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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - March 29, 1968, Darmstadt, HessePage 6 the Start and stripes Friday March 29, there s just not enough oxygen in hot Ai by Dick West Washington up one afternoon last week the spent several hours wrestling with itself Over the adoption of a code of ethics. Just when it appeared it i Hatpin itself Down with a fairly stringent code it lost its grip a modified Hammer lock and let itself wriggle , the code it finally imposed on itself was rather limited in scope. What caused this last minute weakening another Case of re assessment which is so popular in Washington this month perhaps. But i am inclined to blame a shortage of developed this theory after talking with Deborah Szekeley California lady who operates one of those Ultra Plush Beauty resorts where wealthy women go for tuneup jobs when their valves Are a Ekeley in town to speak at the american newspaper women s club happened to visit the Senate gallery while the code of ethics struggle was in did you think of it 1 asked her in t enough oxygen in there she said she could Tell from the Way they acted that the senators weren t getting enough oxygen to enable them to function senator got up posed something after just done it she said. Ant. They pro had for a lot of senators that s Normal i miss Szekeley insisted that boosting the oxygen intake of senators would improve their efficiency she recommended tent they instal oxygen tanks in the cloak rooms and i been redeemed for uie value. The Price of ii a 15 flue. Washiington a a vet eran civil servant charged wednesday that he and other High level employees of the Mari time administration were summoned to a business hours meet ing last week and pressured by their Boss to contribute to a democratic party fund raising dinner. The employee told the associated press the meeting was called by James w. Gulick act ing head of the maritime administration for 79 members of his staff who had received invitations to the $250-a-plate Din Ner to to held april 4. Gulick reportedly told those present if you want to make sure that you have a Nice clean file and you can be sure that a file is kept somewhere you know what to Gulick denied restatement. Allegation checked John j. Mccarthy Deputy l to neral counsel for the civil service commission said his of to the . Michael and sen. Eld mine. Fice was checking into the Alle gation. The invitations being Given by Kirwan. A Ohio Mund s. Muskie president Johnson went 12,000 persons including eminent personnel with a Grade level of gs-15 and above whose salaries Range from $18,400 up. The meeting on the question of contributions was called by Gulick for 11 . March 21in a conference room near his office in the general accounting office building. The source said Gulick took his place at the head of a Lon table before a standing room Only crowd and said i m going to Lay it on the line. I m going to give it to you As it was Given to me. A. R. Smith wisely turned this Over to Howard Samuels and Bob Lee passed it on to me. The references were to the new Secretary of Commerce the under Secretary of c p m m e r c and the special assistant to the Secretary for Public affairs respectively a. R. Smith feels that $2.10 i too much. He thinks that per haps $50 would be about right. Maybe some of you would like made such a j to go in together. You know it does t make any difference whether you go to the thing comes up every four years. You Are aware of i All of you have received invitations to the congressional dinner on april 4. Now there s not going to be any twisting. Have to make a decision myself it s a personal decision each of you will have to decide important this is to you this has been going on a Ion-1time, and incidentally it happened under republicans too. If you want to make sure that you have a Nice clean file and you can be sure that a file is kept somewhere Vou know what to a Francisc a Silver Rush is on at the in san Francisco. John Carr mint superintend ent said tuesday at least $323.000have r the shiny Metal this month the old certificates replaced with Federal Reserve notes Are for j How to of pay mor face tie pric i u fluctuating Here from $1.29 an ounce at the mint to $2.25 an ounce on the open Market. The certificates Are redeemable in Silver bars. Last year con roof to remove the Silver of in a years Urne. The year runs out june 24, after which the certificates null not be exchangeable for in now if the is s3 or Bill in your Jimh Ket is a site certificate you can make an immediate 73 per cent profit. 10 have 4ri e. Will travel Pittsburgh Al i Tody special a Complete Lum i police Silver a weigh Sailor Robert Hamilton shows $70g in Silver that he bought in san Francisco. Hamilton says he uses the Bright bars As paperweights. A photo to il4�a Tii or from prof. Believes in flying saucers los Angeles i i d e. Mcdonald i Versi by of an Onia pro Fessor Tol Dpi Kupay they re Iii n. A 10 men in the Subi in Lison township Chi ice in. Out a news Aper Civ of c i Vertise Meni wedded patrolman Janies Vilt eight year Veteran is the department s committee. The missioners offers Low cops want is "1month. So they took out. Apartment for hire inquire hot Iii i"1 police depart ii a i county it a s. I1 will til j of to Timis to said Felt of " i we re not uni inv it ij1j Ivor Nickil the co. Which ,700 a his it More a 1o 0a\vv15i�m is How f a Fth of a 3 cd Ftp no m i s a ii. I 6 v rvssi"1 i3m.-/ v v to a tsp m. "1 f Llly i set of a j Washington ident Johnson a i. New assistant set i armed service subject to s i lion were hairy Usiri Thant installations William k. I assistant secret .1. For Man Puri r affairs Handeli be assistant i Navy for Many a. Affairs and i to be Asci i Sec Tai v Foi i Resi use affairs. Norrisiii wilful most tip i i i for Pul. He 01 in i Clu re i in1 i i i " City if \ la nil i i1 i r i i. I m. Or i i. V. I

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