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European Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - May 18, 1968, Darmstadt, HessePage 4 the stars and stripes saturday May 18 by miss in a saws a two k Qew. To .,.,. Wewt Vas nato reacting . Detector to is to redeployment of . Forces by William Brussels up it has taken six months for european nations in the North Atlantic treaty organization to realize that american warnings of Mili tary cuts Are real and can seriously affect the Alliance s Mili tary shield in Western Europe. . Deputy defense Secretary Paul h. Nitze flashed the red Light Back in late 1967 whence told nato governments some . Troops would be re deployed from Europe Back to the United gave what to Many Mil itary men was then a somewhat vague reason the . Balance of since Many european financiers last december thought the payments deficit was purely american problem there did not seem any Good reason for the european military to get worried about it. The seriousness of the deficit has subsequently become a household topic and european nations realizing their currencies May stand or fall wit the Dollar Are hurriedly study ing Means of helping the .economically. Most of this promised Aidis Long term such As adjust ments in tariffs. Thus while waiting for this Type of Aid to take effect it was expected the United state should look for Quick Means of cutting overseas was equally expected this would have to be in military spending on the european continent currently enjoying great Prosperity. Europeans did not react immediately when Nitze s warning began to take effect. Thirty Anderson three thousand american Mili tary personnel will be redeployed by september saving some $75 million a year. They will spend dollars in fort Riley Kan. Instead of scarce Marks and francs in Europe. While still committed to nato they will be some 4,000 Miles from the potential front line. Coming on top of the French military pullout of nato the action prompts european leaders to realize that their shield while still powerful is not the forfeit once was. Refurbishing this shield is go ing to be nato s main task in the coming Secretary Clark w. Clifford bluntly told the allies Ata Brussels meeting a few Days ago that the United states is awfully extended in Europe As the balance of payments will is now up to the europeans to shoulder a larger share of the common defense Burden he said. Saigon up col. Tran Van Dae the High est ranking Viet Cong to defect to the Saigon government Side said thursday that if the red cannot win militarily or politically they will Settle temporarily for a coalition Dae warned that the communists would not recognize such a coalition As an end in it self. They would use it lie said As a stepping Stone to a takeover. Dae said . And Vietnam est forces in South Vietnam should continue fighting and fight even harder during the Paris my opinion in Paris or wherever you talk with the communists they will continue fighting on the Battlefield in order to support their Posi Tion in talks he at a government sponsored news conference he said with the communists it i always the same. As they see it there should be fighting on the Battlefield to support talks. So the Allied forces should be More Active Pat Forth a greater Effort and gain greater victories the 43-year-old colonel said the Viet Cong originally planned to launch the offensive on april 27. He said he thought they postponed it until May 5 partly because of his reasons for the Defay he said were the need to make better preparations for the attack on the eve of the talks. The Youthful looking colonel said he considered that the e latest offensive and the tet offensive were big failures although the Viet Cong were portraying them As great successes. Officials said Dae is a top priority Viet con target. His wife and 4-year-old son Are under government Protection at an undisclosed place. The colonel said he had commanded units Dur ing the tet offensive and was later in charge of col. Tran Van Dae ordering the firing of 14 rockets at the Tan so Nhut a base just outside Saigon feb. 17. He said one of the reasons lie defected was that he did not believe the Viet Cong could achieve their goals in South Vietnam. Students Are explosive Force de Gaulle s crisis worst in decade by George Siber Aparis up the French student revolt has erupted on the political scene with the same Force As that of the Al Giers settlers and army officers rising 10 years one had expected the Stu dents to Challenge directly government authority just As no one believed that the Algier colonists and the army brass would Rise against the legally new Shower Point a member of the 9th inf div soaps up while using a broken water main on Saigon s y Bridge As a Wash ing facility during a Lull in the Battle with the Viet Cong. The holes in the pipe which runs alongside the Bridge were made by machine gun fire. Up photo elected government. As it happened the rebellion of students in the sorbonne and 16 other universities is presi Dent Charles de Gaulle s worst problem since the Days of the algerian War. Since the conclusion of the bloody conflict six years ago the 77-year-old Leader had to face two serious confrontations. In 1962, his political opponent managed to topple his Cabinet but were Defeated in parliamentary elections Over a constitutional Issue. In 1963 de Gaull had to Man Euver skilfully to overcome a crisis arising from widespread strikes in the Coal mining District. For the first time since his return to Power 10 years ago de Gaulle is pitted against Bot the intellectuals and the work ing class. The sinews of the student re Volt have Long been evident. For years youth minded professors assistant professors and Stu dents in All faculties have been urging far reaching reforms to adapt courses and examination sin the universities to modern requirements. Although the fourth Republican the gaullist regime that re placed it in 1958 had carried out partial reforms the universities Are resting on foundations Laid by Napoleon 160 years ago through petitions and the scattered sparsely attended strikes students backed Mostof the time by teachers had urged reforms to bring the University abreast of modern times. The gaullist regime has changed education ministers but rarely teaching Georges Pompidou remembering the Days when head his own head bloodied in Street riots in the turbulent 1930sas a Summa cum laude student at the Ecol Normale hastened to Appeal to the nation on Tele vision shortly after returning from a state visit to Afghani Stan. He offered the students reconciliation and cooperation but the Long pent up opposition tothe old University system a nationwide movement sympathizing with the student demands and a drive by leftist opposition parties to get on the bandwagon had confronted the government with an explosive situation. Pompidou warned the student Friday that the government would crush further attempts to spread their cultural revolt wednesday the combined leftist federation and the communist opposition will seek to overthrow the government inthe National Assembly lower House by a censure motion denouncing not Only the govern ment s educational policies but also its alleged mishandling of economic problems. Pompidou appears Likely Towin the censure motion test Fol lowing the decision of Val Ery Giscard d Estwing Leader of the Junior gaullist faction Toback the government. The opposition must muster244 of the 487 Assembly seats to overthrow the Cabinet some thing it can achieve Only if a handful of gaullist and anti communist non parly members agree to Cross the lines and vote against Pompidou. His Victory will be a pyrrhic one. It is not the Challenge from parliament that poses a threat to the gaullist Rosie. But the uncontrolled widespread unrest which conservative newspapers denounce As the Power in the Gaulle however is a master of handling Hie sensitive chords of the Frenchman s soul. He will go on television May to try to perform the Inck j had done1 several tunes May do this time turn tie tables on those who claim Fla student Power spells the end of de Gaulle s Power. European edition col. James w. Campbell a a. Ilor Inch it. Col. F. 8. Michael jr., aft of. P Ming lab a Mert Proctor. Production Mam Elmer of Frank. Circulation Mam Henry i Epstein. ,. Circulation. Rucj by i a unofficial newspaper of Hud for the u.8. Armed Forcee up Darm to � commander in chief m.8. European command and vT0 a. National Rel j,1germany. Military Addreen Tho Start and str Pei Apo 09175. Is Imp in 0tho stare and by Rupee poet Fach 10�4, in darn Todt Germany the i � 332i new prefix k1u 8071 m Darnstadt Alre trip prefix 2376 741. Teie a. York off ice j 41 Washington st., new York 10014, Teh

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