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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - May 11, 1957, Darmstadt, Hesse After Kiwi l of Mokes o she has time on her hands by Jim a Stoff writer some folks wouldst Yra the Tine of not Mut this pert housewife is on Call around the Dock in hundreds of cities to provide Shes the voice behind the Timeo Day Shes As near As your Telephone from Boston to the from Saska Toon to Corpus berries attractive and personable wife and Mother in to the inquiring Shes a pleasing voice on a sound no regt Oal this heard As often As that of Many a radio or to is projected by the wires and tubes and Cyl inders and flashing lights of a fascinating machine leased from the audic Bron in 300 cities More than 3 million people Call Tae most popular number in town to hear a Brief six second advertising or Public service message followed by the Ooi rect who has been recording for the firm for More than 20 won the Job Over Strong the native atlantean talks in a pleasant recording sessions Are heu about every two weeks and usually last about 15 min she Doest have 1ft record All conceivable times of she most read Oaly the hours 1 through 12 and the minutes i through 59 and the sponsors engineers com Bine these recordings on a film sound Jack that later moves minute by minute perfect synchronization with local Moore is Tow Mother of free child a boy 15 and two 12 and her Hubaud is manager of an Auto Fia Aace the voice of the has a 5day a Atlanta television program and does freelance commercial to prior to worked in radio for several the time machine was invented by John a affable Atlanta Man who put in the first automatic Timeo Day Telephone service in Telephone engineers who Monitor the equipment just to make sure its working properly estimate that about half the callers say thank but the velvety voice never answers Back and you cant get her into a now and then some lonesome drunk Dur tag the late hours tries to make a but its frustrating when All the lady will say is the time is 1158 the time is 1159 Bridge o Nee la a while evea the experts get mixed x saw two top players mess a the bidding a this hand la the re cent Vanderbout they failed to get to five Dia monds which is a and played at i oar hearts which was going Dowa at four hearts teas and took Good but the fact remains that they dug their own grave Johnny Crawford was West and made the Informatory after passing i was East and decided to come in Over the Diamond bid with my three High card the bidding then went along naturally until South made a Cue bid of four at which to everyone North promptly this was dangerous procedure by since Santa was Only showing Cockx cml 4ta4il Jeff pfc by a Salt Craw Fotty operated Mac of 14 and i played the Asia aay Good this meant it was no great feat for Crawford to find the right a South had previously supported Hist 4ak9s East aqj8t51 10712 South bks Kortyk of x of the Tina was what to Craw Ford had led the Deuce of Dia x knew he had the Ace of a line with the suit preference or Becker Crawford was asking for club when a defender gives his part Are a Raff he can indicate by the siae of the card led which suit he wants the Trump suit and the suit ruffed dont of the remaining two in this Case and Crawford by leading a Low Diamond ask ing for the return of the lower ranking this seemed Odd to me since Johnny Doest often pass hands containing my do was but to so x led a dub and cot another Diamond Ruff to beat the if x had returned a Declarer Arona have made the awl x never would have heard the end of of v57ali pop tent poets Mcaden Are Tawna so Sake tit to tvs pms to Fyfo a Man neat Arnor and that Tow Eatnon rotate of War meat fitted u Omot nov remd a Sno att typed and to awaken my me ohm the cod of proud Marr taif ant to the new Buth when anthems for the lost m the tide that twee Kings giant Bird whate ride Owr col nut the boiled of a 9o3f g o9f luvs m you am nixed with Toff i am atone Here with your name Tony on say it risen to aty my a the where if River Emu Bernaed Tif the mood vhf that pounded against the proud Chat and what is that theft to to while d e c a y and readied ninth Tine total Tunu be Okay at to a Orluf fed other you on a Sweet m a dajuuvk8s or the of eat How to tit Mountain and the tend we the fleeting Yean with with tote the who the red that Vonu Fornof too u and the of off of the to diff stir doubts the int Hurt the re front sock that Fri Nomad to the the tired the the taut Emi witty is Mem the my Rote of my and i f give and the and the of fief with father awaken it hour near when i on hear the Virgin of the new world woo my that May feel thu Cool air upon my and wrench from them Afaisen a he Dett 1mb a term Node the greatest treason in Trust Aad love a world of troop Antu of Cal where Here a a Marty hat rotund the to Mettr i the High flying Vetn Yon Teet and i off i am no in a world Dros nothing of titty of of a that i thrown to Rig so Boot How of tack who a tier entered your door r and whip they Ott walk musing 1 alone lacing bark tart for memory of the fight end girl with youth Ingoe enc on barbed win an meter1 mask Aromnd looking out m 4ad too o Traci or i mom St emf to Csc of corf to look it Tail memory of a titty of cow mow a Twoma budded i a fat and Takfai whet u Martila Mare mod Dot ssh Fabb both sides Many item Bave write to Eton vent or i Kewpie piety agree a Tab their theres a easy la and bad but another viewpoint of the soft Balmy Brone is i have Hay fever and Spring make me the wat of lots aae sub 1 know Iti Tarre or your 1 never could explain the Way f Yow or Why i Delight in you what mystery entered it causing me to then the tears of god m hearer gave the fms their then set my whole to run when he made Yon for Johnnie Floyd the and May tt9

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