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European Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - May 15, 1968, Darmstadt, HesseThe tale furlough wet. A i Champagne night to London May 29.ji, from Frankfurt. And Airport transfers. All aboarbir2, for a Roun the fee includes for More inform Nafeh Contact the american community7 Paulinen str. Wiesbaden phone civil 374054, or the District special services Tours office in Parbon Bui Klinc a09757, phone Grahf court military 8630. Leclai ". The Zermatt Switzerland tourist office has hired a Hereof 40 goats to Delight visitors this summer. A spokesman said the number of goats on the Meadows surrounding this famous Alpine resort had dropped steadily Over the years. Tourists were complaining they could no longer see Goat her sled through the Village by Toft wearing colourful costumes he said. Liili Rii lifer it Hort for the period from june 15-Scpl 15and offered lobs Tor Young herdsmen. By Nick Stavriotis staff writer while scots and Irish continue to Battle for the credit of having invented whisky the drinking world dearly Recognises America a being the Home of the this dubious Honor has Given Rise twosome profound questions like if America is the Home of the cock Tail How did the cock s Tail get into cocktails for decades devotees of the cocktail and Barmen have tried to fathom the connection Between the plumage of the rooster and the drink. This has resulted in several investigations into the drink past linking it with the aztecs mexi cans Early american soldiery and the War of Independence. No one is sure about the first cock Tail concoction either of its name or earliest reference to the cock Tail appears in 1806 in an american periodical the balance which defined the drink simply As a stimulating liquor composed of spirits of any cocktail scholarship was greatly advanced when theologian philosopher and historian or. R. Brasch brought his mind to Bear on the problem. Brasch s research links the birth of the drink with american soldiery at the time of the War of Independence an with a Young widow named Betsy flan Agan who ran a popular tavern near new York called the four Corners. Betsy s Bracers Brasch relates were known far and. Wide and. Ameri can and French officers spent Man hours at the four Corners playing cards and gulping a sparkling liquor which mrs. Flanagan mixed according to a jealously kept secret formula adjacent to the inn was the property of an English loyalist the soldiers inveterate foe. He excelled i raising chickens and his fowls like Flanagan drinks had to equal. When spirits in the tavern would reach intoxicating Heights patrons would lament that fowl and drink meet and it became a standing joke of the merry widow that one Day free of charge a meal of Chicken would be served stolen from the finest Coop in the country the one next door. Mrs. Flanagan made Good her prom ise Brasch says and to celebrate the occasion and the theft she decorate the inn s jars and bottles with the roasted rooster s feathers. Of the soldiers noting the decorated bottles is alleged to have asked for a Glass of those cocktails his Call was taken up by other patrons. One of the soldiers Brasch says filled pleasantly with fow1 an drink remarked we Are drinking the beverage that offers the palate the same charming sensation As the Feath ers of the cock s Tail offer the once it is related a French offi cer proposed the Toast Vive be cock Tapir dear Ann Landers 1 Neebel and 1 need in fast. I am engaged to a Man whose whole family is Squirrel in. Ned s Mother pops tranquil izing pills into her Mouth As if they were peanuts whenever she is face with a crisis like the cleaning lady not showing up she Stop seating and goes of dollies. Ned has an older sister who carries Gin around in a cough Medicine bottle and Dir us Allday it took me two years to catch on. This girl is too sick spelled or in a to work half the time so Ned has to help Herout with her Bills. Ned has a couple of brother who mix up the pills with the booze and one of these Day they Are going to hit just the right combination and makeup dead someplace. 1 cannot understand How come Ned is so Normal. He is the Best adjusted Man i have Ever known and a tee to Taler who hates pills. I have to fight with him to take a1 aspirin Foi a love Ned and want to marry him but when i look at his family 1 get scared to death for fear our children might take poet 14 c after one of the kooks. Whai do you say Eye of the Cyclone dear Bye my consultants Teu me that behavioural prob lems Are More environmental than hereditary. But the caution we do inherit Nerv Ous Yon marry Ned i Hope Yon will move to another City Asan added precaution. Nutty relatives can make a Well Perso Asick. Dear Ann Landers Jack and i were married for 18 years. 1nearly went into Shock when he asked me for a divorce to marry another woman. How True is that old expression the wife is always the last to know i agreed to the divorce at once figuring it was pointless to try to hang on to him if he did t want me. We were divorced within a Short period of time but somehow he never go around to moving out of t h e seems to be going out less and less. Although i know he is still seeing the other woman he takes me to dinner once or twice a week and Doe the ittle things around the House that a husband is sup posed to do. I am still very much in love with him and 1am sure he knows it. Last night i came right outland asked Jack when he was going to get married. He re plied "1 Don t think i la Ever have no right to ask Jack to Stop seeing the other woman because he is no longer my husband but it kills me whence goes out with her. Please Teu me How to get Thil terrible mess straightened out. Fish nor foul dear fish Welcome to the club another idiot woman who gave her husband a divorce jus because be asked for it. You should have told Jack you wanted u trial separation and invited him to move out at you done so he could probably have crawled Back obis hands and Knees pack Jock s clothes and Tel him in can come Back Only if he wants to live in a respect Able manner. And this Means marriage copy not 1068. Puoh or Hli synd cat thl stars and stripes of London wag. Britain s top tourist attraction last yeat the official British travel association reports the association said the Tower received More than 2.03 million vol tors. Far behind was lord Montagu s stately Home of Beau Liedwith 5s1ni visitors the Royal family a Hampton court Palace with 544,am visitors and the de of Bedford s Woburn Abbey Buckingham Palace was not on the list because the Public snot admitted. Dpi just after crossing the turkish greek Border tourists arriving by Road from Europe and guided by the Standard turkish Road map will find themselves driving through a Beautiful but mysteriously unnamed City of 50000 population. The City is Edirne formerly Adrianople once capital of the ottoman Empire. By error it was left off the 1968 tourist Road map produced bythe highways department and tourism ministry. The local correspondent corp. Hurr yet Turkey s largest daily wrote that the error was like a Dagger plunged into the heart of dime s reel faced tourism officials explained the omission was a Printer s error. Undistributed maps Are being corrected with a rubber stamp. Is Rothenburg on the Tauber Germany s most perfectly pre served medieval town is staging a contest for Amateur photographers called Little gems of the deadline for photos is dec. 31. For entry Blanks and further details apply to the Kultur und Verk Ehrsam Der Stadt 8803 Rothenburg of Der Tauber. Goren on Bridge vulnerable. South Deal North 4741vjtt 0 �81 aka a West 4ltlfs3 of so 0 Alt 10f East 4 k j vat 0 j741 �ts2 South 4aqvkq1i42 oki841 the bidding South Restiv pass in pass4v pans north2 East pats is pass pass Pas opening Lead five of 4 a thoughtful play at trick Oneby Bast provided a vital Clew to a successful defensive Campaign against South s four heart contract. West opened the five of Spades and East put in the Jack. The Normal procedure for third hand is to play High however East fell reasonably certain that his partner was not under leading the Ace against a Sui contract. His play of the Jack could hardly Cost therefore and it might uncover information vital to the defense South won the first trick with the Queen of Spades handled a heart to Dummy s Jack which East covered with theace. It had been Clear from the outset that Dummy s club suit would provide a convenient parking place for some of Declarer s losers. Now that the Ace of Trumps was dislodged it was essential for the defense to Cash out whatever trick were available to them and the purpose behind East s Playto the first trick became a the Jack of Spades had driven out the Ace West would be marked with the Queen Ana East can profitably continue the attack in that suit. When Declarer turned up with Lespade Queen however be futility of a Spade obvious and a Diamond shift was clearly indicated. In selecting the card to leg East was careful to play a Jack of diamonds. Dec Are to succumbs to Chetion to return the Lack of up when he is in with the Ace hearts Declarer can run cover with 10 tick twohearts our clubs and Spades. Trabun Calcao t wednesday May 15,

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