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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - May 7, 1957, Darmstadt, Hesse I Han revived Western that Tost control of set canal to Egypt last summer u now negotiating for role in building first Tunnel Between Britain and the it has been chairman Leo Erlanger d i Clawd talks at the annual meeting of Channel Tunnel stockholders the old suet canal mostly owned by British and French in became unemployed last july when Egypt president Carn Al Abdel Nasser nationalized the Channel on the other has no at least 13 attempts have been made to Start on last Fen tiry Bat All failed for Lack of the project was sparked into life recently when the British govern ment withdrew for Yean government feared thai the Tunnel might provide a Quick invasion for from the continent emergence of plans for a euro Pean free Trade tone has raised some for a profitable Trade route in he Tunnel for 70 years the nominally Pri vate Channel Tunnel has remained in business wailing for the Day when enough capital might be obtained for billion Dollar it is subject to government pol according to be cause stat owned British and French systems m a i o r this government in would by company participation because the British government is the canal company largest How much it worm Cost to build the Deranger that guess to be 100 million Mil lion he said h would perhaps take 10 years to Deranger said the Tunnel would pay its own Way presumably by the collection of he added that americans Are interested and it would certainly be Wise to invite them aboard the bandwagon at the right exes Gen goes on trial for 34 nazi blood Bath Munich eap former col sep paroled from l 25yipar War crimes sentence 19 weat an trial Rufon German court for Roio n the Naif mood Bath the 65yearold Veteran in asked to spy soviets More unknown into planning Post Moscow Russia has named an obscure Josef to be the nations sixth first Deputy Premier and chairman of the stale Lon term planning the surprising appointment placed Kunnin in a key position behind communist party first Secretary Niota Khrushchev just As Khrushchev revolution Ary program of Industrial decentralization was due to begin throughout an announcement saturday by the presidium of the supreme so russian said the new first Deputy Premier would re place Nikolai a Shakov As head of the planning the announcement gave no de tails identifying who is virtually unknown outside Western records showed Only that he was a member of the Cen trial auditing commission of the communist believed to Deal with party financial he not a member of the party Central committee nor was he listed As holding any of rus Sias Many ministerial As first Deputy chairman of the Council of Kuzmin joins five leaders Well known to the West Dmitri Vya Cheslav Lazar Kag Maxim Saburova and the announcement also said that whom Kuzmin had been appointed first Deputy Premier and chairman of the state planning commission for the rus Sian division of the soviet Baiba Kov has held posts As com Missar and minister of the soviet of a member of the Centra he had been chairman of the Lon term plan Ning commission since May Stalin peace prize now Lenin award Moscow a the soviet unions International peace award will known hereafter a the Lenin peace prize not the Stalin peace the supreme soviet announced the Decion in another manifesta Tion of the Campaign of Down grading stains Stalin originated the prize March As the soviet unions an swes to the Nobel he was understood to have taken a great personal interest in habit forming Louis who has practice Medicine Here for 40 recently delivered his 40th Al of he has delivered total of including two of Ica says Aid programs reduce tax Burden Washington International cooperation administration Ica says foreign id pro Grams help the allies maintain 10 times As Many army divisions As the and result in immense savings in defense in a Booklet on the effects of held in slaying Rudolph Valentino been booked la connection with the unsolved lady in red of but Downing in february Dade police said herring admitted Mia Downing when she re feted photo Russ predict television from planets by 1970 London a russian scientists Hope within five to 10 years to be Able to Send apparatus to the Moon to transmit television pictures Back to the Accord ing to a lecture broadcast by radio by about 19to it should be Poss Ible to and similar devices to the planets Mars and Venus As a re sult of a line of thought on cos Mic research originated in the so Viet the lecturer foreign Aid on the american econ Ica said Aid programs fib impose a substantial Burden on but balanced against the it is the alternative of a much heavier Burden that would Fah on the if we tried to provide ourselves with the same amount of military Protection by it in the Agency foreign Aid provides in estimated jobs for american workers and helps create new customers for this foreign Aid does not build up injurious foreign Competition for it president Eisenhower has not yet submitted this years Aid pro Gram to but he has said it will run around the published said Aid enables together with their own to main Tain defensive strength in number another Story on Paye 6 of army divisions nearly 10 times our own and in number of air squadrons nearly equal to our in helping to provide Forward buses for use by the saving is it and amounts to Many times the annual Cost of the Mutual Security Ica said 78 per cent of All for Eig Naid Money has been spent in the and that Aid shipments in most recent year for which figures were available each counted for 25 per cent of All it has been estimated that in 1955 people were employed directly or indirectly in production resulting from foreign Aid the report the Booklet presents the argument that Aid outlays add to the purchasing Power of other nations and that private Enterprise in the benefits indirectly because these other countries Are enabled to buy More goods rut Rolman Stu Tlatov san nut Deco police Oft Wir of rus Alan Rev Euleil he received a letter from a c of Nui nut group in of Romny in to on of Rowdan mild he a mailed the writ ten in to the awaits soviet of to i Laturin ish columbian Dukho Bors Are awaiting official word from the soviet government regarding plea for repatriation to the sect made its first Appeal through the russian embassy in Ottawa april 17 and recently lol Lowed it up with another communication to ambassador Dmitri should their request be t would mean and end to Tio strife torn years in Canada for the fanatics who fled from persecution under a godless Russia in inspired the Christian which originated about 1783 in denies the authority of the civil govern refuses military service und follows the leadership of inspired the governments forced detention of their children in a school at new Xanver was believed to be a prime Factor behind the Dukho hours decision to seek but the communist propaganda machine apparently also had a hand in for their departure would be a belated solution to a problem which has Cost the Federal and British Columbia governments millions of dollars coping with nude court and prison inquiries and accused on counts of in the execution without trial Famh of storm troopers on june was commander of is battalion which provided firing the six officers and about 300 others were killed after Adolf hit spurred by elite guard and the claimed that million to red by their Kenn in to replace the re Gime by a More Radical fourth ten it atm die Truh was Emu Nilor of the elite guard units re blamed for the world ii massacre of u2 american his in parole to october Drew from veterans n the is former s Milhaud who is Al Vijil to have assisted to Iai Lell execution of room at Munich still Elhem prison july shortly Tryc trial opened cart vase counsel Scull moved to have it adjourned until Rudolf onetime Deputy and another most important witness were available in up Mandan prison Soui said that serving a Iff term in the fou Power Spandau prison in could confirm Dietrichs that a state of National emergency existed at the with Hitler having been Given unlimited Powers by the then president of the Paul von Stidl said Hess would also con firm that Roehm and the other executed leaders were sentenced to death by the supreme tribunal of the nazi there was no immediate court ruling on his a move by sell to have it Gen Hans commander of Allied ground forces in Central testify at the was withdrawn by the defense counsel his decision came after the court said it believed in the authenticity of Speidell wartime memoirs that Dietrich had voiced his anger at hitlers orders in the presence of Field marshal Erwin Speidell striking mistresses of deductible list Washington the gov has quietly raised the Cost of living in the internal Revenue service said it has issued a regulation which bars a taxpayer from claim ing his mistress As a congressional tax writers Are moving to turn the regulation info the 1954 tax Law provided that a taxpayer did not have to be related to a person to claim him or her As a dependent for a reduction in taxable a 110page Booklet issued by the government last year to help tax payers with their income tax re turns said it is not necessary that the de pendent be related to you in any Way to order for you to claim an an example is where an old Friend of yours not re lated in any Way comes to live with you in your but the new retroactive Regula issued recently by internal Revenue commissioner Russell stated an individual is not a member of the taxpayers household if at any time during the taxable year the relationship Between such individual and the taxpayer is in violation of local even before the regulation was formally a tax court in Ala Bama took a similar it ruled against an unmarried taxpayer who had hated an in divorced woman As a they were living together but were not the court held their relationship was in violation of local the new regulation would not bar taxpayers from claiming tax exemptions Tor common Law provided they meet the local Legal requirements for that Swiss Gas Price Cut a gallon Switzerland up a country without any gasoline restrictions or hard cur Rency has Cut its line prices to in time for the main tourist the latest Cut of per cents per bringing Down to 50 per liter 442 cents per went into effect at All Pumpa the Swiss gasoline importers this on april Independent entangled a a fierce gasoline Price War with the had lowered prices to 49 liter 4a32 cents per two children perish in farm fire eau up a Mother and two children died whew fire swept their farmhouse near the victims were identified Dorothy 34 her son 13 and daughter who ran in underwear to a neigh Boring farm for was taken to Luther Hospital Here for treat ment for Shock and inhale

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