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European Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - May 12, 1968, Darmstadt, HesseChurches of Germany s4s from wies Kirche Organ loft above the somber main altar is surrounded by a symphony of baroque cover photo Courtesy German National tourist office shows elegant color complexity of wies Kirche Interior. Page 10 i -., r the great works a Delight to Fry Sam Bauman staff writer if the builders of the German gothic appealed to the religious sense by towering inspiration the Mas ters of baroque made their statements of Faith by a massed assault on the senses by color form mixing a infinite vision of heaven on a frescoes dome with the finite detailed study of a gilded was the aim of the baroque architect an illusion of vast Spacey free flowing form vivid color. The baroque was essentially a sensual approach Toi Art aimed at creating de Light in the Eye of the beholder. Inshore baroque churches Appeal to the spirit through the baroque roughly 1600-1715 came on the heels of the Renaissance which failed to penetrate too deeply into Ger Many from Italy. It blended into the Rococo some say there is Little Dif Ference Between baroque a Rococo that Rococo is merely baroque carried to extremes y. The baroque is a blend ing of the Art of the architect the sculptor the Painter into a harmonious whole. From the exterior the baroque Church has Little of,.the Majestic soar ing sweep of the gothic nor the quiet dignity of the romanesque. There Isa gentle curving softness to the baroque form which makes it easier to grasp somehow than the More Awe. Some styles. At the same time however the baroque Church tends to dominate its set Ting dramatically calling attention tits main Entrance often absorbing adjoining structures using them a Cloisters schools or the like. The baroque architect focused attention on his creation by a variety of methods flowing Iff Tes that swept the Eye naturally toward the Entrance decoration which rhythmically led the mind to theological conclusion. The word baroque derives from the portugese word for an irregular Pearl Barocco the idea of an irregular. Pearl softly glowing Lustrous is close to the spirit of the , which followed hard on the baroque is traditionally dated from1725-1780. The term comes from the French Rocaille meaning Shell worker Grotto it was originally applied continued on Page h the sound of music is ornate decoration of Organ loft at Ettal monastery shows baroque ties to Onusic. Bach probably the Best known composer n the concert world Wam flowering culmination of the Poch. His fantastic Range of senates concert Possi Solo Organ for Cejp fugues shows a Genius of surpassing but More important work the Art architecture of his time listen for instance Tuoi Ierg a Brandenburg concertos before one of the More fascinating aspects of the baroque period is the fac that it was one of those rare moments in history when the world of Art architecture marched hand in hand with the sound of music at no other period of Western culture has music been reflected As closely by plastic was particularly True in Ger Many where the major composers of the Era remain the Staples of the modern concert program j o h a n n Sebasti Anbach George Frideric Handel Georg Telemann. Telemann was for centuries overshadowed by his better known con temporaries it the Long playing record rescued him from near oblivion re stored him to a leading Niche in the music world baroque Church one cd t help m Elul counterpoint Roa his Grace the stars stripes arout the Echo of the stucco shapes Ween Angels the azure frescoes in is j hymns. Re con truly the baroque was a Tare fluence of the world of am a h. Sees s i be never Mains theat worm apparently were Terso to in south6r .gefw1� a Tiv i Sou Fiern along the a the minds of the men ofin5 life series. But Don t theist figure on baroque rail where me i first of the Highway sign marking the baroque Strasse is found signs Are easy to pick out As of Leyare marked in addition to the name St the Symbol of Trie baroque the Putten or cherubs. But Esayas. The sue Strasse signs Are to pick out the Wise traveler will still plot out Nis a from Ulm the route basically leads South through Kiblingen rot rot where a Detour Well Worth the taking begins. This is the Road to Ott Beuren through Memmy Gen. For details on the glories of Otto Beuren see pages 12-13. From Otto Beuren one can continue on the Detour South out of Memminger or return to rot . Rot for the main route. Friedrichs Hafen on Lake Constance Isth turning Point from there the Road turns North again unless one wishes Totake another interesting Detour to Bir Nau to the West. No matter which Way one travels the glories of Steir Hausen the most Beautiful Village Church in the world can be tasted As the Detour the Mai route link up in the area. From Stein Hausen the Road leads North , Zwi Falten Bla Beuren then Back to Ulm. In theory the 209 Miles could be Cov ered in a Day but that would be miss ing the Point of the trip. Much Bette would be a Friday night trip to Ulm saturday to Ott Beuren. And on Otfried Richshafer overnight there Bla Beuren Zwi Falten Ober Machta Riedlinger Heiliger Euzeal Kappel rot Rof q och Senhausen bad Buchana Steinh Viseh of of bad Schus serried Boheim v 1 � f Ott Beuren two egg $ is rom Waldburg Wang in Germany main route Detour East Detour Switzerland Austria then sunday Back by either the Detour or main route. _ he baroque Buff would be Well advised to plan his trip along the baroque Strasse with care weighing which magnificence to see which to pass up. a trip to the baroque Strasse could be easily linked to a vacation at the armed forces recreation Center in joining a rec Center vacation to a baroque Strasse trip hol dayers can drop in on the Weiskircher another glowing example of the baroque. See furlough facts on the Puzzle Page for de tails on baroque Sites. In Germany or for collectors of oddities one can head South from Ott Beuren visit the austrian enclave of the Klei Walser Tal Cut off from its Homeland by Tower ing Alps. The Money Stamps Are German but the citizenship is austrian. Happily the whole baroque Strassels a matter of Choice at times a difficult Choice Between excellence. Canone really pass up a place with a name like rot . Rot or a German Tow with a French like name of Wisny highlights along the baroque Way clockwise from Ulm include Kiblingen is the first Stop boasts one Rotthe Lew Louis Xvi churches in Germany. The Benedictine Abbey was built Tri the late 18th cent Ryand shows the beginnings of the simpler. Romantic Era that followed the baroque. An interesting Transi Tion. Point och Senhausen 8 monastic Church was gothic but rebuilt in the 17th 18th centuries with Tine baroque furnishings plus a magnificent baroque Organ. The monastic Library has Fine frescoes. Rot . Rot s monastery Church includes fascinating ceiling paintings impressive stucco work with Sacristy stalls in Fine baroque carving bad Wurzbach includes a former Palace Anibeth Century Church Fine Rococo Chapel in St. Mary s Rose Garden. Woli egg s Castle a slight change of Pace with a knights Hall a Large Art arms col Lection. Kiss egg is noted for its baroque Palace Ano. Church. Wisny a former Independent City state has Fin town Gates two baroque churches St. Jacob s. And St. Nicholas. Wangen was also a free City includes a town Hall with a Gem of a baroque facade. Tett Nang was the seat of the counts of Mont fort is site of their Fine baroque Palace. During asparagus season a. Gourmet a dreamland. Friedrichs Hafen s Castle finished in 17qo has elaborate stucco work Weisse Nau is rioted for its monumental baroque monastery Church of the Early 18tb Century. The stuccoed Are outstanding Weingarten is almost a twin of Weisse Nau. Includes a baroque Basilica. Bad Schus serried includes a baroque Library in the former monastery the Church has richly carved choir stools. Bad Buchau has a collegiate Church of the 18th Century Worth viewing suburban Kappel is Rich in romanesque work. Re Dungen i baroque Weller Apelle is a Fina monastery offers a View of some Fina Murali Zwie fasten � Benedictine monastery of thami4-18th Century a one of the finest species of Rococo in Germany includes excellent ceiling paintings stucco work altars. Ober Marchwat on the Danube includes a a Lastlo Church completed in Mol Whlon u Monu mental baroque edifice richly furnished the re. P pm 500900 with Fine ceiling paintings an4 Bla Beuren i former abbey.vffstoia ethic but Inci Udea Miny baf94i Bushes major item is the tamed Bla Beuren Moy 12, 1968 Thi Sta Sano stripes Page u

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