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European Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - May 5, 1968, Darmstadt, HesseThe stars and stripes Sun Foy May 5, red intent veiled talks will cause jitters in Asia by William l. Ryan a special correspondent the opening to peace in Viet Nam is Only the tiniest crack. If that opening is widened twill be a development of the deepest significance for Asi and the world. Just what the intentions of Hanoi Are will not be known however until the representatives of the United states and North Vietnam get Down to discussions in Paris. The meeting will be strictly a preliminary Contact to de cide whether the two sides really will or can negotiate. North Vietnam wants All acts of War bombing and shelling of its territory by to Stop As a condition pc entering the next phase of the talks. The United states wants to know what Hanoi Swilling to Swap for that. Would it agree to a freeze on the in filtration of arms into the South the Contact in itself will be enough to cause a bad Case of peace jitters in the government of South Vietnam which seem convinced that Hanoi wants Only to gain time and a respite fro the punishment and loss of Man Power it has been subjected Toby the americans and by a Quarter Century of if the meeting causes a peace scare in Saigon it is Likely to do so in peking As Well. If North Vietnam actually begins to negotiate it will do so in Defi Ance of the advice of its hug neighbor red China. This in it self will be an indication of considerably increased soviet influence in keen observers of the situation in Southeast Asi judge that the process which brought about the agreement to meet in Paris began in sep tember 1965, when defense min ister Lin Piao then emerging As red chinese Strong Man issued his manifesto Long live Vic tory of people s that essay was read by Many As simply a Call for world revolution. But there was some thing else in it. Peking seemed t6 instruct even order the North vietnamese to pattern their Indochina ambitions on Mao tse Tung s tactics in China War for Many years operation from Remote baes refusal of Battle with a Superior enemy even surrender of territory until a worn out enemy preoccupied elsewhere would give up the fight. At this Point the Tenor of Hanoi comment changed. North Vietnam s party until then sup ported red China in its ideological War with Moscow. Thereafter Hanoi became Neutral no longer criticizing the was virtually forced to rely on Moscow for significant help. Moscow in turn has Bee interested in containing chinese ambitions. Testifying to this was a Deci Sion to Shore up India in con Cert with the americans who the chinese threatened its Bor the Moscow faction in Hanoi has won uni there is sonic Hope that the Paris Contact will develop into talks. But peace seems a Long Way away. The bust Ades Are formidable South Vietnam s government re fuses to negotiate with the Viet Cong. The Viet Cong refuse total with those they Call the puppets of Saigon. The americans and North vietnamese can talk but As Long As North Vietnam As indicated in its latest statement Sticks by its All or nothing stand there can be Little Hope of Progress. What is happening in America dismay and frightens Saigon to say nothing of other South East Asia governments. They Are alarmed by the Antiwar pro tests and by what they read As pressure for . Disengage ment in Asia. Thailand Malaysia an others in the area including severely threatened Little la sat the Doorstep of Vietnam indicate developing cases of Jit ters. What if the . Military presence should be severely cutback what will happen to them this May be eventually where the russians enter the picture. Given the depth of the feud with red China the rus sians May be persuaded in Thelong run As in the Case of in Dia that they have a common interest with the United states . Losing bid to hold Chipper although he has a chipped tooth and a bruised _ sen. Robert Kennedy democratic presidential nomination con in guaranteeing and securing the tender campaigns with no setup in Greensburg ind. The tooth Vietnam and All Southeast Asia and lip injuries were suffered when enthusiastic supporters pulled from expansion by the chinese him from his car during a motorcade in South Bend. A photo . Scents to be inching toward metric system by or. Joyce brother Snew York Nana the United states is rapidly becom ing an Island of feet and pounds in a sea of metric Are for All practical Pur poses the Only major country that still uses measurements derived from the Width of Aman s thumb one inc the length of a King s foot 12 inches or 1 Foo the distance from one s nose to the tip of the thumb a Yard and the amount of a land a Man could plow Inone Day one acre. If the conversion Bill now i Congress is passed gone for Ever will be meaningful references to the four minute mile five foot two and eyes of bluer a Hundred and one pounds of fun 20 to a gallon and mis Samerica measurements in terms of 36-24-36. Can a red blooded american male Ever get excited at the Prospect Ofa new sex Symbol who measures in at 98.5-66.5-96?probably. It will be a matter of time. American Earth scientists Are strongly in favor of conver Sion but they realistically recommend that the changeover take place Over a period of 20years. The All encompassing conversion to a new system of weights and measures would mean that Road signs would Al have to he changed postal rates would have to be altered containers revised textbooks rewritten electrical appliances standardized. Estimates of the Cost of this conversion run from $11 billionth $200 billion yet economists argue that our adherence to the Inch the quart and the Pound might lose As much As $10 Bil lion annually in Export sales. The metric system certainly makes for easier arithmetic. Americans have to memorize such outrageous equivalents As 5,280 feet to the mile 12 inches to a foot 160 Square rods to an acre 640 acres to a Square mile 32 quarts to a Bushel. By contrast the metric system divides everything into neat multiples of 10. A thousand Grams equal 1 kilogram 1,000 meters Are in a Kilometre 1,000 liners in a kilo liter. The whole sys tem takes less than an hour to learn while an american child May spend a full year learning our system. Conversion will probably be confusing and frustrating at first. For instance Cookbook measurements will be revised and land records will become obsolete. Just us we learn the new math from our children sour children will probably be the first to comprehend the new system of weights and Mea sures. We will have to unlearn lifetime of measurements that just won t measure up any longer. In fact there Are More than 80 units of weight and measure in common use in the United states ranging from rods and Gills to Points an perches. But we will have Only three units to relearn the Gram the liter and the meter. We will be Able to sell our television sets abroad. And we will also be. Able to repair More easily the imported appliances american screws do not fit japanese tape recorders euro Pean cars Swiss typewriters or italian sewing machines. The Cost and the confusion will be staggering. But there Are Many who feel that the Cost of wage line by Joseph r. Coyne Washington a _ administration is in ing ground in its bid to keen wage increases this year what it considers Levels. W instead of declining from Lai year s level As the admin Surj Uon had hoped wage sell menu have climbed even High a the 0.5 per cent animal sett ment announced thursday by the communications worker of America and the Bell Tele Rhone system is Only the Latatia a string of wage pacts fat exceeding administration wishes. There was no immediate comment from the Council d economic advisers on the Tele phone settlement which Sliff races a ratification vote administration official done Teddy feel the move is Ottati ovary even if they Don t say so publicly. In its annual report last february the Council called for Union settlements this year Tobe appreciably lower 1 than the 5.5 per cent average or1067 increases and urged restraint by business to hold this Price line. But Here s what has happened so far this year. Average wage 6 per cent during the first Quarter of this year according to administration of in the key Coe Striction Industry arc Alread approaching 8 per rent wild demands in some areas Olwage increases a Portelly ai5 High As 33 per cent. The Council still malt gains that Price stability ran by achieved Only when wage b-1creases Are geared 1 in read productivity but an exact Signh of 3.2 per cent set in 1966, wifi abandoned in 1967 when it a came apparent a fixed Guider line would be unrealistic. Of in its first major Public Prfu noncom Cal the new commit tee on Price stability said was increases proposed in amstruc1 Uon could imperil the Effort to regain Price stability. Wage and Price cd wage Price restraint. ,.-Cmeuropean edition col. James w. Campbell Uia. It. Col. F. $. Michael jr., Muftar. A puny Mert Proctor. Managing Elmer d. Frank production a Henry 9. Epstein. Circulation an unofficial new paper of and for he , armed Frei. Commander in chief . European command and printed Dally Germany. Military Addre Tai the Start and Stripe Apo 09175. Let nut the Star and str pee. Poit Fach 10m, 41-Darmttadt, Germany. Tel or e prefix 06155 2071 m Dart Udo Alre trip pref 837 741. Telex 0� York offices 64t Wath Noton st., new Vorac 100m, Tell

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