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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - May 6, 1957, Darmstadt, Hesse Mey 1957 in and stripes tax payments top Aid in 14 of states Washington cup the tax foundation said 14 pay More than they receive in Federal Aid the in a study of allocating the Federal tax Bur Den among the said the Cost of a Federal Aid Dollar varies from As Little As 29 cents for Mississippi to As much As for the foundation a nonprofit organization engaged in research on government spending and said that setting up a formula to determine How taxes from a state compare with Federal Aid is a complicated Tor it tax col Lection data for last year would indicate that North Ken Tucky and Virginia paid 95 per cent of the tobacco but its the smoker who really pays the and All the smokers dont live in those the report said a similar prob Lem was posed by manufacturers excise taxes on the states that paid More for Federal Aid than they received were Dela new new new Pennsylvania and rb47 crashes in air fueling up an air Force rb47 reconnaissance plane went out of control and crashed during a refuelling opera Tion in flight near three of the planes Crew parachuted to officials believed a fourth airman also but he had not been maj Lewis Public in formation officer at Little Rock where the plane was Sta said turbulent air apparently caused the rb47 to loosen the fuel line from a kc97 Aerial it went into a spin and three crewmen who were found Safe were identified As maj de of maj Russell of Kirk and capt Frank of the missing Mun was not Ridenti the kc97 returned safely to Little Rock the a used for map making and recon was from the 70th strategic recon the plane struck on a farm near about 125 Miles North East of in Tai to and in Survay says leads world in looking and listening Artom United it comes to looking and americana Lead the world in Amus ing when it comes to Reading and the situation is not so Clear but the figures do show on american the United which has just completed a worldwide fact an figure has summed up these findings in a newly published statistical the 39 million to sets reported for the in july 1956 compare to million in its Clos est the year Book that amounts to 90 per cent of the worlds Tele vision sets in the Early put of at the end of Canada re ported s million to sets and West Germany with the of the world to aiming half the worlds 390 million radios were in North America at the end of the reporting 138 million of by compari Russia reported million broken Down in relation to every this meant that North America averaged 622 sets More than one for every two 190 South and Asia 14 la the Dietr Button at ditty we papers per the m9 copies in compared with 570 i 459 in 39t7 in Japan and 396 in by Way of allowing that get More newspaper for their the yearbook that newspapers consumed half the worlds newsprint in More than 70 pounds of newsprint was consumed for each inhabitant that the relation of Book pub Lishing to the rest of the world a fuzzy in the yearbook because the figures include Only Commer Cial publishers and exclude books put out by universities and Virtous at and Federal government the overwhelming fat standing of at the top in Book pub hang with behind the Are and West the in Complete figure la the figures on Pusata Are o veiling indication of what to u few were published on philosophy Ami but Russia had the moot titles in pure Tocica and applied the boo publishing figures cover dec to probe lag in report on Ain juries Houston atomic Energy commission has summoned the officials of a hous ton nuclear Laboratory to a May 22 hearing in Washington to explain Why they waited 29 Days to report that a dangerous radioactive element had burned four it was Learned that the Accident was the second in a year at the Kellogg which used radioactive iridium 192 to Check steel construction material for the earlier Accident was worse than the More recent Accord ing to physicians who treated two men burned superintendent James Martin and technician the doctors said the mens hands looked just like hot grease had been poured Over the blisters healed and they re turned to the blood Supply to their fingers was constricted and dry ulcers the ulcers were excised and skin grafted Over their fingers so they could work Hiss Book tells new York Hiss has pleaded not guilty this time in the court of Public Opin a Book he has written to Back up the claim his conviction was the product of forgery and Hys in the published by Alfred the former state department official offers what he called important new largely unknown until to de Molish Whittaker Chambers Testi Mony against these new facts Are cited to prove that the most damaging Evi Dence against typewriter on which Chambers said state department documents were copied or summarized by Prscilla a the other main Points of in the court of Public opinion Are that the House Una Merican activities committee had convicted Hiss even before his that Chambers supposedly intimate knowledge of the hisses was pockmarked with inaccuracies and that the jury which found him guilty was mis led by the prosecutor and mis directed by the it is nearly nine years since then a senior editor of time went before the House committee to admit he Wax once a soviet spy courier and to name Hiss As a communist this was the beginning of a National series of events which idiot Only ruined Hiss career and him to prison for perjury in deny ing Chambers but also made his name synonymous with betrayal in High these events included de Nial of having known anyone named Whittaker Chambers ind a few Days the drama tic confrontation in a new yrs Pei Insy train hits kills five in Indiana up five a including a were killed late saturday when a Pennsylvania Railroad passenger train struck t car at crossing state police identified the Driver of the car As the Errest a native of and a minister at a Church in the dead included Byrnes and their also killed were Ella and Batty both of a horse of another hungarians picket soviet in offices new York Hun dred carrying Black flags and marked the six month anniversary of the Hungar Ian revolution by picketing the so Viets United nations delegation Headquarters in the placards demanded that executions and imprisonments in Hungary be they also demanded that russian troops be Beia a member of the hungarian National councils executive said the com Mittee would ask president Eisen Hower to Grant Asylum to the hungarian refugees still suf Fering in Camps in Austria and sculptor Bach Dies up Oscar b metalwork designer and died hailed a a 20th Century Bach gained Fame As a Prodigy at the age of 14 in his native data9 hotel room at which him conceded having known but Only As freelance writer named then there we Zubei suit against Chambers and the tatter producing including microfilms hidden in hollowed out pumpkin on his Maryland farm chamber amid Bias had passed along to my a there were the two hits the first jury s4 for conviction and was unable to reach a verdict the second decided he was Hiss waa sentenced to i five year of which he served three years and eight nowhere does Hiss version of the Case differ More widely from the one appearing la Book witness than in their respective evaluations of Public opinion in the late Chambers writes that the failure of the american people to assets the True evil of him a hated Hiss he was denied a fair trial because of Public hysteria whipped up Over the red it it on the question of fake evidence that Hiss offers his important new fact information submitted by his attorneys in their unsuccessful quest for a new dismissed by government prosecutors As frivolous and largely ignored by the Buck the horse is removed from a Ruu Dhole near aft or being stuck for More thai 24 Kab Bud who attracted stands by As if offering Tuisa liquor trial nets 11 fines fines and jail sentences were imposed against 11 including Tulsa two top police and lesser sentences were slapped on five others in the Climax of a Federal liquor conspiracy us District judge Royce Savage dismissed motions for new trials and then levelled the stiff maximum sentences of one year in prison and Fine against each of the 11 persons on a mis Demeanour count of a Federal Urand jury the count charged them with import ing liquor into constitutionally dry the 11 men include police and fire commissioner Jay 43 suspended police chief Paul and suspended squad detective Jack mamas boy took Solo honeymoon san Francisco a a froom pecked his Bride of Only an hour on the whispered in scared and left for his Home in Lake that was la the Sherry old Superior court judge Bea curler that far As she known her husband still u in the i guess some men Are just mamas said the judge granted

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