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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - March 28, 1962, Darmstadt, Hesse16 the stars and St mks after 41 years unas in Hollywood none Olthuis year s Academy award nominee greeted the news with More unabashed Surprise and de Light than Una Merkel. Who. After 41 Yean in How business finds Hen Elf a red hot Oscar candidate in the be to supporting actress category for her performance in summer and Bow about that Una exclaimed when Hal Wall producer of ten Nessee Williams powerful drama called her at her Home near pal Springs to impart the Good news. Are you Wallis said the Academy has just announced tour picture received four Nomi nations Tours. Gerald i be Page for Best actress Walter Tyler for Best Art direction and Elmer Bern Stein for Best musical score. In t that he asked wonderful but i still can t believe i got one Are you coming to Hody Wood to see us the producer asked. Look out your window the jubilant Una told him. I m so excited i m hovering about 1,000 feet above Paramount right this Man Utel for miss Merkel. The Oscar nomination crowns More than tour decades As an actress 31 years in made her screen debut in 1930 opposite Walter Huston in Abraham Lincoln or was it of posit or. Lincoln himself it seems so Long she followed years at rotes tuna Merkel the Best Friend feminine stars. Of a Host of top Marty rides new film wave veto Lytwood Day by my. Day the news grows better for Long mourning addicts of slap stick comedy. The at wound Many studio sound stages is full of Cus Tard pies and just the other Day Flower Load of Keystone cops caught a a Attikai Bank robber at Ute Ozonur of Hollywood and Vine. Riding the Crest of this riotous Renaissance is a rubber faced tooth concealing redhead named Many Ingels. Inge is Saeta to be a Young t is the old style of Charlie Chapula and hairy Lang Inge is Don. He is so Young 36 that by comparison Inch munsters a Danny Kaye Sid Caesar. Jerry Lewis Andred Skelton seem doddering. But Marty can Mug and take a pratfalls with the Best like them he is a Clown. It in t often that a comedians born with the wrappings to . Marty said during a lunch Eon break at Mem. Where he la playing the comedy Lead opposite Jim Hutton in the horizontal lieutenant i was born with funny face and a hoarse voice. I did t feel funny hut i guess that was beside the Point before he realized that his fac could become his Fortune Marty was on a first name basis around the department of employment in new York City. I was a Gas appliance converter Peanut Vendor dance Hall patrol Man bookkeeper Longshoreman Magazine Salesman bartender hair Model delivery boy and Greet ing card idea Man he Udd. The jobs were so Short lived that inmost cases my work applications and Severance papers were proc Essed at the same he decided to turn timing was t at All Good. Comedians were then being dirty or intellectual 01 both. Marty tried to break into show business As clean visual comedian. He had More ups and Downs than a to Yount he landed in Hollywood two years ago nearly broke carrying everything he owned under his Arm. Looking for work he knocked on doors All Over seemed like everybody knew i was coming and left together he said. I could t get in to see a soul As a last resort i disguise myself As a waiter and sneaked onto the Paramount lot i did t out our Way by Williams Bow a suck6rim Mattw know whom to see but i had to see somebody turned out to be Jerry Lewis. Marty bluffed his Way into Jerry s office and a few hour Slater was being Given a screen test the test lasted 34 minutes with Lewis interviewing Marty end filming the spontaneous responses. The test got Marty a feature role with Jerry in the ladles Saucer eyed Clown with the plastic puss and the brushed voice has finally become a Star. Now she smiles tra playing their sure enough in summer an smoke miss Merkel played Geraj. Dine Page s Mother these 1 flab childish tyrannical i c Tom of nervous breakdown a simple yet devious kleptomaniac. No stranger to the role Una first played it on the stage five years ago with Dorothy Mcgurr and John Ireland in a National touring company she describes her presence to the film version As a Triumph of letter writing when she first read that Wall had bought the play for eventual translation to the screen Una sat Down and wrote asking the pro Ducer if she could be mini. Wine Miller Lii his movie. Campaign unable to cast the picture to he liking Wallis kept postponing the filming. Each time miss Merkel read or heard that he had revive the idea she reopened her Campaign. Finally when Wallis washable to get Laurence Harvey and miss Page for his leads he was ready to go. So was Una. When he called me to Tell Meto report. I was in his office almost before he d Hung up the. Merkel said. And now see what came of All that letter writ ing an Oscar nomination the actress lives quietly Wither father now in his tic but very Lively she attests in. A comfortable Home in Palm desert a fashionable suburb of a m Springs crossword by Eugene a Neffer 31 52. Al 45" 13 Ito 23 34 21 14 17 24 41 10 35 42 it horizontal 1. Crazy " 4. Leather moccasins & Dickens character 12. Artificial language 38. Hied40. Suffers 44. Shrinking horror 46, weird47, Medley 49. Heathen image so Christmas 3-2b 66. Grafted her 10. The turmeric 13. Oriental nurse 52. Cooking 14 baking utensils chamber s3. Gains 13,. Inch 94. Knots in16. Tibetan priest Cotton fiber 17. American 55. Ova anthropologist 1r supposes20. Mohammedan Prince Var 22. Positive23. Victim 24. Presidential nickname21. South Auer can Ostrich .29. Animal fat 31. Sacred River of India 34. Races35. Curved moldings36. Parasitic fungus 37. Pedal digit 57. Abstract. Being vertical1. Varies 2. Good Bye to France 3. Sot4. Close friends 5. Wine vessel6. Chamber of the heart 7. Chagrin81 rounded roof 9. Gluttony set answer to yesterday posse it Tom sub of it Jet Ixam pentane 19. Sink identity of. 0 21. Oilers 23, foot like organ25. Couch 2g. Bitter vetch its chief City to darmstadt3a bristles 31. Obtained32. Time past 33. Necessitating34 undeveloped. Flower 39. Signer of the declaration of Independence 41. Goddess of 42. Make More Active j .45. Maker of. First a nag 46. Otherwise47. Enclose " " Poew 48. Fait behinds Ananie Lii Baa Toaltoan boy Star the film Ger classic1the boy will of Keyt athe Cut and picture Inlet Bimbia and Deo i finished by Montgomery fused to asked him Tor ing George accepting an you be got Scott s decision that is what Itcan Civ War who refused to Steve Forrest the first husband got the give orthere Are two Dolores Hart picked up by hefty raise i yet St that Ping hamburgers 1to help pay for. John a avow team Erica to do Jar Lor preside nil Llaner for Progress seme time John Back Street. International Hayward Whin Argentina and Vivien Leigh Hain the has t said not role on Broadway version of to 1937 movie with banned Eowyn Ercus from

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