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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - May 6, 1957, Darmstadt, Hesse Moty the stats and Stottm Swiss arrest Polie aide on spying charge Switzerland a Kex attuning magistrate Hans w Alder it of the arrest of fed eral polity inspector Max Ulrich on epic Hetge Ulnah is Afi eged to Haw sold recordings erf egyptian embassy Telephone through most of year to col Marod chief of French Intelli gence services n the information provide by us Rich is believed to have riven vital information leading a serifs of arrests of algerian nationalist Many of the outlawed algerian nationalists frequently Isit or visited Switz Erland and Are known to have maintained close Contact with the egyptian embassy in the egyptian embassy complained to the Swiss government last november that it suspected its phones were being tapped for the Benefit of suspended in Marrh a secret investigation threw suspicion on Ulrich who was sus Pended from duty in March Pond ing further Walder said the evidence against was now so heavily incriminating that he had ordered his arrest on May 2 and had filed formal charges against Walder was appointed by the Swiss government both to establish a Case against Ulrich and to determine the reasons for the March 23 suicide of attorney Gen eral Rene As attorney Dubois was in charge of the Federal which acts As Switzerland coun Ter espionage the govern ment communique on March 24 said Dubois killed himself after becom ing implicated in the i Vestiga according to informed at least some of Dubois collaboration with Mercier was carried on with the knowledge and approval of the Swiss but neither the government nor do aware of Ulrichs direct and illegal contacts with Mercier until these were disclosed by the under Switzerland neutrality espionage directed against foreign countries is considered a crime almost As serious As espionage directed against Switzerland boy beating in i i 12 heart stops Vito gel Lisso a Blond boy celebrated his 13th birthday by standing proudly beside his wheel three times this year it seemed doubtful if Vito would live to Cele brate another in january half his body was burned when the flaming wreck age of a disabled transport Piane crashed into Vitos Pacoima Junior Mem muted heart in while he was under going of a series of ski graft his heart twice stopped each time doctors Cut open his Chest and massaged his heart Back into in his room at St Joseph hos Vito collected a big Load of gifts from his and Vito the nurse at the and other Well wishers in his Pacoima neighbor he stood beside the wheelchair to which he had previously been he i want everybody to know in getting doctors say hell be Able to go Home in two Johnson opens budget attack Washl Notton a in Mior Johnson his launched n k on president Eisenhower budget that to make govern a nun Economy a major ears election for von 1r part men is i w i Ely popular in up the Senate ratio is frankly out to and Money on if the outs he helps All heaviest on and Power of colleagues Wilt Annke Senate Republican i in know and of of tue is not hew i Congress we atone to Cut from Eisenhower a prop hed s71 spending program for i ref of Shoal Kentland has matted for 33 i a tag us Tui nation of Suez seen London London sunday express has reported that British tankers will be transiting the Suez canal within 10 Days and paying full canal tolls to Egypt the Long delayed announcement that Britain is to accept egyptian president Gamal Abdel Nasser terms is almost certain to be made the express it said the British government will stress that toll payment be made under protest and As a temporary the Beaverbrook newspaper said that Nasser Victory on the tolls Ssue will be but there s one Consolation for the govern ment an end of petrol rationing will be in Worts Hunse i i Elul Rig Mitt bomb protest in Tokyo Washington Senate Republican Leader Wilham Knowland says that adoption of a rights work amendment would clearly kill the administrations the californian also said that if the int is not reported out of the Senate judiciary committee by the latter of May have to be taken to bypass Thi com the a key part of pres ident Elsen Howers legislative pro has been bottled up in the judiciary committee by Southern opponents since its approval by a subcommittee last March Mcclellan amendment at the committees meeting lost sen John Mcclellan to added fuel to the Contro by offering a rights work amendment to bar labor agree ments requiring employees to be Union several states have passed right to work but such legislation is opposed by leaders of Organ sited labor As vigorously As most Southern senators oppose the administrations civil rights Knowland said that Mcclellan a amendment should not be Tinl to the civil rights Bill regardless of Whit individual the merits senators think of rights work month to visit Ike w on estate Washington Eisenhower is planning to spend next weekend at his country estate at his old Friend British Field marshal Viscount will be his Monty and Eisenhower have been friends since the former served under Eisenhower in world War Montgomery now is Deputy supreme commander of Allied forces in House press Secretary James Hajj erty said mom coins Ory has a standing invitation to visit the president and is coming to this country just for Pur he May Jet a tour of the civil War Bat Wiefield personally conducted by the cart of from a practical standpoint he the result would he that neither a civil rights we nor Bill would be Knowland his own feeling right work is that it should be left to the Deci Sion of the he called t a matter of states congressman backs plan for children a replica of a Muldoom Toad is carried through Tokyo Streete Britain the teed bomb Terra la the us exploits workers with reds charge Berlin up East German communists have claimed that British capitalists use Tea its a class War weapon to exploit work the communist party newspaper Volks Eiling reported that a Coventry factory owner serves Tea to his workers during a recess in which music is he gives them Strong Black with Nigmy concentrated tvs Frein to whip up the workers nerves thereby extracting their last bit of Energy in order to increase pro the paper coeducational Philadelphia University has a mens glee club and a women give nobody seems to know just but a woman is accompanist for the mens glee club and a Man accompanies the s by Washington a new York contending that grownups Are coaxing Al the Spe Cial has endorsed the proposal of an 8yearold cons Tiitu in for an annual childrens Bernard Pat a Republican with three daughters and eight grandchildren of promised to carry the idea to president grind father of Kearney got the idea from Junet Susan Simpson of who we have a fathers Day and a mothers Why cant have a childrens Day please dont say that every Day is childrens the congressman agreed t s a t every Day int childrens even though it really ought to because every Day that int Spe Cial in some Small Way for you and your friends is a Day on Winich some grownup slipped i just want you to know that sometimes we just like Kearney hinted that president Eisenhower grandchildren might Csc a Little lobbying in your be my personal guess is the presi will like the he Pill seniors drop Queen tradition Pittsburgh Cap the class of 1957 it the University of Pitts Burgh shuttered a year tradition by voting to omit of n senior True Queen and he court Nave been a colourful part of the Pitt for but the Elass of 37 adopted a Resolution to omit the the Resolution said prefer to think Ems of us has of ought something of that Ideal by the time Are ready to Are Matin enough not to have the need to choose r be one Way England Schoolboy John Howe Len do i yourself hypnotism Only to find out that his 35vent maned of hypnotism didst explain How to Johns Friend Bryan Mason Stu a willing subject but it took 12 hours of treatment at Hospital to bring Bryan out at his i for difference Heth own Nett j total of Bil Ison Irtel in i some of Fror he future Troj wont spent in the year july or of a by previous the current control f actual upending is the indications an that Johnson in mind no such definite i us that picked by it is not part of the democratic strategy to enforce Economy at the expense health farm benefits and Power these Are issues which the democrats generally helped them keep control of both houses of con last year while Kinin Hower waa sweeping to a support in his somewhat new role As an Economy Johnson hacked up by what he regards solid support from the voters of for a reduction in lie believes this sentiment is duplicated in All sections of the coun another Texas House speaker Sam said sat urday that Congress to Cut the presidents budget by 13 Bil lion to billion without hurting the without setting a Ray Burn said this would provide tax Cue that would help Rayburn spoke at a closed break fast meeting of democratic governors and other party his remarks were relayed re pc raters by the democratic National committee publicity Sam besides the democrats who will so along with Johnson will have some support from conserva Tive republicans who have expressed Shock Over the size Eisenhower spending Anne Frank Haven to be youth Home Amsterdam map old mansion in which 14yearold jew ish to Jarl Anne Frank wan hidden from the nazis during world War ii ind in which wrote her famous will made into a Center in her Otto who sur a Sard the nazi was present at the officus registration at the Anne Frank set up of the eve of the annual nationwide of the nether lands liberation from Gitnes telling about anxieties of two jewish f aim was into Many Ian the american play Bas Fdl on the diary is a Hight m a dozen Bandit steal from Bank in Atlanta Atlanta two Mem wearing Over their Tob hed the i Fath Branch of and Southern National Bank of shortly before a tits the Lian dits held up two ploys Sis they twins Ferring Money from the Bonx to a drive in window at the rear of Betty assistant Teller who Wau in of the driven said two wore Over their a mate but that their were Huncov the men ran to perked car and drove Ott

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