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European Stars And Stripes Newspaper Archives May 5 1957, Page 5

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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - May 5, 1957, Darmstadt, Hesse Mar it stars and suites a vary says soviet plans Fleet with missiles by Thomas of icky Washington is the Navy that Russia plans to build 14100 submarines and added that some May already be armed with guided this was disclosed in heavily censored testimony just made pub he tar House appropriations sub other highlights were the Navy has assigned top priority to its Fleet ballistics program and believes Polart missile cannot be the an in terms Daft Verange should provide retaliatory Force that can be fired at any target and no overseas support 3 the keel of tie lint powered guided missile Cruiser probably be Laid next March 1 at a construction of some parts is already under hear Adra Frederick director of the navys undersea warfare said the russians have at least 250 transoceanic that pose a definite threat to toe Continental United lists goal he said these subs can Lay mine Fields and torpedo shipping on All vital he said the so Tel goal is least 700 Lon wage subs and added production Way be As High As Lori a ill warder the r to a t a n now have about 290 new Diun and Short Range subs that operate in european and Asiatic coastal Waters and serve for train ing he said soviets Cave plans for least 300 All in warder soviet activities to this Field make Ger prewar Effort seem in significant in said the russian subs upend a great Deal of time in american Waters and that ships have made increasing numbers of Posi Tive submarine while warning of danger paced by red warder this country has developed Anu submarine techniques that enable u to meet the russian he said that nearly every ship built by the Navy is designed to play some part in ant sub War in he much improved ant sub torpedoes will soon be no statement warder said nothing about the possibility of russian development of nuclear powered the Navy has always proceeded on the Assumption that the rus sians were at least working on Auch a the a reported the Navy u trying to build the smallest pos sible that could be powered by an atomic its main Job would be to hum enemy a few details on thu addition to the growing family of nuclear submarines came out in testimony which the navys shipbuilding rear adm Albert gave a House appropriations sub committee april is of the testimony just been made Mumma said the submarine could a very potent Antisubmarine at primarily for that also tailor made molecules heart fbanks predicted for ailing Washington cup a distinguished biologist believes the Day is coming when a person with a bad heart can go to the Bank and get replacement he also foresee a time when molecules will be available for such purposes As con trolling human sex and 1 Ralph Duarard of the University of Michi addressed a meeting at the National science foundation said biology has come a Long Way since it was christened in it is now at the explosion Point and is expanding rapidly into the realms of psychological and social Eye and cartilage Banks already have proved prac Gerard believes aver arid heart will Al though some of the technical prob lems admittedly Are been solutions i believe they will be Gerard he also sees a growing role for tailor made organic drugs produced in the Laboratory for a multitude of organic already Are widely lie pointing to the various Antibiotic Tranquill zing Prepa Gerard said of the 30 drugs most highly prescribed three Are Tranqu liners which were unknown three years he did not identify Gerard made no attempt to list All the possible uses of tailor made battling twins get checkup Cambridge Gloria we Cutora 18year old twins who fought seven police men in a Harvard have been committed to a mental hos Pital for both still bore the Marks of their fierce Battle when they were in stretchers to the Hospital the twins remained in a trance like state that has held them since the skirmish last doctors believe the Champion figure skaters and Art students were under the influence of some Power Ful but so far have not determined what it was or when they took it the Sisters staged the hour Long fight shortly after wandering into the reception room of the Dormi where they went seeking a student they at bedside arraignment in Cambridge City they pleaded innocent to assault and Battery charges lodged against them by police who were bitten and scratched in the polygamy hinted anew in Arizona of polygamy in the Arizona strip Community of Short Creek have popped up the Hamlet gained International prominence in when the state led a raid on polygamists most of the men were placed under arrest but eventually returned to their principal of the Short Creek said that polygamy is still in practice in the town and that the school suffers from poor attendance throughout the Brown advocates building a Road the town As the first step in ending the practice of he said members of the sect dont like and prefer living in an isolated a do believes new Tail will halt p6m crashes Washington a the Navy says it has found the reason Why two models of its big Jet the p6m crashed and that it will Fly a new one with an improved Tail next rear adm chief of the Bureau of told a House appropriations subcommittee we do not favor delay in producing the improved Model of the worlds first known Jet two crashes destroyed previous flying models and caused heavy loss of but assistant Secre tary of the Navy Garrison nor ton told the subcommittee we Are confident that the Root of the p6m trouble has been Russell said flight tests of the new Model have been delayed to provide for a new Tail design which was found necessary As the result of of an experimental but he said they might include everything from control of the nervous system to control of sex of offspring and a person qualified to administer them to the Gerard and make me some of the lab then will build a Complex mole Cule designed specifically to accomplish the desired effect in discussing future use of substitute Gerard said the big difficulty will not be to keep livens and kidneys alive in the he said that can be Trana Planta a problem the difficulty will be in achieving Safe and enduring except in the Case of identical u has not thus far proved possible even to Transfer skin effectively from one person to an Gerard believes this difficulty will succumb to scientific attack As others have in the past he said biology is developing a Host of new tools and experimental techniques which Are making it one of the most Active Fields of he expects this ferment to pay off in human the seeds of Fine new he Are now germinating in the laboratories of the explorers wife a Busy stayathome taxing situation a some taxpayers wondered about the pos sible significance of the name of the South Carolina internal re venue collection its Sherlock Holmes lady Susanne stay Wiome wife of Polar explorer sir Hubert displays some of her paintings at her new York apartment the who hits been married to we Llna Tor 27 took up painting eight years when an operation forced her to end her singing she also make song writes and news photo Truman says Ike is making him a socialist Washington a former president Truman declared the Eisenhower administration la driving him toward socialism with policies which be Bald Are raising interest rates to Homo owners forcing the i Kilt fellow out of tin not Truman but there driving me that speaking in his old Gore Emhe style to electric Consumers information the former chief executive said the most dangerous thing facing the country today is what he termed an administration objective to turn the in billion or 20 billion dollars of the taxpayers Money that devel oped the atomic Energy program Over to private when the atom la developed Truman it can the source of All the worlds Power and bring out the development of great desert he went to it is developed like the Secretary of Che Treasury has controlled Money they will choke it to death and half the people will All steamed Yon ought not to get Moed on in All steamed Truman had some prepared remarks for the an organization set up labor and farm groups and electric cooperatives fighting for Public Power de but he tossed most of them turning to Leland former chairman of the Federal Power n remarked that they put him off out of the commission because they knew where he when commissions Are padded with people who have Only one Truman then were on the Road to and in not a Prophet of switching his fire to Secretary of the Treasury George hum Truman said Humphrey wants to choke us to death with interest the raising of interest Truman is just Effort to put labor in its labors place is in the various spokesmen for the Sumers committee urged the Mer president to Start slugging again in the Buttle for Public Wayne Morse who attended the breakfast meet called Truman the greatest fighter in protecting the f the people since George the late senator from Nebraska who was father of the Tennessee Valley Pilot ejects in crash up a Sabr Jet crashed near Atlantic Ocean after the Pilot ejected him self during a routine training first it Harold of ejected self when he encountered trouble after heading the Craft out Over the

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