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European Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - May 17, 1968, Darmstadt, HesseBy Allan Priaulx up staff writer just 10 years ago As it is somewhat again today Paris was a City i turmoil. Troops lined the champs Elysee the nation s fourth Republican its Economy were collapsing and its army was in Mutiny in Algeria. But waiting confidently in the Wing was the Man who was to change All that general Charles Andre Joseph Marie de Gaulle. France cannot be France without greatness he had said and he s never paused in seeking to build that great Ness. De Gaulle is still confident today though French students Are militantly defying University and governmental authority in demanding school reforms. The president grandly departed for five Day state visit to Romania and planned to Deal with the upheaval at Home on his return this weekend. The turning Point that was to bring the world War ii free French hero Back to Power at the head of the fifth Republic came on May 13, 1958. On that Day As the Republic wallowed in uncertainty and weakness Gen. Raoul Salan commander in chief of the beleaguered army trying to keep Al Geria French sent paratroopers to occupy government buildings in Algiers. Salan and other officers set up a Public safety committee and called for the return of de Gaulle then in his67th year to Lead a France free from the regime of the what they really wanted was a government that would keep moslem from taking Power in Algeria and they were convinced de Gaulle could guarantee this. In a twist of historical irony Degaulle in fact had to crush Salan the Man who helped bring him Back to Power in another revolt four years later. That revolt was Over de Gaulle s decision to give Algeria Independence. The Salan action in 1958 create chaos and brought France to the Brink of civil War. Paris was the scene of Street rioting and massive demonstrations. On May 19, de Gaulle quit his country Retreat at Colombey Les Deus Eulises drove 120 Miles to Paris and told news conference that if the people want it As in the preceding National crisis i am ready to take the Leader ship of the government of the the country needed his strength. The French Treasury was bankrupt. The country s political and economic future was in doubt and France was being mocked As the sick Man of three weeks of his i am ready news conference de Gaulle was installed As head of the government. By sept. 28 he had pushed through by referendum his own fifth Republic Constitution that attempted to give France stable political institutions for the first time in a Century. On nov. 30 a majority favourable Tode Gaulle was elected to parliament and on dec. 21 be grand Charles be came president of France. 1 Gaulle had first enunciated the principles of the fifth Republic in a speech at Bayeux on june 16, 1946. He celled then for distinctly separate and strongly balanced Public Powers and establishment of a National arbitration Over and above political contingencies to ensure that continuity is maintained alongside the party the Constitution adopted sept. 28,1958, and later modified slightly made him the most powerful chief executive France had known since Napoleon. It provides f or a president elected by direct univer Sal suffrage who has Powers similar to those of the american president directing administration foreign policy and National defense. He serve for seven years. A prime minister who reflects presidential policy and represents the government in parliament. He is the Titu Lar head of a Cabinet chosen by the president which meets weekly tomake the government s most important decisions. A weak parliament divided into the popularly elected National Assembly with 487 members elected for five year terms and the primarily ceremonial Senate whose members Are Page 12 de Gaulle returns this was the scene in 1958 As he asked for support before French Standard chosen by local officials for nine years. Parliament s sessions Are limited bylaw to six months a year and sides approving the annual budget serve Pri Marily As a debating forum on govern ment decisions. Opposition forces in the National As Sembly May Challenge the government by presenting censure motions which bring Down the government if an absolute majority of Assembly deputies vote for them the presidential regime is not disrupted however. Only the Cabinet Falls and new parliamentary elections May be held if the president does not select a new Cabinet with parliamentary Confidence chief aim of de Gaulle s plan for the new Republic was to encourage party groupings As French government booklets explain euphemistically an old adage says that in a group of 10frenchmen there Are 11 different Points of View and parties have followed this pattern. He had Power and stabilize the political front. De Gaulle moved to cure the nation s monetary ills. When he came to office the nation total foreign currency and Gold reserves totalled less than $19 million barely enough to keep the country s imports going for a few Days. The first thin de Gaulle had to do was what All his predecessors had to accomplish several times a year pass around the hat and ask for foreign Gaulle has never forgotten the Yew jilting lesson of the Early Days of his fifth Republic. He vowed he would get France s finances set on a health footing quickly and he did a y today 10 years later France s econ 8mvyfinit, robust health Sheffi pile ,Ore,8n currency reserves in 1958 France s Hoard has swollen to a huge Mountain of Gold and hard currencies Worth $6 billion 85 per cent of it in Gold bars. This makes the French Gold Reserve second Only to that of the United states. ,. Fla bold monetary Reform backed by a whopping 17,55 per cent devaluation tithe franc shortly after de Gaulle took Over rapidly re established France s sol Vency. The Reform fathered by do Gaulle still Active financial adviser Jacques Rueff a Foremost advocate of a Reti Wilto the Gold Standard worked Wonde s. Chronic deficits of the balance of a ments have Given Way to healthy sur pluses the country s Prosperity a been making rapid strides despite to Long War in Algeria which ended Only Wim and de Gaulle has been Able � turn the newly Accuu a de Wienc Gold Hoard into a powerful weapon w combat the supremacy of the u.&. Var Sis Hunter Charles Alii statesman a dedication to the greatness of France. The stars and stripes hastily paying Back past Loans head of time gaullist France for 1 has systematically weakened the by converting the bulk of Dollar from foreign Trade dealings and investments into Gold. Be since launching France on"1 to financial recovery de Gaulle in campaigning for completed of the world monetary system he claims favors the Dollar an Sterling at the expense of other Des. The big Pound and Dollar crises and Early this year de Gaulle w use France s reserves top up the Anglo Saxon cur Ana refused to underwrite new onal accords designed to main 34-year-old Gold Price at 135 the prestige of the franc up France s reserves to 17, 1968 record level de Gaulle probably has achieved a greater Success than m any other foreign or Domestic policy Fiel but by using his monetary policy As a diplomatic weapon and hitting the United states where it hurts most its Gold Supply the French Leader has embittered Franco american relations More than through his attacks . Vietnamese policies. De Gaulle appears to Havo been Les successful in his Effort to Mold France � a big Industrial Power. Although a dust rial production has been growing Sis to slow Down efforts to France s Industrial weight. L,?,r the Gross National product advancing at a steady 4.3 per cent. According to estimates in 1970 twill Rise to $112 billion. In foreign affairs de Gaulle has been something of a loner or As some would have it a the latter he apparently always has been. His professorial father called him perfect Rascal and a terrible it has been said that de Gaulle ideas on France s role in the world crystallized into a distrust and dislike of the United states and Britain during his often excruciating wartime contacts with Winston Churchill and Dwight d. Niay be said of this the fact remains that in the decade since 1958,de Gaulle has countered almost All american monetary policies rejected a Hance to have . Polaris submarines twice vetoed British attempts to enter the common Market and evicted Ameri can troops from French Gaulle has flirted with the soviet Union and communist bloc nations the Borders of his Republic to Quebec for instance where he uttered his Long live free Quebec Call last year an nearly ruined relations with Canada. As the headlines show de Gaull Ehas violent critics at Home and abroad. But unless death takes him he is said to be in sound health for a Man of 77 there is virtually nothing that can oust him from Power before his term expires in 1972.after de Gaulle what the deluge said de Gaulle in the Early 1960s, Quot ing Louis was at the time when opposition to his algerian and economic policies was at its Peak and Paris was threat ened with insurrection. Things have calmed now although student violence in and around Paris continues but some observers still believe there will be chaos when he goes. Certainly most agree there will be a huge political upheaval. As for his policies it is virtually impossible to predict whether or for How the emotional Side of me tends to imagine France. As dedicated to an exal Dand exceptional destiny. ,. To my mind France cannot be France i without greatness against the wishes of some of his West Ern allies has recognized communist China and peppered both East an West with criticism for imposing their Hegemony on weaker Powers. Most americans British and Many others ask Why he does Gaulle himself gives an answer the emotional Side of me tends to imagine France like the Princess in the fairy stories of the Madonna in the frescoes As dedicated to an exalted and exceptional destiny. In Short to my mind France cannot be France without the words perhaps explain Why he plugs for an end to the Dollar and Pound Sterling As. Privileged Reserve currencies Why he seemingly switches alliances in mid Stream As in the Case of his championing the arabs after last june s Middle East Gaulle s policy of National Independence pervades almost All of his thinking above All he wants France Strong in its own right unfettered by any bloc or Alliance that would hamper its Freedom of love for France extends across Long they will survive him because of the constantly shifting International scene and the inability to foresee what political faction will succeed him. Many predict the French go it alone nuclear policy will survive him recall ing that it was started before de Gaull had Power. Many also predict that a new government might soften the French insistence that Britain wait in definitely to enter the common Market and that France would re join the at lactic military say France probably will try to maintain the general s rapprochement with the soviet Union but that succeed ing French governments probably would be less inclined to spend hug amounts on Aid to underdeveloped coun tries France is now the largest per capita , there certainly will be changes especially if the new govern ment is left leaning in economic and social the future holds about the Only Safe prediction is that so Long Ashe remains at the head of government de Gaulle himself is not going to Chang direction very drastically. He never has. A Keystone Gen. Raoul Salan in 1958 he called for de Gaulle to save the Republic four years later he was jailed right Thi stars and stripes Page 13

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