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European Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - May 9, 1968, Darmstadt, HesseBy Harold Heffernan Nana staff writer Melodie Johnson a spectacular blonde who s been touted As a leading candidate for the love goddess position once held by Marilyn Monroe says wait a minute Fellows she s out of Contention. I could t be less interested insists the Young Beauty. What s More i Don t think Hollywood or the rest of the world is terribly interested in an other movie love goddess at least Notin times like melodic in t about to camouflage he curves Don spectacles or Wear her hair in a tight Bun. She s willing Togo on playing screen sirens As she did recently with Clint Eastwood in Coop an s Bluff a police drama which she is called upon by the script to kick East Wood out of bed. But just Don t men Tion anything about sex Symbol to died with Marilyn Monroe says Melodie who missed a College de Gree by a year and who has a High . For Hollywood or any other kind of sick terrible movies made today by american producers will never unearth a new love goddess. The French can make a love Story Socan the italians but Hollywood is much too Hung up on sex because of the puritanism that is still part of the american attitude. If we made a Manana a woman the heroine would have to be a nymphomaniac and the hero homosexual. Now i see that hilariously sex mad heroine Candy is being concerted into a big Star film by an american company shooting in out film makers seem to be so Bent on neuroses the sort of guff you see in Romany Shock films nowadays is sex with out femininity and therefore not Only fails to ring True but most of the time registers As laughable she can t see a feature picture or a to show these Days without encounter ing actresses who try to express sex by wearing Riding boots wielding Riding crops Riding motorcycles and being Quick of foot and Flippy of Tongue these films and the girls in them Are a contrivance and will not be in the Public Eye for the outspoken girl named Melodie my Mother named me so after seeing a character in an old Mickey Rooney Andy Hardy film says she plans to be herself on screen no matter How else she May be urged and to try for no image other than the actress Loren is her idol because she projects sex vividly but "1 keep hoping that someone in Holly Wood will study the films of Sophia Loren and Marcello Mastroianni an attempt a love Story like divorce. Italian style or some of their others 5she says. These were films in which nobody was perfect. Everyone was weaker Strong wrong or right. Nobody came in with faultless makeup or perfect Hairdo. They showed men and women to be human and real and they were that Way without being hard and sick. Sex should be soft and warm an wonderful. I Hope Hollywood will soon come Back to portraying it that Way Deap dear Ann Landers at the moment 1 am so mad 1 could Chew thumbtacks. Our son is in Vietnam. Rewrites once sometimes twice a week. The mail is very important to my husband and me. We live for it. The Wom an next door is an attractive Brunette with a very Friendly manner. She is especially Friendly to the postman. 1 Amso eager to get the mail these Days 1 stand on the front porch waiting. For the past two weeks the postman has been going into this woman s House for a cup of Coffee. 1have tapped my toe for. As Long As 15 minutes waiting for him to come out. Yesterday he was in there for 20 minutes. Should 1 Telephone the Post office and report him 1 hate to be a troublemaker ois hould i Knock on the worn an s door and ask the postman for my mail it is not my bus Ness How Long he sits there all1 want is a Lexie from my son. Needles and Pink dear n & p if you Don iwans to be a troublemaker grab the mailman bldg Oil he goes into the neighbor s House or Bis cup of Coffee dear Ann Landers i am a Post 14 boy 16 who thinks you Are the grooviest. I need your help and i Hope you la com through. My problem is acne. At first it was just a few pimples but now my face and neck recovered. My Mother says it is part of growing up and 1shouldn t let it bother me. She keeps telling me time will Takecare of it. For Over a year 1 have been self conscious an miserable. How much longer should it take 1 have tried laying off certain foods but it has t helped. I bought medicines 1 saw advertised and they Haven t done me any Good. We Don t havea Tot of Money for doctors so please Don t suggest treatments. Should 1 keep trying the medicines in Hopes something will help or should i be patient and Hope time will take care of it do you know Volany cure the new Orleans mess dear new Orleans there indu sure cure for Ujiie. A treat Meni that works wonders lot one person might prove totally worthless for to a doctor. Vaju Don t need a lot of you will spent less with a of � doctor than if you continue to buy worthless concoctions an treat yourself. Special lamp treatments in the physician office of course have helped thousands of kids just like make an appointment today. Dear Ann Landers in a re cent column you attributed to St. Paul the statement it snot Good for Man to be 1 have heard of robbing Peter to pay Paul but you dear lady Are robbing statement was made by him in genesis 2 18.i Don t believe god would resent your faulty attribution but 1 do feel you should keep the record straight in the in Terest of accuracy your Friendly pastor . Of Friendly pastor thank you for calling this Grous error to my attention. I have before me Over 100letters from other readers who caught the mistake. What Ajoy to know my of imn is read by keen observers whore obviously better versed in the Bible than i. Thanks to allow you who Wole til take 10 lashes with an old prayer shawl copyright ib6b, put Hiher Uii Syndicate the stars and stripes scotch win prices compare with Gold flow a problem to be battled by All must admit it was with regret that 1 went to a urn in to buy the liquor for a recent rather Large party to his b St whisky is about 50 cents cheaper per bottle Ami win h much cheaper downtown than at the class i not in being of better Quality. Whoever bought that Charm Lonyou Stock managed to wind up with the worst Vinhal j�2 years. In 20 i realize you Are governed by certain regulations fix no of foreign beverages but Don t you think the recent Liing of whisky prices in German stores warrants some Caffi whining while Dan editor s note the Usa eur class i age nov 1local Economy prices of All foreign produced Jii col cages sold in Usa eur class i retail outlets Are in periodically to insure that our prices do not exceed those local Economy. On 2by German Taw whisky sold on the Economy is Bovim i.70 Centi liter bottles containing 23.6 ounces. The Usah Euh a. I Agency procures foreign whiskies in Standard fifth sing 25.6 ounces. On an ounce for ounce basis the Scutch identical to those sold in the Usa eur class i retail Are priced somewhat higher on the local Economy. 3scotch whisky May be purchased on the local Economy for Tow As w.25. However these Are secondary brands and it is onh on very rare occasions that a local merchant will offer a firs Quality scotch whisky As an inducement for the Public to a at his store. 4in regard to prices of wines sold on the local Economy com pared to the Usa eur class i prices it is True that the sate generic Brand names of wines can by procured cheaper on he Economy than in our retail outlets. For example a certainly be found on the local Economy that May be Chaner class i Liebra Milch Madonna which cannot repurchased on the local Economy at any Price. Originally a Loeb Fra Milch was Only Rhine Hesse wide but today the name Llcy Fra Milch applies also to Rhine wines. The German Law also per mits some latitude in determining what is Good Quality. This re sults in the Labelling of All sorts of wines with the name lick Fra Milch wines that will he offered to the Public at prices we Lirange from less than a Dollar to Over 15. In All cases lie fran Milch will be a blended wine and the More responsible shippers Only employ the finer hessian wines for their Lieb Frauman blends. To protect themselves against the Competition of those who Are concerned less with Quality they have identified their with an added registered trademark name Aswell. For example there Are such names As Liebra Milch Bli nun Label or in our own Case Liebra Milch there Are no bargains in Fine wines and one simply gels what one pays the chateau la tour de Mons which apparently does no meet with the writer s approval has been relisted by this Agency and will not be available in our retail outlets after the present stocks Are exhausted. 6the writer mentions the Gold flow problem. In this respect we would like to invite his attention to the Fine selection ill american wines which Are offered by this Agency. In 1961 sold 3,4n cases of american wines. Last year our sales needed 23, cases which is a food indication of their grow ing popularity. Low col calorie count could you inform me As to the calorie Content of the Low Cal ice Cream sold in yes Woodland also what is the Gram Content Forlow Carbo dieters five cd German/1 editor s note he yes replies yes produced Low Cal ice Cream is calculated to contain calories per pint and 58.99 Carbo Grams. Misquoted quote How is it possible for Charlie Ryan sports editor for he overseas weekly to write such garbage As was printed in the april 7 Issue the article stated that All negroes should be up away. If a negro is Good enough to get killed in Gray and Black people he should be Able to vote and live where he chooses. And most of All when travelling to stay in a hotel and to use the Gray Man s rest room. Mrs Carolyn e. Inn Munich managing editor s note we replied personally mrs. Inmon and sent her letter on to or. Ryan. Here is his it w i have already conveyed my personal feelings concerning negro Boycott of the olympics in my column. And on april 1 gave mrs. Inmon an equal Chance in the same medium printing a letter of protest she sent. However i would like to comment on the charge she made her letter to the stars and stripes. Mrs. Inmon slated Tual column read All negroes should be put n. By lne a wer la simply to quote my column of april 7, Harry Edwards was a member of a communist bloc a be would have been put away. For advocating a in Yin of the olympics. Unfortunately mrs Inmon seems to misinterpret my Tho Ujj on the subject regardless of Bow simply i try to state to nonetheless she a her rights and deserves to be answered fully us possible. Thank you or this Opportunity to answer one of the most crw civil readers i have Ever run across. Thur Day May 9, 1961

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