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European Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - May 18, 1968, Darmstadt, HesseI May " the stars and stripes Page 3 now train former Reje tees project 100,000 helps fight poverty too by Marc Huston Bureau chief Solem of poverty and doing inst cases what should have in done years earlier in school Tor thousands of Young men. At the same time it is spread ing the Burden of Mih tary serv of across a much wider Seg ment of the american Popula i that up until recently was untouched because of poor Edu cation and to a lesser degree minor physical defects. Robert s. Mcnamara while Secretary of defense under scored the huge waste in Poten tial Talent from both the civilian. And the military Point of View in 1966 when he pointed out that roughly 1.8 million Young men were reaching military age each year in the u.s., but some 600, j000-a full third were failing to qualify under draft standards. I times of an All out emergency they would have been drafted but that could mean a reduction in performance Levels for the military services. Not shouldered equally Mcnamara was particularly concerned about the thousands who failed because of education Al deficiencies. In some areas of the country the failure Lateran As High As 60 per cent for negroes it exceeded 80 per Centin some states. What this clearly meant was that the Burden of military serv ice was not being he said at the time. Inequities were serious by Region. Race tonal level what was even and Educa worse was anonymity very few people including themen themselves know who a project 100,000" Serviceman is. They attend classes along wit others and Aren t singled out. Is photo the obvious implication. If so massive a number of our Young men were educationally unqualified for even the least complicated tasks of military service How could they reasonably be expected to Lead productive an rewarding lives in an increasingly technological and highly skilled society if nothing were done to. Give them a Strong sense of their own Worth and potential they their wives and their children would almost inevitably be the unproductive recipients of some form of Dole 10 years fro now Mcnamara added. With this As a dismal Back ground the army Navy air Force and Marine corps Wento work on a program called project 100,000," which officially began oct. 1, 1966. Now with More than 19 months of experience behind it details of inc program s Success Are be ing reported by the services. As a social Experiment turning re Jec tees into servicemen and then into solid citizens with the skills to compete in the civilian labor Market will take anymore years of study. Project 100,000" is basically very simple turn 100,000 Young men a year who would normally be rejected for the draft or enlistment into qualified soldiers sailors airmen and marines without in any Way lowering military performance standards. The solution was equally simple use a Little extra Effort and patience in training without inane Way singling out the slow Pentagon Calls the 100, 000 new standards men Buti. M. Greenberg program director says this is Only for rec Ord purposes. No one not even the men themselves knows who the 100,000 Are except for project and physical Standard were lowered for the first test group of 40,000. In the Case of physicals men were passe with minor a Edical or weigh problems that could be cleared up in up to six weeks. In the first year 30,400 went to the army 3,600 to the air Force 3,400 to the Navy and2,600 to the Marine corps. Now n phase a the 100,000 Are divided this Way army 70,400 Navy 11,000 air Force 9,300,and Marine corps 9,300. Only a third were enlistees in t h first group but 58 per cent Are volunteers in today s 100, is a profile of the first group average age race White negro other 20.9 years 61.9 per cent36.7 per cent 1.4 per Cen employment status unemployed 34.0 per cent employed earning less than $60 a week 19.0educational level High school graduates 46.0 per cent average school Grade completed failed or repeated one or More school 10.5 56.0 per cent grades Reading ability average Grade below fourth Grade 6.2 14.0 per cent below fifth Grade with civil actions 30.0 per Cen court con-8.0 per cent Home geographic Are Northeast 16.2 per cent North Central 24.6 per Cen South 44.2 per cent West 15.0 per cent the defense department reports that Basic training centers through improve methods and courses patience better leadership simpler instructional material and More audio visual techniques like classroom television have shown they can now train All Buta Small percentage of those accepted. Greenberg also Points out tha Tyoung soldiers sailors airmen and marines also learn by being with More educated men and equally As important they Are also More motivated than they were when they were in Grad and High school. As a result of All this 96 percent of the new standards men graduate Only two percent below the rate for All the others who go through military training. About 12 per cent need extra help in Basic compared to four per cent for All with difficulty Are either recycled or in some cases go Toa special training company for slow learners men with motivational or adjustment problems or for physical conditioning. At the end of Basic the new standards men just like All the others Are Given skill training in up to 200 different specialities either at formal courses or on the Job. Here again their graduation rate is High 87 per Cen compared to 95 per cent for those of higher mental Levels attend ing the same courses. Some 38 per cent Are assigned to combat arms training but the majority Are taught to become mechanics construction equip ment operators Cooks Drivers Supply clerks and medical corps men and other skills. Sixty percent Are taught jobs which will be useful in civilian life and the defense department adds of equal importance to their future As citizens is the personal growth which occurs As the semen acquire Confidence Pride improved work habits and leadership hands on courses on the whole the defense department found new standards men do much better in simple technical courses which stress hands on instruction. The Attri Tion rate rises in More Complex courses where learning by theory Reading complicated technical manuals and mathematical skills Are needed. Those who fail Are Given other instruction More suited to their ability or sent to units for on the Job training.3 per cent about three per cent in the air Force and Navy Are sent to read ing courses to help pass Basic training and the Pentagon Esti mates that about 10 per cent of the army s men will take Remedi Al education courses which be Gan april 1. Selection is not limited however to new standards soldiers. Circulation office phone numbers Germany Civ 738368 Civ 45311 a Muc a 57617 Civ 87u02 m"8165�23, Mil 7358 776017, Mil 618 Civ 420779, Mil 28591greece Athena Civ 985189 leghorn Civ 83001 Madrid. Clvn2228290. Cut Sou United kingdom Civ Ruwis ext m responds to rejection guru still loves beatles Hollywood a the maharishi Mahesh Yogi says of the defecting beatles i will love them whatever they say. As Long As they medi Tate they will be hindu Leader thus resubscribe now government housing Only the Light Side of the news Milwaukee wis. Up traffic Engineer Martin Bruen ing again ordered an auxiliary traffic Light installed after a Robin made its nest in an East Side traffic Light. Bruening did the same thing probably for the same Robin last year. Nothing beats being for god country and motherhood he said sponged to an announcement by George Harrison in London that we Are finished with him but we have not broken with the thoughts of beatles Paul Mccartney and John Lennon had said the same thing earlier in new York. Squatting on a chair an twirling red and yellow roses the bearded Indian Mystic Helda news conference thursday to promote a movie about himself. I am not being paid at Al for appearing in the picture said the guru. I am doing itto reach after costs 50 per cent of an profit will be paid to the inter National meditation society which the maharishi founded in India a spokesman for the pro Ducer said. I myself Lead a very spar Tan life but i feel i must pro Mote by beliefs in mediation said the White Robed the picture be a Suc Cess it will enable us to have More publicity and More Money to spend on removing suffering from the Walker loses Appeal in $2-million suit St. Louis to. Up . Court of appeals Here affirmed the dismissal Ofha the $2-million libel suit retired maj. Gen. Edwin Bya during the first 12 to 15months of service the army also found More than 90 per Centof the men were rated excellent in conduct and efficiency Only two per cent received court mar tial convictions nine per Cen received nonjudicial punishment the average Soldier was promoted twice and is a private first class e3and about one third were promoted three times Dur ing this period to corporals or specialists fourth class e4. More highly motivate Many commanders have re ported that their men Are More highly motivated than some Young men from a More privileged background. Mcnamara a few months be Ore he left the Pentagon to be come president of the world Bank predicted their earning capacity As Well As their Over All achievement in society will be two or three times what i would have been had they remained rejected by the military and by society. So far the military part of his prediction is working out the de sense department reports. Only time will Tell what the ultimate outcome of project 100,000" willbe. Walker against the pulitzer publishing co. The suit was associated press base news Ona counts and an editorial concerning Walker s activities Dur ing integration of the University of Mississippi in october 1962 Bunny hop Chicago up Playboy potentate Hugh Hefner is introducing a $5 round trip by bus this so Ank new Lake Geneva vvis., resort. It will be called Rabbit

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