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European Stars And Stripes Newspaper Archives May 5 1957, Page 3

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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - May 5, 1957, Darmstadt, Hesse I9s7 Stak and Xit of Sotor Jim emf wit comets tails baffle sages speeding us Way out of the Volar leaving mystery of the Comet with two before the Comet headlight thin ing into outer space a Peculiar Jet of tight Piering the sky from the comets comets tall Points away from the explains Seth Nichol son of Wilson near this Comet had a tall pointing away from the but it had another too a tender Jet of Light pointing toward the the Comet still is visible to naked it can be seen through out Northern hemisphere Ai Dask is the Northwest but spoke of Light Jesse Greenstein of the California Institute of theorizes that the material comprising Jet was used up when the Comet pwned to the a Comet u Uke like a Witting he nor Mally the of i pressure from the Sun forces evaporating from the Comet off in the opposite direction from the in this Case the Fountain of staff reached out toward the instead of away from we dont know and we dont know what kind of stuff it but whatever it it was apparently boiled out by the pres sure of the when will the Comet return ii could be years or 000 said it May never have seen by Man Russ Call cheap rubles a conversion premium9 by Irving sv0rffll Moscow the recent soviet decision to increase the number of exchanged for the Dollar will make life easier for Amerl Cah residents in Moscow and make it possible for the visiting tourist to buy More souvenirs and to Dkl its doubtful whether thais what the Kremlin had in mind in ordering its state Bank to begin paying 10 rubles instead of the Lon established rate of four for every the russians do not Call this a devaluation of the they say that they Are paying premiums on the conversion of foreign currencies into the soviet sensitivity on the terminology can perhaps Best be understood in the Light of state ments made by members of the governing Kremlin when asked by visiting american senators and businessmen who Felt that 10 or 12 to the Dollar was a More realistic rate than four rubles to the Dollar Why Russia did not devalue the soviet authorities inevitably replied that the Ruble was Worth precisely what it was pegged at Why then the change in rate wrong one american Longon the soviet scene and noted As a student of russian speculated that it was a consequence of visitors going Home with stories of exorbitant prices in the the a journalist or a school teacher from Des would see a 12inchscreen television priced at rubles and would figure out at four rubles to the a russian was paying he or she would eat a breakfast of two butter and Tea and compute the Bill of 13 rubles As amounting to actually this computation was not precisely fair to the the tourist was not paying for the breakfast neither was a soviet the tourist had come to the soviet Union As All tourists must on an prepaid arrange ment which provided a Book of coupons Good for afternoon an inter Prete guide every and a car and at a with the Best room included in the package it was a computed by work each Day the tourist received a gratuitous allowance of 25 rubles from soviet tourist authorities As spending Money for such things As Vodka and souvenir dolls for which no prepaid coupons Are As for the he of course does not get his rubles by exchanging the russian obtains rubles by 13 rubles for breakfast represents so Many minutes of working time to the in this instance about the same number of work minutes As required by an american a blink average worker to earn his break despite these realities the Pic Ture conveyed abroad a soviet Economy where everything from to sets to breakfast was not Only out of the purchasing Range of the average russian but of any average american the particular timing of the change in Ruble rate May be re lated to the three week International youth festival which will be held in Moscow beginning july thousands of Young people from a variety of foreign lands will travel to Moscow for a series of student sports and to pledge themselves to the principle of peace state urges students to shun soviet youth fete Washington state department is strongly urging american students not to attend Moscow sixth International youth festival this but it wont bar the youths from about 50 students have asked the department for advice about attending the the fears Russia will take advantage of the visit to help its propaganda Campaign the Mammoth a biennial communist show for world is scheduled to be held in Moscow from july 28 to the rus sians claim visitors from 120 nation will primary purpose of these Festi according to an official government is to enlist world youth in support of Moscow for eign bad meat claim shocks britons London up the British veterinary has announced it was shocked by army claims that meat for forces in Europe cannot be shipped directly from it said the veterinary corps believed that British Slaughter House standards fell below re a committee which investigated the Export of live cattle for Slaugh Ter reported that in Britain meat is Seldom examined by veterinary american veterinary surgeons have been inspecting meat for 50 furlough fares extended Washington rail roads have extended for another year beyond jul 30 reduced fur Lough fares for military personnel travelling in uniform at their own expense scientists plan probe of sea mysteries a weft own mar Washington a far aching program for exploration of the sea at Depths 20 times greater than possible for a submarine was Dis closed at recent meetings of the american geophysical Union approximately 20 trips to great Depths in Mediterranean Are planned now and septem Ber in a Baths Cape designed by the Swiss physicist who first ascended into the the descents will be financed by the Navy under Contact with Piccard son who will be in general charge american scientific teams from the Navy electronics Laboratory at san and the Woods oceanographic institution will Ign program the descents will be part of the oceanographic program of the International geophysical they should vastly increase knowledge of the great Depths hitherto known Only from leaders of the oceanographic Section of the geophysical Union according to the navys de scrip the Picard Baths Cape can withstand the oceans pressure to Depths of about at which level it will pastors map integration pilgrimage l York ins some 200 ministers of various have me with leaders of the prayer for Freedom in a move to strengthen and Widen support for a nationwide pilgrimage to Washington May on that Date third anniversary of the supreme court Deci Sion on school integration the prayer pilgrimage for Freedom will sponsor a ceremony at the Lincoln memorial to arouse the conscience of the in the immediate implementation of the courts the group Alm called for the of civil rights legislation in former baseball Star Jackie Rob Singer Harry Belafonte and movie actor Sidney pol tier were present As members of the Lay mens personalities group of the Martin Luther of Auu called on the assemblage to fight a Strong Battle of Gas Kin lost on entry Iron ins police and the Cross saturday to locate it soldiers wife Ted two Young children who have Boon missing since when they were scheduled to arrive the missing Trio Jerry a native of and her Ginger and Linda to the from the Island to live with roses parents at nearby the Mother and children boarded a train at san Francisco a week ago after arrival from the far Rose currently is stationed in Korea authorities believe the woman and girls might possibly have be come lost while changing trains in or have left the train at other towns named Iron Mountain in Montana or baby atom smasher1 saved sight Gordon 22 and Malcolm Basnaw Over in front of Stanford medical centers new baby atom Tasa Aher credited with saving Gordons life and Kirbt a victim of a cancer called had right Eye removed when to waa 7 when cancer appeared in his left Eye he was treated with the new linear the High voltage unit apparently erased the and now Gordon can murder gangs said exposed by King Saud Lebanon in and some expressed full belief saturday in press reports King Sand of saudi Arabia uncovered Middle murder in his country under control of the egyptian they that originally organized by the saudi government itself Only came under egyptian Enoe when a change of foreign policy led the government to aban Don reported that Kins Saud discovered the i latency of the underground Para military units april Reoa oed the military attache in capt Ati was immediately recalled and the King ordered establishment of a espionage the reports there was no comment on the reports from saudi re Mote and customarily silent but if True they would furnish a dramatic explanation of rift with the egyptian syrian bloc and the Strong assist Ance he gave King Hussein of Jor Dan similar of newspaper said syrian presi Dent Shukri Al Kuwait Lis hurried Mission to Jidida two weeks ago to convince King Saud that president Gumal Abdel Nasser of Egypt had no knowledge of the embassy undercover violence according to the press the undercover network by waa organized for commando operations in neighbouring states under British saudi Arabia maintains territorial claims against Aden and a number of smaller Arab sheikh cd under British and Border violence is not at that time Saud was wholly to Accord with the egyptian syrian positive neutrality since then the arabian Monarch had visited the reached new agree ments for american Aid and tight ened relations with the rival hash emite family Volch rules Jordan and after switching foreign policy away from the egyptian according to the King Saud ordered dissolution of the com Mando squads which had been in training in a number of arabian plot the faced with Unzem were said to have come under direction of the egyptian military with finances and equipment the reports they continued preparing an assassination it was not Clear whether King Saud was the eventual target saudi arabian intelligence re ports said rounded up a gang of pales plans and seized a Quantity of machine guns and hand it was also reported that the saudi government decided to oust egyptian school teachers who were suspected of disseminating Antl royalist propaganda among their Egypt now provides most school teachers in the Arab labourer Falls heir to London ins polish born labourer who earns a week Learned saturday he rec As the Legal heir of u k a s z who lives in near i intend to keep on with my Job because i am vey Happy in Nogas Otto whose Hometown believed to be died in the in april leaving the

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