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European Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - May 5, 1968, Darmstadt, HesseSunday May 5, 1961 the stars and stripes thirst worse than reds in a slum Valley assault tft\1tnevma a Tom. Ginger and husband onetime Glamor girl Ginger Roger Sis escorted from a new York court by her husband William Marshall who appeared As a witness in an action involving ownership of a documentary film he made with the late Errol Flynn. Miss Rogers was not involved in the Case. Up photo 3 save Man in Lake crowd just watches Chicago up a Youn coast guardsman and two unidentified men rescued a Manfrom his submerged car in Lake Michigan Friday As a crowd Onrush hour travellers watched but refused to enter the frigid water. The Driver of the car 40-year-old James Gilmore was treated for a head Cut and was reported in Good condition at Wesley me Morial Hospital. Gilmore said he was driving to work when another car forced his Auto off Lake Shore drive through a Guardrail and into the Lake. The coast guardsman Roger Olson 22, said he arrived at the scene and saw two rescuers Al ready in the Choppy Waters near Ine car. He immediately began wading out to the vehicle. As he approached the Auto Olson said the other two men apparently gave up. Olson persuaded them to return lip the car but when they reached the vehicle in Chest deep 38 degree water they could t get the door open. Gilmore s head was beneath the water level Olson said. The coast guardsman finally broke a window and the three pulled Gilmore Back to Shore where he revived without resuscitation. Police gave Gilmore a ticket for negligent driving Canada getting new divorce Laws july 2 Ottawa up Canada revamped divorce Laws now including previously excluded grounds of cruelty desertion wilful no support and bigamy will be in effect july 2. The announcement made by acting Justice minister Donald Macdonald modernizes 100-year-old Laws which had allowed divorce Only on the grounds of adultery rape sodomy and bestiality. Editor s note free Lance photographer David Powell 26, of los Angeles was he Only newsman with the 1st air Cav division during an assault into Shau Valley april 19. Up by David Powell a Shau Valley South Viet Nam up a weird feeling struck us walking along the floor of this Jungle Valley infested with communists since early1968. We could upward and we knew the North Vietnam Ese on the Hills were looking Down. The Lack of water was probably a bigger danger than the communists. We had to eat powdered Chicken Stew Spaghetti and Chili in dry what it might have been the fighting was scant but men still died Many while still aboard helicopters. The battalion commander told us we would reach a Hill about three Miles Down the Valley by Nightfall. Days later we were still walk ing toward that Hill and there was no food or water for themen. It was mid afternoon april 19when i reached a Hilltop at the Northern end of the 25-mile-Longa Shau Valley. It was called Landing zone Vicki. Bomb Useda 3,000-Pound Daisy Cutter bomb had cleared a Landing zone just Large enough for one helicopter. The Trees still were burning and we had to run through the flames and smoke after we jumped out of a Heli copter. The rest of the ground was too rough for choppers to land Ftp any men were injured drop Ping Between five and 10 feet from the helicopters. One helicopter crashed just be fore ours reached the Landing zone. We could not see it because of the thick Jungle growth and heavy smoke from the burning Trees. A big Chinook cargo helicopter hovered to drop a Sling then left. A few minutes later i swathe Chinook coming Back around the Hill. Suddenly there was aloud Sha Toong Sha Toong Sha Toong and the rear of the Chinook burst into flames. A Captain on the ground was talking by radio to the pilots. Come East come East the Captain told him. The Chinook two thirds of it in flames started coming Down toward us. Of my god my god Aman muttered As the Chinook went Down about 500 Yards fro the Landing zone. With Field glasses we could see North Viet namese soldiers running toward the Chinook s Crew was Given up for dead. Artillery was called in around the crash site. The next morning the two pilots made their Way to the Landing zone. They had run Clear of the burning helicopter. They were i Shock but had not been wounded. Snipers fired at us out in the open once. One Man got hit in the Chest. Then we spotted the sniper. They killed him and pinned a 1st air Cav Patch on his North vietnamese uniform. The men cursed As we got Toa River because their platoon leaders would t let anybody get water. What kind of stuff is this they were shouting. The platoon i was with was along Way from t h e battalion commander. Finally t h e ser Geant said everybody could go in the water. They dived into the cold Rushing Stream laugh i ing and shouting to each they dropped their weapons on the Bank and dived in with. Out leaving anybody to stand guard. They were splashing each other and dipping water out with their helmets. Demand its return czechs assail . On confiscated Gold Prague up czech Slovakia told the United states j in a formal note thursday that1the american position on a 20- year czech request for the re turn of wartime confiscated Gold was irresponsible and the note was in reply to an invitation from Washington wednesday to resume Long stalled negotiations on the Gold and other .-czech problems. The invitation broke the unite states official silence since the czech political revolution Las january and expressed Hope for an improvement of relations. A spokesman at the czech foreign ministry said the czech note demanded again the return of $20 million in Gold note said it was Czechoslovakia s property according to a decision by a tripartite commission for the restitution of currency Gold. The attitude of the unite states on the question of the re turn of czech Gold is both irresponsible and unacceptable the note said. . Forces seized the Gold bul lion from German occupation authorities in Czechoslovakia during world War ii. The Ger mans in turn had confiscated the Gold from the prewar czech government. Have stripes delivered. It helps British writer Dies London up sir Harold Nicolson British writer and for Mer Diplomat known for biographies and his study of the ver Sailles peace conference of 1919,is dead after a Long illness at the age of 81. Judge testifies pot safer than Booz Clearwater Fla. A a juvenile court judge told Flor Las Logis Antivo rackets com Mattce Friday he feels it is safer or teen agers to use marijuana Jan a Cohol. And he said he a g stringent rules on big brother is already mov of too fast to control our pro ate lives to Tell us what we drink what we can eat we can do said juvenile court judge. Halvorsen Halvorsen the first witness before state sen. Robert Shev in s one Day hearing on narcotics and drug abuses in the Tampa Bay area urged scrapping the state s juvenile Laws and undertaking a countywide or nationwide study before enacting new use of marijuana is an insignificant problem Here certainly at the Bottom of the list said the 52-year-old judge who took office in january 1967. The hypocrisy of older peo ple setting bad examples for Young people is one of our great est problems he said. Halvor sen also said he knew some prominent adults in the count who used marijuana. A month ago Halvorsen pro posed lowering the Legal age to drink Beer in Florida from 21 to18, suggesting it was hypocritical to allow 18-year-Olds to Pilot multimillion Dollar air planes and to fight in Vietnam and the not alow them to drink Beer at Home. Greco Athens Civ 9651s9 Italy leghorn Civ 93001 Spain Madrid Civ 2228590. Ext Sou United kingdom London Civ a Zullp 322im, ext 12 circulation office phone numbers Normany Berlin Civ 739363 Bremerhaven. Civ 45341, Mil t �4kr&nkfurt, Civ of Talos to it Mil Offenbach 755 Kaiserslautern. Civ 57617, Mil Vogel Weh 7050mannheim. Civ stu02, Mil Munich. Civ 510523. Mil to Nuernberg. Civ 7?

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