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European Stars And Stripes Newspaper Archives May 5 1957, Page 4

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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - May 5, 1957, Darmstadt, Hesse Ii Tais and Stottm 1997 news nato defied Kremlin on arms nor Walter a Earthur staff writer it two months the soviet Union has waged an intensive Campaign of Blunt leavened at times with diplomatic brandish to forestall the atomic arming of the North Atlantic last the 15nation North Atlantic treaty organization nato Council met in Bonn and signalled the failure of the russian nato Council delegates adjourned Friday night after issuing joint statement in which they told the soviet Union and the world at Large that the beat Hope of deterring soviet attack lies in Modem nuclear warning to soviet nato Powers told Russia until there is a general agreement on no Power can claim the right to deny to the Alliance the Possession of modern weapons of they added that if Russia is really afraid of Western defense it has Only to accept a general disarmament agreement embodying effective measures of control and inspection within the framework of the proposals made on numerous occasions by the Western the nato ministers charged Russia had sought a monopoly on nuclear weapons on the european continent other action before the nato ministers went they also a Una report from retiring nato Secretary general lord Ismay of great who la giving up his poet to Paulhenri speak of pledges from Secretary of state John Foster Dulles that the will not Back Down on its nato even though some member nations have Cut Back their armed for the reunification of while warning the restless East germans against any overt demonstrations that could increase their sufferings under the communist Jordan crisis Young King Hussein ruled Over restless Jordan last his regime apparently Safe for the time being behind the bayonets of his Stalwart Arab legion which has purged Jordan of pro egyptian a week Hussein rejected the proposals made by the ousted regime of Suleiman Nabulsi to establish diplomatic relations with the soviet he did the Arab legion and police were rounding up leftist agitators and clamping Down on the organs of communist and egyptian prop the next Day his new govern walking a Tightrope Between extreme measures that could plunge his nation into rejected the Eisenhower foreign minister Samir Arifaj made it Clear that it is not the intention of the government to extend an invitation to James Richards president Eisenhower special ambassador to the Middle East to visit on it became Clear that Hussein in look to the for the salvation i of his impoverished which delegates of 15 North Atlantic treaty organization am emote in the world Hall of the Bonn foreign ministry for the nato foreign ministers Mccarthy death cannot live without outside he accepted a million Grant from the to meet pressing government Bills that have piled up since Syria and Egypt belched on their agreement to supplant million Worth of British Cut off by Jordans previous Arab extremist at the same the state department charged Russia with backing foreign intervention during the earlier jordanian i Back indicted Dave the embattled Boss of the teamsters had More trouble on his hands last week when a Federal grand jury in to indicted him on two counts of evading Federal income who was in washing ton at teamster sur rendered to a marshal and was then released on bail the grand jury had charged him with failure to report in personal income on which in tax was due in and with concealing in the same year some in income belonging to the teamsters joint Council of his arraignment was in Washington May Dave Beck tax troubles the storm tossed political career of Joseph was Cut Short last thursday when the Wisconsin Republican died in the naval Hospital at of acute Mccarthy political career be Gan in in 1936 when he ran for District and carried him to the Senate in there he remained until his establishing himself As one of the nations most controversial political figures because of his tactics in his Battles against communists and communist his spectacular career reached its Zenith before 1953 when he be came embroiled with officials of the department of the army Over their treatment of a onetime communist army tet Eviae the televised Senate hearings into his and the army counter charge that Mccarthy aides were attempting to pressure the military establishment into giving preferential treatment to one of his Junior Young David Schlune Drew nationwide television the hearings later resulted in a vote of censure against and he thereafter faded from the limelight in lie won tribute from his friends As a valiant and was accorded the Honor of a funeral service in the Senate Texas floods a three year drought which seared the grazing lands of West Ern Texas was broken this Spring by torrential Rains that by last week had brought floods of Dis Aster Dallas and neighbouring fort Worth were forced to evacuate residents of Lowling areas on the Trinity River and tributaries As the rain swollen Stream overflowed its la More than two weeks of intermittent the Rio Grande and nue Cesi Rivers overflowed their j the Federal acting j on the Appeal of Price j declared the counties of Smith and Gregg flood disaster the Texas red Cross Sot the death toll from lightning and tornadoes at 3d for the storm period and counted More than Homes damaged or the damage was estimated at 116 Mil lion from the Trinity River floods budget fight in the face of a determined con Gressional Economy presi Dent Eisenhower last week fought persistently for the billion he has asked for foreign eid in fiscal Issa conservative such As will Iran Knowland of the Senate minority were arrayed against him As the president in a speech wednesday to the league of women that you cant allow Freedom to be pushed Buck Hussein grip Over Jordan tightened to shorn of the and of step fiefdom tit while admitting that foreign id costs were High More than so cent of National budget Eisenhower that As Long m there is a predatory in the world to destroy this we an going to remain the president had warned that a million reduction made by the House in the funds of the state department would a cutback in foreign service Posi thu argument advanced on wednesday by Dulles when he told the Senate approx Ria j Lions subcommittee considering his budget that he would to eliminate 700 positions if the Cut is approved by the he asked for restoration of at last 60 per of the the administration found itself righting when the sen Ator urged a s3 billion Cut in the presides billion was particularly critical of provi Sions to extend Aid to Poland and which he said would strengthen the communist soviet Russia hatched m new disarmament plan at the United nations disarmament subcommittee meet ing in London the russian proposal apparently for propaganda president Elsen Howers open skies inspection plan on the soviet unions own the proposal would open some million Square mites of Siberia to Aerial in return for the opening of a similar por Tion of the Western to russian observers quickly pointed out that while the territory offered for inspection by Russia included Only the trackless wastes of Eastern a land of for endless Plains and Small pop the area opened would include All of the states West of the and the highly industrialized and strategic Pacific Arkmo May it of a maj Jamis Usan Jam Quint Jack Homcik Casti Frau Manx my 101 oajmsta0t thy Fork of Tang nuns m Macoit last thins to 73279 armed forces or Culphon service Europe 1c at to to to Sydney laity Onu Fem offem my 43 Thi pah in fort Fly Imi Siml m us Stanci Matt amour Unia to my 776j to 1c Itaev my 4u to Mastt us to Oast 1c it 411 in 10 is to c Amati o Nuin to Wadi to 10 74944 Guilz to month sw10 t143 edict the i j of Tat Arawill Harir Fth to 95j41 w to Tho Narf afo of mail 1w m and

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