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European Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - March 27, 1968, Darmstadt, HesseThey re inhuman said Dillinger. They la end. Giving decent Bank robbers a bad i Pinair the boy who was to become Public enemy no. 1. By Sid Whipple staff writer this was More than a self respect ing Bank robber could endure. The kill crazy punks Bonnie Parker an Clyde Barrow had bungled another get away and killed several lawmen. John Dillinger Public enemy no. 1, voiced his disgust to a gangster Friend. They re inhuman he said. They blend up by giving decent Bank robbers a bad name Dillinger would have been even More disgusted if he had lived to see the two sadistic criminals bloodied with no fewer than 13 murders glamorized and glorified on the nation s screens an lending their names to maudlin ballads and Way out dress styles. And he would have been particularly indignant at seeing some of his own exploits Woven into the picture in order to beautify the characters of two brutal hoodlums. Legendary outlaws Robin Hood in 12th-Century England and the impudent Francois Villon in 15th-Century France have generally won the pub Lic s affection because of their sturdy Battles against entrenched despotism or privilege. They were symbols of underdog revolt against oppression. Modern writers playing with the cops and robbers theme have always vested their heroes in the clothing of Public benefactors. E. W. Hormig an English novelist at the turn of the Cen Tury invented a gentleman burglar Nown As Raffles who robbed evil doers and contributed his profits to the National welfare. Raffles died in the Boer War. Fighting valiantly for Britain. Then there were Arsene Lupin French Crook with engaging manners and Jimmy Valentine the american safecracker who if memory serves us right turned honest at the Peak of his career. All of these persons historic or fictional accomplished their Aims by wit courage dexterity and mental did t go around pistol whipping innocent people or gunning Down their opponents. According to John Toland author of the most definitive and accurately documented history of what he terms the Dillinger Days something less than Justice has been done by the creators of the film Bonnie and Justice that is to the major gangs of criminals who were terrorizing the Midwest during the Early 30s. Com pared with these gangs the Barrow Bunch Clyde Buck Bonnie and their associates were relatively minor Fig ures. They were in every sense of the word punks vicious and Petty and despised even by their contemporaries in the criminal world a far cry from their movie versions. True Dillinger killed a Man. But this was during an attempt to Spring a Friend from prison. Throughout his career he cautioned his fellow gangsters against murder even during ticklish moments of a getaway when the cops were on his Tail. A Miuca s police authorities from the Federal investigation division later renamed the Federal Bureau of investigation Down to City police depart ments and local constabulary were we fully weak and inadequate to Cope with the Post depression and Post prohibition crime wave. Syndicates such As Al capote s in Chicago and dutch Shult s in new York were still going Strong in the prostitution drug and Shady entertainment rackets but smaller personalized gangs the Dillinger a a Barker and her Hoys pretty boy Floy Clyde Ruck Ronnie and their associates. Ivere in every sense of the word punks,9 vicious and Petty and despised even by their contemporaries in the criminal world. We uhf the real hero1 Annie Ami Jaunty Dillinger leaned impudently on prosecutor before trial As sheriff Lillian Holley looked on. George machine gun Kelly were reaching sensational Heights in the nation s press. Fashions in crime had was out. Bank robbery and kidnapping were in. One reason the authorities concluded that the Lindbergh kidnapping was not a gang Job was that the kidnapper asked a Mere $50,000 for return of the child. The going Price for return of a victim of an average gang kidnapping was $200,000. The Midwest from Western Ohio to Kansas constituted the operating the Ater for these gangs. The personnel of the gangs was Small but select. There were Only seven members in the first Dillinger gang an seven in the second. The Barker Karpis gang including the old lady and he two sons Dock and Fred had Only four other adherents. The Barrow gang was the smallest of All and the least successful from the standpoint of Dollar thievery. The largest haul they Ever made was about $1.500. There were never More than five persons in the Barrow coterie Clyde Buck Buck s wife Blanche Bon Nie Parker and whatever stupid adolescent they could lure into the describes the real Clyde As slight with Wavy dark Brown slicked Down hair. He had Pixie ears a weak Chin and was somewhat effeminate. He was sadistic even As a child. The real Bonnie he continues was less appealing than the film heroine she was tiny boys Fly slender witha hard determined Mouth. She was in deed a waitress but she was married with a number of boyfriends in the the relationship of this pair to the various Young men they picked up to assist in their robberies was less than Normal an understatement by and standards. J Bonnie was an advanced vol up teary says Toia Iid and Clyde rather than being clean Cut and impotent leaned toward homosexuality. He j n fact enjoyed sharing her pleasures with of Mary Kinder in a touring crime does t pay show after the Dillinger gang had been wiped out commented on her relationship to the lung. I babied them boys she said. I was a Mother to some statistics in 10 months of operation Dillinger gangs the inhabitants of eight states knocked Over 12 Banks engineered three spectacular prison Breaks one single Han deadly by Dillinger wielding a wooden gun raided three police stations to obtain weapons and broke out of police traps on at least three occasions. Mcger had a Little less than $10,000 Bic was shot Down in an Alley by the biography theater in Chi i july 22, 1934, by an Fri posse. Wanted to build this stake up 0 so that he could go to mexi Settle Down to a respectable Wornan Stool Pigeon betrayed $5,000. Principal complaint of Del fans to put the matter Grace of is that Many of the daring of Public enemy no. Is have been injected into a motion picture in order to give stature to a despicable tue character such As Clvde instance after meeting the Lovely Bonnie Clyde steals a car and rides away with his beloved. The owner of the car chases them and wind up in a Jolly Little picnic eat ing hamburgers and swapping actuality Clyde did steal the car and when the owner climbed on the running Board Barrow shot the Man through the neck. Again one of the More hilarious mov in scenes shows Clyde s getaway car wedged Between two parked contretemps actually occurred Dur ing one of Dillinger s first holdups at a drugstore in Indianapolis. Then Buck Barrow is shown leaping Over a Barrier in a Bank. This stunt reminiscent of Douglas Fairbanks was actually a Dillinger feat. He did it jauntily wearing a Straw hat cocked Over one Eye. Clyde in the film is shown refusing to take a Bank customer s Money say ing that he was Only out for the Bank s dough. Not so. Dillinger made this Gen Erous gesture in his robbery of the first National Bank in East Chicago. And in the final scene Bonnie an Clyde unfortunate children of sin and totally unarmed Are blasted by unfeeling police. Well the facts Are that Bonnie with a pistol and Clyde witha Shotgun tried to beat the coppers to the draw but lost the Battle. In their car police found 15 sets of automobile License plates a Shotgun. 11 pistols and revolvers three Browning automatic rifles and 2,000 rounds of ammunition. Poor Bonnie poor Clydel nearly All gangsters ilm run Lillous hem Millie 1 i Scheue Mary shorty Kinder Opal Mack truck i on claim Tut -iuci1" lion Eudalie kissing Bandit Murray Ulm my Lur b ads of prey they were inclined o look with contempt upon such to Ings on. A n j Clyde was Page 12 the stars and stripes la i disc i Lin Flower by Dillinger. Wednesday m27, 1968 Dillinger exploit were put in film. Bonnie and partner were not mowed Down but were beaten to draw. 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