propos als which he said would Start a program to the net world from an economic and political assailing proposed agricultural Aid to Poland Fud renewal of shipments communist Yugoslavia and to talons to Rillow pop Andrei Trade with Rex Knowland declared i do not favor taxing the Amer ican people to support communist Churchill was ppm wrong prof says Chiang overrated in War Stem measures taken against the partly because of that improve Cardinal who was released from confinement last was Able to come Here to obtain the insignia of the rank to which he was named in the encyclical was considered by some As emphasis of Vatican anxiety lest the cardinals journey to Rone be misinterpreted As an easing of the Church opposition to communist propaganda especially in Italy that there can be coexistence Between the Church the text of the latin worded encyclical War not but a summary issued by the Vatican press office said it called upon the Church Bishops to commemorate the heroic testimony Given by the Jesuit it recalled on May he fearlessly confessed his Faith after cruel gave Tes Timony with his blood for god and for his England tap an american world War ii historian said Here that the ignoring Winston Church ills Over rated chivas As an ally in the War against Samuel Eliot 2 in Dongo trial at Odds on who got loot Italy Dongo treasure court saturday blasted away at two defendants in a vain attempt to get them to agree on who received the treasure of Een Ito one of the carte is said to have driven the car carrying the loot to the communist Headquarters in be continued to repeat his tale that the jewels and foreign cur Rency were handed Over to Dante a partisan now a whose parliamentary immunity had to be lifted so that he could be brought to trial Correri has denied that he received the he said he was handed Only Swiss which later were spent among i his testimony is backed by the other Pietro a bespectacled Industrial technician who also was a partisan Terzi heatedly denied Sadernas charge that he was present at the communist Headquarters at Como when the treasure was handed Over to the court adjourned until tues Navy historian of the said in a lecture on the far East War i must acknowledge that n one respect Churchill and the chief of the Imperial general staff were right and Franklin Roosevelt and the joint chiefs of staff were wrong the British from the Start look a dam View of Chiang Waishek and warned us not to place any Faith in China As an we deluded ourselves into be Lieving that Chiang and Chiang were the far Eastern Franklin and Eleanor Roose velt and that with its fabulously great could be a powerful we were dead history professor at har Vard and pulitzer prize gave the second in a series of lectures on the contribution to the strategy of world War he said japans most serious miscalculation in the War was in underestimating americas Power of recuperation after its Pacific Battle Fleet had been economic or Post Cal systems the senates Fres Beauy at Odds filth the Eisen Hower spoke at an armed Day know land exp maed Eppo Atthea to the soviet Pra Awal that the fall air inspection proposed by presi Dent Eisenhower a a disarmament measure be Boa Toita so that in Exchange for oar afar inc Petton Over Siberia the sew lets would be allowed to inspect Alaska and All of the United states West of the As an Westerner and a i must in can Dor state that such a proposal does not Appeal to m Knowland it too much like a Cancun unit Reape for Rabbit Stew horse to one Rabbit it is proposed that we take woo million of american assets and make them available to the communist government of Gomulka the polish communist party Leader while the polish govern ment is making credits and ship ments the the coins Waist North vietnamese of to cd Minh and the chinese communists of Mao we have already contributed Over billion to sustain Tito Type communism kit it has now been announced that we will Send More Jet fighting to communist we have Many Good and Stout allies free China Enko Thailand and the Philippines re Public that need Mare Jet planes a of them Shoutd have priority Over Titos Wilson by trial of sp3 by japanese far Jewat Calaf the t to try se3 Rard for wheat Baa known in Lagan As Aara military Girard pending a of econ Thories was alter Dot had a sad a Foo owing to Tokyo directed the tars office to indict from a Csc of accidental manaia Gnu Ramaa was of attempting to Aat Vage scrap irom a american act was have been killed by an empty Edge rope led i raft a w Boca Waranai to of from contended that Olra ii was on duty when the shoot Fil the japanese i Sirtl fatal shooting of Sakai did not Ance of official the words in the a Japan it attorn forces rear adm assistant chief of staff for and other Ciais said the had no Otka Choice in cases where fat Ordiers duty Tatua is Apan has the ultimate say on criminal cases within its pm flip to but nope pm London up or Tao Phlaf will visit West Germany Jane ii to inspect the 1st Rigi at Baci Nagham a the Price m colonel Tachie at the Strat Tanker Burns after Crew makes getaway trainmen Well Engineer due drunk driving trial Germany a train Engineer and fireman who gave their too passengers a 75mph ride last september win be tried Here this summer for Drunken Engineer Oskar Sauerbrey and fireman Karl Rupp allegedly got drunk in Salzburg taverns while waiting for the return trip to passengers first noticed something was wrong when the train began going so fast that suitcases bounced oat of Racks and plates crashed to the floor of the eleven passengers were knocked Down and injured during the which was ended when a passenger pulled the emergency Brake near a new Crew brought the train into Munich at 8 Sauerbrey and Rupp deny being drunk and say they were just trying to gain Back 10 minutes they lost they Are running a switch engine in a freight Yard until the trial railway officials say they never will he allowed aboard a Pas m locomotive regardless of the outcome of the the trainmen Are charged with endangering Public transportation negligent the tall of a kc9 Stra Tothaker which exploded at Lajena Field in the Clouds of the Piave reared off no Ray and exploded Nat Attar two firefighters a Aga Cut

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