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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - May 3, 1957, Darmstadt, Hesse 90 the Stais and set lpns to leaves Gene dazed after fight what happened asks Utah slugger Fullmer from prom Chicago bewildered Gen his middleweight Crown stood in his dressing Roon wednesday night with open hand and asked what happened got you with said fullers kid Don he hit you twice and then Cam up with that left that did Fullmer Shook his head Anc first that the first time i eve got knocked of and i dont know of How it a 25 year old Coppe Miner from Wes Utah called sugar a Robinson the greatest Fighte i Ever h has the Best rec Ord and Hes the Only one tha Ever knocked me out i was Fullmer added i must have dropped my never knew what happened after the next thing i knew i Wai getting to my feet and the figh was no knowledge of count Fullmer said he had no knowl Edge of the count Over him am had no recollection that he tried to get to his feet at the count o i remember full Mer but i know i was not the beaten Champ silently Stag gered into his dressing room flanked by his two younger Jay and his father and manager Marv Jenson shuffled in Jenson apparently had the answer for fullers defeat i think Gene wanted to make a spectacular fight because he was and it Cost him his warned him we warned him in the Corner to fight like he had fought before keep his hands up and but he didst do it 1 warned Gene just before the Start of the fifth round not to try and out slug Jenson i told Gene to keep hands up and either crowd Robinson or stay away from but not slug it out with Fullmer said he had no recollection of Jensens Fullmer said he didst think Robinson fought i just dropped my hands and that was it t never count but i thought i was ahead and my plan was to Wear him i wanted a said full f ulmers aides forget genes fighting togs Chicago a Gene Fuu Mer turned of for title Ftp left with juy to Busott Wear teff wine Thlma borrowed and a Amine a Ventour ate to bring Rig fat Taf rear to Cal cafe stadium wednesday night bom his train ing it too late to a car on the trip to a talc it Fullmer borrowed pair of new shoes from soother International boxing club hastily got him my pair of trunks and sent out to Bay him pair of middleweight Champ sugar Bay bowl non left and a heavyweight King Joe Louis of fits advice from Knotner old pro knocking out Fullmer sugar credits fans9 Louis for title win from Prem dispatches chicag sugar Ray Robinson a Champion gave credit to everything but his knockout left fist wednesday my thanks for winning goes to the millions of people who had Faith and prayers for to my Edna and especially to my great Joe who was with me every Day in getting ready for this he Robinson said Louis had been in his Corner during every workout since Ray came to Chicago to Fin ish his training two weeks and had corrected mistakes that i catch it read almost like a prepared statement and Robinson rattled it off with familiar after it was the fifth counting one welterweight that he smiled and waved to a Jam packed dress ing room As a new unlike some of his earlier the latest Gene and his Marv pushed through the crowd and the vanquished bowed formally to his youre a great Robin theres none Fullmer the Jovian of Josephs Catholic also came to Greet the new and received partial credit for the he was a daily visitor to anytime i can Knock out a Guy like ill take Fullmer said that Robinson never Hurt him during the he never Hurt me at said the unmarked because i didst even know i got Fullmer said he did not know he threw a Tow blow in the Fullmer was so visibly dazed that he had to shake off his dizziness and wipe his brow before almost every its the first tin i Ever was knocked you know he i dont remember a Fullmer said hed like to have a return bout but Jenson pointed it that there was no return clause in the the future is All up to Jim Morris president of the inter National boxing said Jen were leaving for new York where Gene makes a television appearance sunday and after that or plans Are the Robinson training Robinson said he had no Battle i fought As the situation called he i will say he was easier to hit this time because he opened up and tried to hit me More than he did the first the left Hook that put him out caught him As he was moving i never got that Chance in our first Robinson i dont know How far it but he got the message when it got Robinson said he had no plans for granting a return bout to Fullmer or for any other that up to my he in ready to take on any body he As for conducting his winning Battle any differently than his losing one in Robinson top race pickers to get Bonds you have to do is pick 16 winners in 16 horse and Laurel race track will give you a savings the track has announced a parlay open to anyone who comes to the track on both wednesday and on entry at the course on the fan fills out half the pick the eight races that and then Waits until saturday to fill out the other prizes for picking the winners will Range from the Bond to anyone who picks All 16 correctly Down to a Bond for the per son who picks the most regardless of the said it changed Only in the fact that i were going to visit father Lang at his Seminary in West and then head Tor new York he Robinsons her hair dyed was among those in the crowded dressing when a fight broke out near the door when a newspaper photographer tried and succeeded in getting through without police Jim president of the International boxing and new York athletic commissioner Julius Helfand were among others in the sweat l7i thought Ray stalked him All the Way just getting said who admitted he was very anxious to get Robinson together with welterweight Champion Carmen Basillo in an outdoor show in new York this smile from Balallo and just As Norris was Ponder ing such a Busi Iio himself elbowed in As if answering a Cue to pose with Robinson and offer someone shouted a new York fight will draw a million this brought smiles to Basilica and i just dont know where we to from winked its All up to my but boxing is my you at this Helfand said your fight tonight was a great i never heard such an ovation from a they love then Fullmer pushed in and warmly Shook rays congratulating him As a great Cham Ray you Are a Fullmer led before Ray rang up to Chicago a u the roundly round description of the gone Fullme sugar Ray Robinson at the Chicago stadium in which Robin son regained the middleweight Irown by going Fullmer try of the fifth first noun to him a Allier my Nile in ilk kit Etc Ono mount rut Tutt Atlak Toft we Kelv in attorn Forlaw Emilw Witt Etti take Ftp tar and Ltd in in item Turri in knt Riihl my Ami driven ii an Miho round full tit attack a Mitt to he full intr my Aravt and full Mai la in Rick to Tenally la n and Kandt it fou How round wild Ham Ritzl and Tam a flurry Witk Wmk Fula to Altsik town to w Katy m Koltl Kkt in Wiwi in a Yurimi Tate to Otto to rent walk it fifth round Krumly and to and tla4 ten Wmk tent partly kit at Tom again Frank lion alms my Robinsons path to 4 titles traced Chicago a Here Are the Pivotal events in Ray Robinsons record breaking feat of winning the world middleweight Champion ship four times ill in Ceuta it in 13th round in Vith Randy drawn by wit in look i i ims Otma to round la via i hid in is Ravird Way im7 cart vital Tytla far mirth with to three judges have Fullmer ahead Chicago Curda on the Robinson Fullmer middleweight title fight judge Frank Clark i 4 1 a Kunian 4 s 4 i judge Jim Mcmanua fail Amr 4 4 4 is Frank Sikora Fallier i t 4 it 4 4 ii associated press Fullner 4 i 4 a Fernim 4 j s it athletics hire scout Kansas City i Kan Sas City athletics have announced the hiring of Jack Bir As a replacing Elmer Riddle who is leaving baseball to enter private sugar finds tax men in his dressing roam Chicago what prob ably could be regarded As his greatest hour of sugar Ray Robinson found three internal Revenue men waiting in his dress ing room wednesday night when tie arrived from knocking out Gene Fullmer to regain the Middle weight possibly out respect for the new the Trio of tax collectors did not speak to Robinson direct or serve any they were silent standing inside a Shower stall while Robinson faced the cheering throng before earlier the Federal men had tied up his purse for for Back income they refused to say Why they were in his this was the Only mystery surrounding the after fight festive there certainly want any question about How sugar Ray did his five round Job against the mauling i was just mane vering trying to draw him in with a he the right was something like a i wanted a clean counter shot with my i finally got i dont know How far travelled but in sure Fullmer got the i just thank god that i got in the i had no other

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