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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - March 28, 1957, Darmstadt, Hesse Verdi it the stats and stiffs Divorcee tries suicide in rift with Spreckels san a Beautiful Blond from trently despondent because her Ove affair with the won of the Spreckels sugar family had com to a tried to take her Christine was found unconscious in the living room of her luxurious apartment a Farewell note to spree urls by her Side Bruckno was to where she would recover Spreckels said he firs my mrs Bruckner two years when visited the Lam or he to Austria for i after his wife fild or divorce she arrived in and took an apartment near several week or mrs Bruckner asked him to marry her he said he but agreed to pay her if she would not press any kind of Legal action against Spreckels indicated that he found Bruckner past in her the suicide attempt Wojt discovered by Spreckels mrs Carol of Palo she said she received a Telephone Call from Bruckner shortly after 6 Bruckner mumbled some then dropped the Fletcher said Fletcher and her husband Don rushed to mrs Bruckner apartment and found her sprawled on the living room an empty Pill bottle was on a nearby the note to Spreckels said i am going to you for i have been through an emotional these last weeks my mind is a i Only know i cannot Bear the shame and humiliation any is the use in having i Only know i could not have a child without a i have been taking sleeping pills and i feel let me my going should solve your you want to get rid of 1 dont know any other then followed some instructions about disposing of her less than i am not afraid any some Day we will meet i am All set and Happy and i am Happy that you have your have me burned and Send the ashes to i love you More than my cleric quits quiz with take new York up a minister turned Down a Chance to win on a television quiz pro Gram rather than risk the he already had the James Robinson said that the Money he already had earned was a lot of Birds in the a new York reached the level answering questions on Julius he said he would turn the Money Over to his Church Community another tugboat Cap Tain Mike also of new i decided to take the he had won instead of trying for he said it would take him three weeks working on the waterfront to make this much Ike Plaza in asked Washington area adjoining the Capitol would be named Eisenhower Plaza under a Resolution introduced by Edward Thye the Park stands opposite the Senate office building and overlooks Union skate readied Little Carol it of Long c for a Bato twirling whirl on her to died roller als say she like photo blended whisky called Way out of morning after Louis ins drinkers want to avoid those morning after blues then stick to a blended it seems Twat while most bar tenders dont know furfural from Fusel they Are serving both and in the they also sell acetic Ethyl acetaldehyde and physicians attending the four Day american Academy of general practice scientific session in Louis Learned that these various congeners Are what give alcoholic beverages their distinctive flavor and analysts also believe that the con Gener Content is a Factor in the cause and extent of at a scientific exhibit sponsored by a manufacturer of alcoholic the doctors were in formed that although moderate use of alcohol has certain therapeutic patients should be cautioned to select a Low convener Bev the exhibits conclusion drink blended and Lay off straight bonded Bourbon and full House up Hugh of gave birth to her 18th child this weekend at a Hospital sixteen including the Are the nine girls and seven Range in age from 1 to 21 Mes it Day a w Ca will Circle the Earth if Hen the first artificial Feu rhed in the next two information gained would he fundamental to weather f re according to the Man to designed the Plann to put i weather in spinning some 200 to above the Earth prof Verner chairman of the meteorology department at University of has Iwen Given a Grant by the National genre foundation to build the delicate instruments that will radio knowledge in will to the by a Svien tuts Hope it keep spinning in a fixed orbit and become a semipermanent of the important re sults of the flirt satellite be information leading to per manent weather that would carry solar charged Batter unt too far from Suomi Bell Labora tories has a cell that is powered by the Sirini Energy so the satellites Battery the the satellite solar radiation re from the att4 i oaf Tram Suomi three rate Tatiom hosts for aa4 unas for it would appear Tokat data Art Neiry input mid enema the world if to t study of the earths circulation c Suomi Asi artificial often a Ideal plat form from which of the radiation Baranet of Tom Earth i an be new ambassador Navy told finish or scrap 13 ships Washington to a do Arleigh chief of naval has promised that the Navy either would Complete or scrap the 13 warships on which constr firtion was halted after world War Burke made the Promise Notor chairman Carl Vinson Agio of the House armed services committee told him and Navy Secretary Thomas Gates to work out a plan to do something with those 13 ships and submit their plan to the build them up or get rid of Vinson Burke told the committee he would comply with Vinsons re quest and draft plan for the disposal of the uncompleted which include the battleship the 13 ships were More 25 j per cent completed when construe Tion was halted More than n ago ships less than 25 per completed were Cut up for most should be junked Burke said he believed that most j of the 13 ships should be junked j he said the Navy has considered j completing the Kentucky for use As a guided missile it looks like it would Cost More t6 Complete it As a guided missile ship than it would be he acc delays on pay video Washington ins the Federal commis after an Allday discussion of subscription delayed action on the controversial question proposals for Payas Younce to Are supported by some motion Pic Ture distributors and to Industry but Are generally opposed by networks and Many individual stations would pay a fee subscription television would provide special for those willing to pay a by a regular monthly charge or by a ii meter system with payment by the program or by the special television channels would be allocated and devices would be attached to receiving sets to permit Only those who pay to hear the be May leave atom project if not insured Washington up a Gen eral k Lee Trie executive mid will recommend that get withdraw from an atomic Power project if Ion Kress Falls Thalji to fro Vida insurance covering suck Francis a go vice said he also would recommend that be not undertaker nov other similar projects of it a the insurance program will not Milune testified before House Senate committee of atomic Energy in support of legislation to provide such the atomic Opi Mission announced it binned a contract with Power development of de to assist it in building a j4t million nuclear Power Plant a conditional construction per Mit Given the company last August being contested by three Al Rio chiefly on Safe of to ukr Diplomat of who Nan been named new an Hama Dor to new zealand by presi Dent photo excavation slide kills Iloni builder up an excavation landslide trapped two Broth ers killing one and injuring the was helping his younger Lay drainage pipes for a now Home Louis was building when the Earth tumbled Down on who was was Louis was standing and was buried up to his workmen quickly rescued but were unable to reach Stephans body Unhul biggest smasher set for Stanford by it Cut amt Klein new Skwir Palo worlds mos powerful smasher will be constructed in the Foothills of Stanford University Campus reason for using the schools Foothills is that present plans Call for an atom smasher two Miles Long and mostly underground Stanford officials Are negotiating with the atomic Energy Sion to finance a giant Electron Cannon modelled on present 300foot linear accelerator the linear accelerator differ from the Bette known Cyclotron atom smasher in that it shoots bul lets of atomic particles Down a Long tube rather than whirling them in circles to pick up Speed and Stanford spokesmen say the discussions with the dec Are still very preliminary and physicists of the Stanford High Energy lab oratory admit Only that the new nun nine will develop Power in the i i the University present atom smasher develops about 700 million i i atomic particles electrons Are shot Down the machines Rideg microwaves much As a surf Board rider on the Crest of Ocean the Speed of the microwaves and electrons in the Long tube is More than 99 per cent the Speed of at the tubes end the elec trons crash into target breaking up the targets into other subatomic particles and permitting the study of what goes into Mak ing up purpose of the two mile machine would be to increase the Speed of the microwaves and electrons even closer to the unreachable Speed of Light by Means of extra Booster units along the barrel of the can red deprived of git Enship new York up a Federal Edge has revoked citizenship of James a cot mini nist and for the Organiza ional director of Ttoe United Eleo rival who oar a to the n 1929 from was sized on april 1934 Hla tried was based on a government hat Matles falsified application for citizenship when denied membership in communist the which lasted six need but judge Walter Bruchhausen withheld decision until Mattes Frank said would up peal the women welders called better than men los Angeles ins John of president of the american welding re ports that women better than me said that 5 per cent of nations welders Are women and that and More ladies entering the Field because they dont get As nervous or jumpy men and show Little signs of get Ting tired after doing the kind of work Day in and Day theater firm profits up new York ins Leonard Goldenson reported stockholders that income of american Heaters for my Hijii at with million in consolidated net

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