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European Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - March 27, 1968, Darmstadt, Hesse4 4 by Vernon Scott up staff writer Martha Raye is More than a pinup girl and considerably less than a Mother figure to american fighting men in Vietnam. She is female funny a touch of Homeland one of the Guys. At 51, Martha has spent More than total of 20 months in the War torn South East asian country More than the Tim required of gis who Are rotated out of there every 12 months. She is proud of her i nickname Maggie of the the wide mouthed comedienne has made four trips to Vietnam and will re turn in october. Her Mission to enter Tain our servicemen and to let them know they Are appreciated Back accomplishes both. Nobody wants a War miss Ray Esaid in Hollywood on her return from her most recent trip to Vietnam. But the least we can do is support and give some dignity and respect to our men Over there. You notice i said men not Are no boys Over there because there in t any front. Everywhere you Gothere is the possibility of danger or Martha appeared tired. Her face was lined with fatigue. She still had t accustomed herself to being Back where the living is soft and the hippies and protesters still make the draft card burners and protesters to her and the smile quickly fades. Our Guys Are maturing Over there alot faster than they did in Europe in world War ii. 1 know because i be been to both places while the wars were go troops Arnn t Hurt or irritated by demonstrators As they were the firs time 1 went to Vietnam. They Don t pay attention to those people anymore. The know Why they re in Asia and they know what they re performers. Bob Hope for in stance hit Vietnam with a big gloss show others Charlton Heston Bob Mitchum. Henry Fonda go Over on handshaking Tours just to say hello and build , spending As much As four or five months at a time sings tells joke Sand makes faces everywhere she goes which includes within machine gun Dis Tance of Viet Cong positions. Martha Raye a touch of Home. Dear Ann Landers the Wom an who lives next door has a Long nose which she loves to stick in other people s business. 1 have disliked this Wom an Ever since 1 was a Little girl.1 have been married for Over a year and am about eight weeks pregnant livery time mrs. Long nose sees me she pats my stomach am says anything in the oven yet she makes me so mad i d like to Belt her in the Mouth. Yesterday when she Pullet that oven bit i managed miraculously to keep via temper and say sweetly no Noth . Soon i will have to Tell peo ple 1 am expect Iru but 1 wan to do it in my own Way and Noi be backed Mac a Corner by a Nosy neighbor Low can i avoid answering a direct question he Ink i dear b you Are under no obligation to answer personal questions. Simply evade t h question by Savi when Ito make an an you la k n o subject. Landers i work Jin int then change dear Ann in a nursing Home and there Are some wonderful old folks out Here. The Christmas holi Days Are the happiest time of the year because plants and Flowers and gifts and cards an visitors come pouring in. Everyone is in a Good mood. The ailing seem to perk up and we have fewer patients con fined to their Beds at Christ Mas than any other time. But the Holiday spirit soon wears off and this is what 1 am writing about. Why Don children whose parents Are in nursing Homes give a moment thought to these folks during the other 11 months of the year one frail Little woman who has three son and a daughter living within 40 Miles of Here has been rereading the same two letters since last August the whole family piles in on Christmas Day and then she does i Bee or hear from anyone until her birthday seven months later. 11 1 see this letter in print1 will feel better thank you Chi ado dear on so will i Iii i Here it a ill sons and Daughley s a holy Lan pilgrimage to the near and Middle East by commercial Jet is scheduled from May 443, featuring firs class hotels. The All inclusive fee is 345. Highlights will be Beirut Baalbek Byblos Tel Aviv Caesarea Haifa Nazareth Tiberias the sea of Galilee Tahj a Coper Naum Jerusalem Bethlehem Jericho Bethany Tho dead sea the Jordan River and Athens. For More information on the above tour phone Ramstein military 7819 or 6819. Racing fans Are offered a special tour to the i Rand prix of Monaco from May 23-29 for 168.50, in 6 Days from Frankfurt with overnights in Geneva Monte Carlo an Marseilles. The tour Price includes transportation by Slee Perette motor coach accommodation in Middle class hotels All breakfast Sand guide service. Ask for descriptive literature on the above tour at the Tauni District special services Tours office . Farben building Al 6 09757, phone Frankfurt military 8630 or civil 592450. Rome a when Hannibal crossed the Alps and marched his carthaginian War elephants against Home he was pulling off such a great Surprise after All. Archaeologists have discovered that elephants abounded in the tiber Valley Long before either Carthage or Home was founded. And id fact More than half a Century before Hannibal gave the romans a drubbing with the help of his jumbos the greeks had used War elephants against Rome with less Success. The Bones and tusks that have been found frequently in recent years around Rome were those of to Orphas Antiques the Forest elephant that was common in Many parts of Southern european the Start of glacial age. They were smaller than the mastodons of the North or the later giant elephants of Africa. The carthaginian general Hannibal who marched his War elephants All the Way from Spain used them in the two great Battles in which he Defeated larger roman armies at Lake tras Meno North of Home in 217 . And at cannae South of Home in 216 . The role of the War elephants in those Battles May have been exaggerated in history. They could have served As a Handy excuse to gloss Over poor generalship by the roman commanders who were Defeated despite the Superior number of their troops. Certainly the romans had experience in Battle against elephants before Hannibal crossed the Alps with Pyrrhus of Northwestern Greece used elephants against the romans in 280 . At a Scutum the modern Ascoli Satriano where he won the costly pyrrhic Victory after which he said one More such u Victory and i have lost the was right. He fought again at bin centum modern Bene Vento and was Defeated elephants and All. Might feel worse however but if they get the message that s All right with me. Dear Ann Landers when Ever we go out to a party my wife has the idea i should spend the whole evening entertaining nor. If i should Walkoff for five minutes to talk to someone she gets a Hurt expression on her face. Then she is upset the remainder of the night and nobody has a Good we rot Home last eve Ning she gave me a Long lec Ture on How it looks to ther people when a Man ignores disown wife and plays up to younger women Bla Bla Bla Bla. Finally i walked into the other room and started to Roi m the paper. She came in after me grabbed the paper out of Myhand and shouted Yon do serve a wife like Ann i. do Yon think she meant by that Kkt of Clay under the fir Ilon l think tier much of u com either of us. Lizul dear a remark Wasp Ideiil to Goren on Bridge i la forgive her ii you vill. I j. Huli Ihei Mih a Lull a in both vulnerable. South deals. North 4k adj v 9 8 2 o a 10 8 5 4 q6 West East 10 6532 4984 v q j 7 3 v 10 0 j7 0 kq963 a 10 7 a j 82 South k7 v a k 6 5 1 02 k9543 the bidding South West North Kast 1 v pass 2 0 pass 2 v pass 4 a Ftp pass pass opening Lead three of 4 in order to maintain full control of the proceedings South the Declarer at four hearts found it necessary at one stage to Trump his own trick. West opened the three of Spades and South overtook Dum my s Jack with the King in order to a club out to the Queen. Last won the trick with the Ace and shifted to the Tenor hearts. South put up the Ace cashed the Knik of clubs and then led a third round West discarded the seven of diamonds an North lulled with the fight of hearts. Tin Art of diamonds was cashed on which wests Jack had intended to run himself in with a Diamond but with the appearance of an Hon or from his left hand opponent he decided to abandon this plan since i i appeared that Neight be subject to an Over Ruff followed by a heart return which would remove Dimini s last Trump. The Ace and Queen of spam were cashed instead and it Wasat this Point that Declarer made the key play of the of discarding a i j on the Queen of ill ruffed Dummy s Good Hick a Small fourth round of clubs led and West ruffed Hijack of hearts and cuu the Queen of a played the King and l last club which waste master card in the West trumped with Theof hearts which third and final to defense. If Declarer fails to Queen of Spiles but d u club instead flu a " turn � r Ine. F uyt 14 we stars Anc stripes off Dummy next Diamond West will and return the Queen to drive out South s two tricks in. hearts is now them Ami Kast cannot to e his Jack of club Dummy has no "ll"1 wed Neidy 2 Etui l Uris Arl. With v 1t Slack of hut 1968

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