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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - March 27, 1968, Darmstadt, HesseThe stars and stripes Page 23 Rock . Embassy cultural Center in Madrid Madrid us d two almost Tancous explosions rocked a us a Babsy and Thel rican cultural Center Here fray Sha Cri Streak no a Wall and Spanish explosions occurred Short in after 6 ., five minute sort the two buildings stand Block apart on prosperous ser Ami Casle Ilana boulevards. Windows injuring a Ano explosive devices touched of the blasts which were widely believed to be the result of tiring anti americanism caused by the vietnamese War and the pending renewal of the 15-year-old . Spanish deft use explosion in the Casa americana cultural Center we Toff in a second floor women s washroom. The blast broke Downa Wall which fell on top of panel scrapping lib travel tax Washington up i went Johnson s plan pres to tax overseas i americans trave Lingi was tentatively scrapped tuesday by lie House ways and Means committee. The panel was said to have reached All but final agreement on a Bare Bones substitute measure which would impose a5 per cent tax on overseas airline tickets and reduce duty free exemptions on foreign full committee was expected to approve the revised measure sources said the panel could not agree on spending tax affecting Ameri cans travelling outside the Western hemisphere. The Bill sources said would be limited to a 5 per cent permanent tax on overseas airline flights similar to the 5 per cent Levy on Domestic airlines. The panel also consid ered a 5 per cent tax on steamship lines but later rejected present $100 duty free exemption allowed tourists on gifts brought Back from Over seas would be dropped to $10 until october 1969, sources said at which time it would be raised Back to $50. Chairman Wilbur d. Mills d-ark., was said to have told the tax writers the substitute proposal was about All that could win Complete committee favor. This is what we can pass source quoted Mills As saying. He must have been counting noses another source said because Johnson s package could t get through Johnson proposed a tax for All spending Over $7 a Day outside the Western hemisphere. He asked for a 15 per cent tax Between $7 and u5 in spending and a 30 per cent tax for All spending Over �15 a Day. The proposal was attacked by educators travel agents businessmen and others who complained it was too complicated and too difficult to police. The tax writers had been working on some form of a Compromise. Librarian Isabel la Fuente who was working in an adjacent of fice. She suffered two broken ribs. The second explosion at the embassy occurred after a Young Man wearing a Raincoat and carrying an umbrella strolled up to a rear basement window looking into the commissary and placed an explosive device wrapped ingrown paper on the window Sill. The blast shattered the base ment window and the windows of a nearby office and damage two cars. A witness said he saw Heyoung Man place the bomb. Police and Marine guards warmed around the explosion Sites As confusion broke out inthe corridors of the embassy. Spanish foreign minister Fer Nando Maria Castella immediately phoned outgoing . Ambassador Angier diddle Duke and expressed , who returns to Washington this week to resume his old Job As . Chief of protocol was in the embassy at the Tim of the explosion. Phone strike Mutual funds prices us do Nooci diver did a�kri1 Salonin i1. Alt pm All am am by am am tin. Am inv am it a u til axe Houghton a i a i h am a a. 3.10 s to 2.m 7 i k.03 1.11 1.213.30 a in is 11.077 34 rus s2 32 v.2t to 12 j . Xii i la Roxolo tin pm Haj St to Hrim a in in. I ii a. N 7 50 h.i5 i h7 10 7 i 7 i 7.s5 ii is 21 17 12 2i� 1 1.4 a 052 7. Ill s 41 14.81 11 ii 15.50 7 m h 5 in cd 11 on s 2 1 a.02 to ill to eat n St Kex test Imp Orp Chitry pm hut o a k pm i a Karl do id Hur Ken or til 1.1 Cap fid trend financial. Programs Channing funds Ilic sin 12 22 n 3 i 1, 2 Oil 15 71 17 a 7.7 h is 2 h to id As 12 he m is 2 1 in 1. Til la 1 commit 12 i a i i i 1 177 si5 by the i w m 17 lit 111 2 .7c Hili u ill 1 1 5 5il i 4ahi n u or in ii u r in i ill 5 12 Ini 12 34 i 5 ii u.7f in us 15 Jyh 17.1h 11 4 12 4 tis of 1 it .11 i o la i 1vui or in bid miked k5.31 14. p 04 9.91 3 58 7.43 392 8 Rel 15.os 15.os 13.35 14 46 10.79 11.72 14 68 15 h5 12.32 i3. 7 13 3ti 14 55 15 22 15 22 7.42 8 11 a i s 10.71 15 27 if 21 05 25-57 12 5 la in 11.43 11 43 13.88 15 17 12 54 13.74 1 1 i is 23 26 w 25 28 sri it fir inv Kox Vost Init in 1 Keystone Iii inc inv it inv s Jolt air u til ill pm mat nil f custodian Folicu Ink lit Ink in Kisul am Puiul inv Ion inv Ion Hrc 5 is 5 is i v. H i ill u 0.36 7 2 i 9.52ii Mihi to 11 i c 7 i 7.-ii 4 i 4 is h 0 tilt 12 h7 14 u7 i 17 7 31 Fml 7 22 55 2 711 � my 10 71 Iii 2 1 11 24 s 73 7 82 11 17 11.17 group cum St kill Lilli Lizul try i Iii la wiil Hun i.,. Loll a Hub Imi i Sec i 1 Iii 412 i 14 10 h .12 7 20 7-.i 1 1 41 17 to i 24 25 ill 25 to i ii 6 55 14 41 15 m i i to i ill 10 s 7 411 8 0 12 i 13 u 7 10 h k cml 10 ,s5 11 5 am to 74 7 3 tin.1 15 0 & Uuk 4 to 5 am 13 h 14 at 12 32 13 4 ghou1 Milt 10 7 11 t. U 2i ii i Imp Imp inc in in lint Llam lev Luv Filp or bid a cd 10 7 91 s Rte 17.51 a i 14 ,30 23.05 14 75 l3 15.42 1c s5 7 78 s 50 10 Ftp 11 47 11 91 13.02 i .1.56 s 1 3 9 to 14 59 15 93 15 42 40 w Lor Harlem widow Esther James. Powell returned to new Yor Friday after an 18-month exile on the Island of Bimini and in his own custody but Powell was reported monday night to have gone Back to his Island Retreat. The Rev. R. M. Kinloch a associate of Powell a said Powell flew Back to Bimini Sun Day night by Way of Miami. Kin Loch said Powell would return to new York wednesday to keep an undisclosed appointment regal counsel to Powell said his presence in court was no necessary in the tuesday hear his affidavit Rubin charged that Powell is wanted in puerto Rico and that Public statements since his Cloae on parole show his Complete Dis Dain and Lack of respect a warrant had been out for Powell s arrest in new York on criminal contempt charges As result of a six year court Battle Between the former Congress Man and mrs. James who won a defamation judgment against Powell because he called her a police graft collector on television in 1960. Shortwave to carry mormon conference Frankfurt is Mem Bers of the Church of Jesus Christ of latter Day saints serv ing with the military in Europe May tune in via shortwave radio to the Church s 138th semiannual conference to be held in Salt Lake City april bounced will to beamed York worldwide 6 to 8 Get on6 and 7. Frequencies Market rises in Active Day new York a the Stock Market tuesday closed with a substantial gain making its first Clear Cut Rise in six sessions. Trading was Active compare with the slow monday Pace. Blue chips and Glamor Stock advanced together. The Gold and Silver mining issues also in response to rising Bullion stocks of cigarette Man fac i tuners were generally lower but losses were mostly fractional. I the stocks were affected by a j government report that cigarette Rise smoking May be on the decline. Active gamers included fair child camera. Control data. . And a. Hewlett Packard an Baxter laboratories. The Market was encouraged by Treasury secret a r y Henry Fowler s forecast of a record first Quarter gain in Gross National product and by a projected 21 per cent increase in april Auto production. Budget 5-7, it was an 40 broadcasts by radio now of new fro both april 21.525areor 17.845 Mega cycles. Britons visit i Safe w1ksbadkn special air our of British civic loaders visited Safe he tuesday fora command briefing prior to continuing on to Berlin. The visit was org uni de by 3rd air Force. Host for Tho tour is Den. Mauricea. Preston Safe commander in chief. A Iii Iii ill Britain Battles tar Xois 2 in new \v1 drum it 100 ,.l line i i ii . .111 London i i Britain Hopes to Cut Down vehicle Nti Isi in a two Var drive beginning in july. New regulations Intro Slih de in i Arlian it monday or Vid Roadside noise meters to measure noise Levels from passing Yehh Les alter july 1. It will be an offence to drive vehicle making More noise than new standards pre be riled Tor even class of vehicle. Starting in april 1970, newly registered vehicles should meet More stringent limits of . Barbara Castle trans port minister told Parlia ment that As a Start people whose vehicles Are basically noisy will have to drive them Mure carefully to keep within the Law but thai the Ordinary Driver with a Well maintained vehicle who has not meddle with his Silencer system has r in in nothing to fear. She said those regulation Bast a on internationally at of it to standards Are Only a Start and frankly expel Inu ii . Later to Shmilik work Vith the Ami the re search Organ Maritin to develop quieter vehicles and 1am sure that this and will be Oiso meters so in operation first offenders will be liable to lines up to $1-0. In Lair 11 or Rirl 1 t Zirri

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