European Stars And Stripes Newspaper Archives May 5 1957, Page 17

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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - May 5, 1957, Darmstadt, Hesse 3o 33 is 62 69 83 92 6 pm 74 63 v3 is 8 is 78 7 02 to 39 95 it 40 l 57 85 13 54 30 74 j4 a 25 71 of 03 4o 90 or 66 97 17 4 80 91 so at 19 1 Premier sunday crossword Puzzle Ottar looted by King Syndicate average time of solution 62 horizontal Lator ing instr intent courage preparation i clattered j5fl Tarry part of Noah Sennon Early for diamonds Flat Bone destitute thetic Pound of Boron Duck Wressel daughter of nyx prong Wom signify ing Jerusalem Thorn 40corn 41bpltt As Wool name covering building finder 65land of Shamrock loosely sore pulled rental Market towns Grant file Man of hand covering grass fruit age of some 94efface rent Tion uniform Beetle where liquors Are to last we tit exploration base 6ser mane growing season of slats course claims Leaf below Calyx material source Julian Macaw having sour juice vertical 36certify on Eagle nest dear worker away not ing halite of Northern Africa ing Pitcher a certificate of insurance Cating 64large knife Forth for making of affairs Plant prove Biner for squaring logs ing Organ diary Valley of Slipper Mem Brane fruit i be a Caranci a shh Chhua i i b ebis Iise asap asm Jnes a i Lall Bill i v ii ii Iii ii i id Mimi jul also a Biffiel 9rahh Al Claih sea a High Hwd 8aaa Banna Hull Law Umatt May 1957 oomph Gih Hod to up Ann Sheridan jealous of plunging necklines by Vernon Scott to Hollywood Sheri Dan says her Only reaction to the new dip in feminine necklines when she was a Star set Ann had to cover up like a even in the midst of my oomph girl Campaign i always had a sweater the re haired actress in the old Days at Warner the Hayes office forced the studio to retouch All my still pictures until i looked Flat heated censors were much More strict 20 years ago than they a they thought the display of a girls Chest was then along in me Jane Russell and changed now the mansfields and Van dozens Are Able to show As much cleavage As the grand and i admit in the Texas born Beauty sold to Days Glamor girls Are fortunate in not being stuck with a catch phrase for a first entered contest in 1939 Warners held an oomph contest to be judged by a Board of 12 distinguished i was just a Starlet at the time and the other entries were full fledged sirens like Hedy Lamarr and Joan i was thrilled to learn id until i discovered the picture of me was a humdinger on a Leopard skin Couch while pictures of the other girls were taken of the backs of their so 1 became the oomph i used to scream about the tag because it was getting me great publicity but no parts in finally Paul Muni told me to Cape producer wins role Hollywood actress Mary Costa says the Best audition she Ever had came when she was sent to i didst get the but i got she the producer was Frank now Hes by Ana chert Ryan Walize on being an oomph girl by demanding it twice named to the country bes dressed women Ann thinks High necklines Are making a not miss Sheri Shes steering Clear of movies to concentrate on Ann went in All for Low necklines As Long As they Arent whats wrong with a woman bust after we have pm and theres no use try ing to conceal the fact Ann still does Justice to a but she prefers tailored clothes and looking after her real estate holdings to Bowcut gowns and the nightclub circuit theres More to being sexy than plunging she con lured with a difference Between a an that the Starlet and Bridge by Jay Backer South both sides North ak8764 East j 9 7 5 i vj97s4 4 10 2 aak4 West q 10 v86 3 2 q j 9 453 4kq9765 the bidding South West North East 1a pass 16 pass 2a pass 84 pm int opening of when you look Back to the Caliper of Bridge that was fifteen years ago and compare it with the Bridge played the thing that stands out like a Beacon Light is the increase in bidding skill the average players improve ment in bidding technique can be traced mainly to his familiarity with Point where formerly he had Only his Best judgment to rely on to assess the value of a he can today make a far better approximation of his own and partners strength by leaning heavily on his knowledge of Point count no similar Advance in card play technique is the prob lems that existed in play years ago exist today no magic formula has been no new principles of play have been Intro each hand As it comes along is a Brand new each prob Lem has to be worked out with out the use of some omniscient principle that solves each hand is played on its own we Are reminded of All these things by the Way South played this three no Trump he took the heart forced out the Ace of won the heart and when the clubs didst went Down making Only eight he should have played to establish the Diamond not the the reasons Are logical if the diamonds Are attempted and it is discovered after two lends the Adverse diamonds break the contract becomes sure by giving up a diamonds if it is found the diamonds dont break the suit la abandoned Vid clubs Are then attempt if the clubs also fail to come the sponge will just have to be thrown the effect of playing for the Diamond suit first is that there is an alternate Way to make the hand diamonds dont if the clubs Are played and they dont there is no alter defeat becomes two chances to make a hand Are better than Dia monds come first

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