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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - May 12, 1957, Darmstadt, Hesse Its Beefy perils Billy Graham informs Ike Cost the to Wrights Capitol design stirs storm in Arizona Artt Frank Loyd recent gear pm Ranee from a mile High skyscraper to a Bouse made from lit the fuse to an controversy that May the ancient Arlio a state in to Sty Earold who has in Winter Headquarters on the Arisona desert North of is throughout the with his functional design for a new state Capitol opposing Wright and his plans far a Straw tone single level Capitol topped with hexagonal open dome is a croup off Phoenix architects who have been commissioned by the state planning and the state commissioned known As the associated state Capitol has offered de signs for a Simitar to United nations head roasters in new peaty cart Teal its chief spokesman is Albert a Phoenix attorney who has hem openly critical of Wright in the verbal Battle Over what shape the proposed Capitol should Wright describes the skyscraper As a monstrous Derby hat on top of a Telephone Pale not suited to the Arizona insisting that a Capitol in the Eon country should not resemble anything in new Wright suggests that his building be placed in Papago a stat owned desert tract East of he argues that any plans to place a new Capitol at its location near downtown Phoenix would Only further complicate the cites traffic under Wrights recommendations both houses of the state the governors office and the state supreme court would be located in the he Calls Oasis what he describes As the lesser functions of state intent remaining in the present Wrights ultramodern and unique Oasis includes plans for several fountains and gardens of desert he says the design is As natural As nature itself and would attract persons from All Over world to Points out thai the state Constitution fixes tin site for the Capitol within the City artist Kent seeks exhibit in Moscow Sable a artist Rockwell Kent says he want j to Send about 200 of is Best paint ing and drawings to Moscow for an act denied a v 4he has not filed a non communist will not be Able to attend the artist says he will ask american museums and private collectors to Send his works to Moscow for the sponsored by the soviet cultural Asenct limits of adding that Papago Park to some nine Miles from the present Complex of state government functions in the exist ing capital Cost May bar rating Phoud Dibbi City Han Philadelphia a no matter How much mayor Richard son Dilworth and Many other want to see City Hall torn Down and replaced by something More aesthetic in their maybe u simply cant be the reason the old pile of a sprawling Over an entire defies the the mayor reluctantly gave telling members of the City Council that heu probably have to go along with the find Ings of his special commission on Public headed by Gaylord president of the University of the Harnwell he is now All but convinced that the Oast of rasing City Hall would be whatever eventually u the City government must have More and the Way to get As recommended at the is to put up a new Annex in adjoining Reyburn an area which is being developed along the lines of new Yorks Rocke Feller Johnson accuses Usia director of generalities in funds debate Washington up democratic Leader Lyndon b so curd the Tir Agency of using it Litterina generalities rather than farts in its fit the to have the Senate restore tits the the Texas Democrat the voted the As be Vista director Arthur Larson to his roughest to before the a Tref i As in uhf and much time Grill no so few As i with who try inc to net the to or Torr 130 million of Mutton trimmed from he new budget by the got Little help from top subcommittee Fader attack he frequently reddened under the barbed attacks of Johnson and sen Mike Mansfield Mansfield again criticised Larson for an april 16 speech in Hawaii in which the Usia chief said an Ftp Jeff pervaded the Era of the democratic new Deal and Fadeal administrations 1 just dont like an american political party characterized As be ire in the grip of an alien the usually Mildmay need Mansfield told when Larson protested that the question was not related to the Usia the sub committee replied it Doest any difference whether it is or Larson then said the hawaiian speech was a historical reference to an episode characterized the new Deal and fair and not to the democratic party and not to the present returning to the John son said the 17sia chief was asking for More jobs than the House authorized he also said the Agency had operated on an average of about million a year for the flight comes to sudden Stop past nod the fir Urr Foxx arted to about Mutton Johnson Tom Larson that wou5d to pot in the record in turn the on the has is of the 1 rant Cwi Vince the semite ire More than the the Leader replied thai he had been trying to develop his testimony in it systematic and orderly first explaining the generally and then swing into us questions Mansfield renewed proposal that Usia be brought under slate department we worm where foreign policy to Ernst need tie a More efficient or More economical Karl in Munh it the mid he to by Aan said he had not up on the Point Mansfield told Larson be not oppo Fetcu Tsia 1 think it is and i have the that the answer to with you that wore not hooked by Navy says Washington top the Navy has dismissed As a harmless prank the action of a group australian University pirates who boarded and Cap lure the aircraft Carrier Benning Ca in Sidney last week the Navy said straight faced that the incident did not indicate any breakdown in naval what really the Nat was that the students got permission to Board the ship to solicit funds from the Crew in tie half of a local Charity it said ther went aboard under be Servai Ion of ships Security watch Batten one of the students pressed an alarm Button on the Bennington while other pranksters in nearby Small boats shout if Over loud speakers that the ship was do spot All the pull Sty about a captured the Navy the Crew contributed to the soliciting students for their Charity drive this the navys summation consider the a harm less prank perpetrated by dul identified guests of ship admitted u Friendly port As part of a ill pattern followed by Navy v Zissels visiting free world nations no charges preferred Boston police and firemen work to John Pryor from the wreckage of the car he crashed into a Concrete building while fleeing from police at 96 police said the youth apparently when off Lars tried to Flag him for a tratto death Pei ally ban gains in California a the state Assembly has voted 432s to declare a six year moratorium on the death penalty in California with some the Bill now goes to the ipg isolation would Scarth of men now in san Quei iting oath including Ciri who turned author during his eight years in the Bill pin for anyone 18 who convicted the second time of first his victim Lurins a kid spins or Kiln Anyon a prison or trying o is marriage brakes i los Ang Hlls ins Brisie Brake put a to her marriage to wealth los operator m Brake testimony hut he was very won her alter telling the court that during one in his moods he forced her to ride in one of his trucks in an cd eng on new years diem asserts Southeast Asia Alert to reds Washington Dent no huh Dietr of South Vietnam said with the of Keiit Borini count a memo in All v can he stopped he told tonal club Vietnam convinced Tanir Zwir Ernedis the of internal diem apparent to to the Neutral states of Aud and to h Keroher of dips speech followed Confer with Deputy Sec notary of defense Donald Quarles and other military officiate on of military support Gurt denies Matusow plea new Yolk the court of upheld Jar jury of on tune Kov witness Harvey in a Matusow was int sep of few counts of perjury involving charges before a crack jury that former assistant us attorney Roy Cohn induced him to Faue testimony in a Smith act anal of communist Lead he was sentenced to five years n Matusow appealed on grounds that he had Heen deprived of a fair trial by the governments injection of the communist Issue Meta his trial and that court had discretion in limit Cross examination of the appeals court said it found abuse of discretion and basis for the other Appeal w ii free on Ike gets Gold medal for building what Washington Dent Etown Horr exp rented at Why he it Hatthi be cold by the Institute of the president told of the Arrtie Tariu that he had asked Brig on John his special ambit ant on Public what have i done to deserve this emt Umiker Taid that if Eraf Don replied Yum Are inter Ted to the Owen rated to the president at the White to Eolune narrate the town Mcnar of the Fona tac of Arius retral

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